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Im using these atm


but i just bought Hyperx Flight headset, maybe that will do some diffrence?

all the eletronics that goes to my tv uses the same outlet

im looking into buying a ground loop isolator... but seems like they arent that popular in sweden....

fuk streaming from ps4 is a hassle


Like i stated in the headline. I get a buzzing sound when using elgato chatlink + xim apex plugged into controller.

Any known solution for this?

Finally got settings im satisfied with.


razor orbweaver chroma
sennheiser 2.0 wireless headphones

General Discussion / Keyboard or Gaming keypad? for pc/ps4
« on: 03:54 PM - 02/28/19 »

I was abit intrigued when i recently noticed this razer orbweaver chroma for ps4 gaming, fps shooters.

ive checked out some reviews and whatnot on the web but havnt really been able to decide, what do you guys thing?

A mechanical keyboard (normal) or keypad ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Buying Xim Apex, Sweden. Help
« on: 05:59 PM - 02/20/19 »
Looking for a cheap store that will deliver to SWE, im a poor student.
Does anyone know a place that will deliver to swe and also has a decent price on their xim apex.

Help a broke @#$% bastard out :)

atm my best alternative is this i think

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