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Game Support / Re: New MW ST out! Share your configs!
« on: 09:04 AM - 03/25/20 »
Started playing a bit of Warzone today, will try and make a config over next few days.

Had 21 kills in solo but then got crushed by a helicopter lol!!

And then such a noob i won my 1 on 1 then didn't deploy my parachute correctly and died 0/

The config god has spoken...patiently waiting.

Also! D1sable's configs are always bangers cant wait

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty Warzone
« on: 10:00 AM - 03/23/20 »
Latest update is that the next in-app game profile update will be out today :).

Your a legend

Game Support / Re: Donít buy this product
« on: 03:53 PM - 03/05/20 »
You sir,

Are an idiot.

10 year vet of this product and they have almost always came through and fixed any issues.

Use the forum search or ask a serious question without being such a whiney little lrick and they will respond and help you.

Shared Configs / Re: PUBG Updated with patch 4.3
« on: 06:00 PM - 10/03/19 »

Settings have been updated with patch 4.3!

thanks buddy just rocked out a crazy 19 kill vikendi dinner, with 1900 dpi and no curve.

I will definetly give this a try however as mine still doesnt feel quiet there.

Shared Configs / Re: PubG ďViper Secret Sauce V2Ē
« on: 07:58 PM - 09/08/19 »
Still working with new st? Thanks buddy

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 02:16 PM - 09/03/19 »
@hyperlite lmfao, Iím down to

my boii, we need the st wooo thanks obsiv

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 07:20 PM - 08/29/19 »
Thanks guys

Shared Configs / Re: Six Shooter - PUBG Advanced Setup
« on: 06:55 PM - 07/22/19 »
Six Shooter,

Thanks for the config. Ill give it a go!

I like what you explain as looting, ads+breath, etc so i am interested in this for sure!

thank you i will report back

I used this config and read up lots about rmls configs actually getting good feed back that worked really well I just had a harder time being new at first taking everything in at once but I still use this with sync off aswell and its smooth enough to my liking mind you I changed it around but it gave me a better understanding on how it all flows so thanks dudes

thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.

I have bee using off-sync for pubg forever, why? It just works for me to answer the question above. I have tried out the new rml curve too and have not given it enough time because I find my shots way off, muscle memory is a real bad thing for habits and so, this is why I posted this setup for people that want to try something different. RML is the real hero, many years of testing thank you buddy.

98 and 115 vert

Hey guys,

I play nothing but pubg for over a year, this is what I've come to the conclusion that works best for me.


Couple clips.
Really shows how xim can be aimbot pinpoint lol.

Using old rml settings, I think 114 hip off sync? you can see my xbox gamertag in the link feel free to add me to play, I have a couple xim friends.

No, I don't stream, ttv is a joke in the name.

Using old rml settings I can paste them if you want, highest kills 23.

Solo k/d 9.21?, duo 7, squad 6.26 on a couple thousand kills

Damage if I don't die from bad loot on drop (always hot) about 1000-1900

Iím curious, which old settings?

I work in a few hours but posting real quick, I can follow up tomorrow after work

K95 keyboard
Logitech G502. 12K dpi, 1000Hz tuned to hard pad, Logitech can't remember number

Xim on 500hz
Firmware manager 20190613
Firmware version 20190217
(Both beta)


Also using your new curve under hip/ads.

Inventory, optional curve and auxilery are unchecked.

FPP 98
Vertical 115%
general sensitivity 20
over shoulder 20
1x - 20
2x - 18
3x - 18
4x - 13
6x - 15
8x - 10
15x 20(doesnt work)

Code: [Select]

Lifetime stats
WINS              287.  15.35%
TOP 10S         740 39.57%
KILLS.          7,875
K/D             4.97
HEADSHOTS.      1,860    23.62%

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190712)
« on: 07:40 PM - 07/14/19 »
Anti aim assist curve is refering to the curve itself, there is no option for that in xim :-)

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 07:38 PM - 07/14/19 »
Whilst i agrer something is off its still well playable and its easier to get kills than on pc but thats probably due to server issues in my region

mouse straight up looking at the wall trying to follow the line and yeah it has same swerve as shown above.

Super strange I tried the st without any modification and same thing

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 07:04 PM - 07/14/19 »
Ok nice stats.. doesnt mean there isnt an issue with the st..

Aim at a wall and move up and down.. doesnt move in a straight line. Even when holding breath

I will test right now , I am using off sync at 104 I don't use rml new config just. Old one also use new firmware.

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 06:45 PM - 07/14/19 »

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