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Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (2020325)
« on: 06:55 AM - 04/26/20 »
Alright RML, after our earlier discussion in the other thread regarding whether or not to use curves I have been playing a lot with the curves but the last few days I made the switch to off sync and no curve and I am playing more consistent than ever before, it is so amazing, I don't think I can ever go back now.

I am now playing on 20k DPI, 1000 hz and off sync with just 1 smoothing (with 0 it is a bit too jittery) and the same sensitivity I had which was already kinda high. At first I thought this setup would mostly benefit aggressive up close SMG combat but it is also doing miracles for longer range combat. I am always analysing my accuracy on COD tracker and for one game with the SCAR I got this:

I was never able to get this accuracy before with guns like this (SCAR, Oden, AK-47), there was something off putting about the recoil in combination with aim assist but now it feels so much smoother and I can finally grind these weapons. However.. my main play style is still running and gunning and I have definitely noticed positive changes in this regard too.

Before, on max DPI but the common sync and a curve or steady aim, I would sometimes have amazing games using the MP5 with 38% accuracy which to me was insane with a gun like that. But then the next game, I would struggle and drop down to say 25%. It took a while to realise that if I was playing a lobby with enemies that are not strafing the best and are just stationary or running in one direction, it felt godlike but in difficult lobbies I would get so frustrated with not being able to cut through the aim assist and the more I played, the more I noticed I was sort of handicapping myself.

Using the off sync at max DPI was definitely difficult at first and the reason why I had given up on this in the past, I was not patient enough to get used to the 'direct' feeling. However, I finally managed to get worse for a bit before I finally got better and I am so happy I did. Now 9/10 games with the MP5 are super consistent with my accuracy hovering between 31% - 33% and I much prefer this consistency instead of going 25% - 40% depending on the lobby,

This was a pretty difficult lobby, Hardpoint on Shoothouse, but this amount of kills I would have never ever reached with any of my previous setups to be honest. Of course, I still have plenty of bad games but I feel I can reach a much higher potential now!

TL;DR: RML was right and off sync, high DPI, high sensitivity and everything else default really makes sense for consistent aim assist behaviour.

What are your settings with the curve?

Hip -
Ads -
Sync -
Dpi -
XIM Hz -
In my post above I attempted to convert my settings to yours so we can compare, but I might as well could have made a mistake so:
Hip -  1.5
Ads - 1
Sync - Common
Dpi - 20000
XIM Hz - 1000

Thanks for looking into it!

Thatís what I get for trying to work and share post. Youíre right, Iíll have to double check my settings when I get a chance. Iím pretty sure theyíre correct though.
Cool, thanks for that! I wasn't try to nitpick or criticise, I was genuinely excited to try your advice as your past advice and curves have helped me greatly. I suspect we might be experiencing differences due to the fact that I had my own sensitivity already setup way higher than I would on PC, for the same reason as you are describing: it works so much better with aim assist.

When I convert my DPI and sync to yours, my base values with curve would be 20 HIP and 13 ADS but when I then do the 1.75 multiply, the HIP sens just becomes unbearable fast for general movement, outside of any aim assist interaction.

So I guess this raises the question - should I try to raise my sensitivity until the point I can just about manage and forget about the curve, or use a combination of a somewhat higher sens and a curve. I really like the curve feeling but your feedback seems convinced so I will do some testing in custom games for sure.

That would be .75 or 75% not 175% Lol... Yes that would be unplayable! You should see the opposite effect when the math is done right. Micro's will be slightly better without the curve, that was pretty much the whole point I was trying to make.
Haha err, maybe I am missing something but this is your own example:
HIP - 14 to HIP - 24.5 without curve
ADS - 10 to ADS - 17.5 without curve

14 * 1.75 = 24.5
10 * 1.75 = 17.5

Yeah this curve is absolutely amazing and I am actually able to use it on the common sync which normally for me is a no-go in COD. The only change I made is go max DPI and max polling rate as I feel for aggressive SMG play in regular MP (I don't play Warzone) this works best.

I tried your method RML but this is kinda unplayable for me.. The beauty of the curve for me is that it makes smaller movements totally manageable whilst still being able to cut through aim assist, and for 180 turns it feels so good. When I multiply my sensitivity by 1.75 and remove the curve, the hip alone is far too sensitive for my liking and I really can't get used to that, I have nearly zero control over micro movements. Perhaps it works better if your base sensitivity is lower to begin with?

I often practise against bots in FFA except I set the radar to always on, I guess this defeats the purpose of training the reaction time as I know where they are..

Trust me, I am in the same boat as you and I am sure plenty of others are too but of course, the people sharing their stats on the forum are usually the ones that have exceptionally high stats which presents a distorted view on the average XIM user I think. You say 'gold rank is pathetic' but in the games I play, I don't even touch ranked modes so it could be worse :)

All I can do for myself is try to (very..) gradually improve my own stats, monitor my accuracy etc if there is a decent tracker for the game online and try to get better over time. And despite some claims, I genuinely don't believe a XIM automatically makes you a better player. I've used it for over a year and some aspects have definitely improved, but only by playing daily and there are still certain things I would feel more comfortable doing on a controller.

And on a personal note, when I witness some of the heated debates on the forum between the higher skilled players, I am more than happy to be on the casual side of things.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: GPW Optimal Dpi
« on: 03:48 PM - 04/15/20 »
I actually recently opened a very similar thread in which I stated (based on my personal experience) that for the GPW, 16k DPI works amazing to cut through aim assist, but with my Deathadder, I discovered it actually worked best on 1800 DPI.

Luckily somebody smarter than me was able to actually put some science to this: turns out the GPW does not add any smoothing at any DPI stage, hence why it felt so good. So I would say if you are looking for the smoothest interaction with aim assist, go for max DPI.

I've spent quite some time in custom games trying out the dynamic curve (based on feedback of numerous controller players claiming it interacts better with aim assist) and I felt it did cut through aim assist better, however.. the trade-off is that the ST is obviously not trained for this at all and you need to change X/Y ratio, possibly use a different ST (Apex works okay) and it was never worth it for me in the end.

The aim assist choice is for the XIM pretty clear cut in my opinion: Standard. Based on TheXclusiveAce's testing, the precision aim assist removes the rotational aim assist and only gives you sticky aim. This sounds perfect in theory for the XIM and eg in Battlefield I also disable only the rotational aim assist and this works great. However, in MW, combined with the XIM, it makes the aim assist extremely sticky and muddy and for me this is completely unplayable.

So after all that testing, I am afraid I personally am sticking with the default response curve and aim assist but I do believe a few users on here have differing opinions!

Ohhh that is super interesting and clarifies quite a lot, thanks! So the smoothing on sensors might be comparable to using smoothing on my XIM config I guess (whenever I do, I get way more aim assist so I avoid using smoothing).

And funny you mention that, I have actually ordered the Razer Viper Ultimate the other day! Think I am done with Logitech for the time being.. I was just struggling to find accurate information regarding its sensor and smoothing, Razer states it is the "Razer Focus+" sensor and I read somewhere - might be wrong on that - that it should be based (or an upgraded version) on the same sensor as the Deathadder? But if this sensor contains no smoothing and I am able to set it to 20k, that might be the best aim assist setup then  :D

Hey guys,

I've been using the G Pro Wireless for the past year and I've found the best way of cutting through aim assist is by using the max DPI, 16k, across various games. However, recently the right button started malfunctioning - can't expect too much from a 150 euro mouse, right - and I had to switch to my Razer Deathadder Elite and set this to 16k as well.

However.. I suddenly struggled quite much with cutting through the aim assist bubble and was really frustrated, until I tried 1800 DPI and it felt much smoother in regards to the aim assist. This quite frankly confuses me greatly as most documentation on the forums and Youtube agrees that the higher the DPI, the lesser aim assist you get. To make sure it was not related to one game, I tried it in MW, BO4 and BF4 and I keep getting the same results.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? I am suddenly even beginning to think MJFAME was on to something with his quest for the native DPI! Or is this all in my head and should more DPI always equal less aim assist?

Why not set a secondary button to a regular key bind? I also have scroll up to change weapons but as secondary key bind 'C' purely for applying armor plates.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW Response Curve Type
« on: 04:49 AM - 04/11/20 »
As i said its not a good idea which you seem to have experienced in the game already.
Also dont listen to what controller players say is better as they dont have a xim that processes the inputs before they are sent to the consoles. While dynamic can be better for a controller player it certainly isnt for the xim (unless dynamic becomes the new supported aim mechanic).
Yes, I understand the ST was not trained for dynamic but I have seen several configs based on the dynamic curve even. And again, we are talking purely about aim assist interaction here, just like with Fortnite, what is considered by XIM to be the best 'linear' training might not actually be the best practical solution.

When you go in a custom match with this curve and try some settings out, you'll see that the feedback of 'controller players' is also relevant here: it does seem to be cutting through aim-assist is easier and particularly with multiple grouped together enemies it seems to be far less confused.

Of course, you'll might as well could use a different ST (Apex Legends works okay) and it requires changing the X/Y ratio etc so overall it still has a strange feeling to it which I don't generally prefer. But, I think there are XIM users who wouldn't mind as using some of the more extreme curves (which plenty of people here do to combat heavy aim assist) on a 'regular' setup almost feels the same, at least the 1:1 is pretty much gone.

I understand that for a lot of XIM-ers - myself included - this is going  a bit too far but I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss it outright and for anyone struggling with the obscene amounts of aim assist, I would suggest to just play around with these settings :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW Response Curve Type
« on: 04:26 AM - 04/10/20 »
Several pro players are using the dynamic curve type as they say it interacts better with aim assist; so that is probably why people want to try it out. I've also been tempted but it feels very strange with the XIM, if anyone made a good config for it, I would love to see it!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 1:1 ADS Sensitivity insights?
« on: 01:34 PM - 04/08/20 »
I followed this post: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=86532.0

Is this recommended for FPS games? I play Rainbow 6 almost exclusively and usually had a lower ADS sens. Last night I changed it in T-hunt and quick play and kinda liked it, but I ended up wondering if my overall sens was a tad bit too high. Thoughts from the FPS community?
Well, for starters, I disagree with the premise of the original poster in this thread that for PC gamers, it is 'natural' to have the same hip and ADS speed. There are definitely people playing like that, but there is also a significant amount of gamers who choose to have their ADS speed lower and a lot of games are configured like this by default.

It's all personal preference and can make sense, but for the XIM, I have had mixed results. I have never been able to get it to feel right for COD but BF yes, perhaps because this game actually supports this via the universal solder aiming feature.

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