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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Beloader doubts
« on: 06:39 AM - 03/19/22 »
Again, thanks a lot!!!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Beloader doubts
« on: 06:17 AM - 03/19/22 »
Ohhh I see!!!

If I connect Beloader and only the PS4 Nacon controller it does work, but the light on the controller is off (it's really weird because it is always on!)

But if I connect the Nacon controller with xim apex it doesn't work.

Like this:

Beloader + PS4 Nacon controller = works but the light on the controller is off

Beloader + xim apex + only the PS4 nacon controller = not working

I was testing some PS5 and PS4 games with beloader + mouse and keyboard + dualsense but I think the ┐┐┐Sensibility??? on the dualshock works better than the dualsense. This is why I want to test Beloader with a PS4 controller, but if you say that I need a PS4 V2 controller, I will buy one to test how it works with Beloader.

Thanks again!!!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Beloader doubts
« on: 05:49 AM - 03/19/22 »
I'm using a PS4 Nacon Compact wired controller.

I was using xim apex with this controller and works really well on PS4 games.

So I need a V2 dualshock controller to solve this issue??

XIM APEX Discussions / Beloader doubts
« on: 05:04 AM - 03/19/22 »
Hello guys!

So I recentlly bought a Beloader to play PS5 games with keyboard and mouse. Everything works fine using beloader + xim apex + dualsense + keyboard and mouse. Never disconnect and no lag.

My question is... If I replace the dualsense with a dualshock or a PS4 controller it doesn't work.

Something like this:

Option A -> Beloader + xim apex + dualsense + keyboard and mouse = everything works fine

Option B -> Beloader + xim apex + dualshock 4 or a PS4 controller + keyboard and mouse = not working

Do I need something else to get option B working???

Thanks guys!!!

Game Support / Re: Crysis 2 & 3 remastered
« on: 01:01 PM - 01/26/22 »
Thanks for sharing your tests!!!

Game Support / Crysis 2 & 3 remastered
« on: 08:39 AM - 01/10/22 »
Hello guys!!

Are you going to make configs for this games or we have to use the PS3 option?

Thanks and keep the good work!!!

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 10:40 AM - 02/24/21 »
Is it possible to get support for the Serious Sam collection on the PS4?
I played the hell out of these games on the pc back in the day and found the entire collection on the ps4.  Unfortunately I can't get my Apex to work with it, the mouse just wont move the view worth a @#$%.

I just buy the game today and works "fine" on PS4 Pro.

Sensitivity is freaking horrible, a lot of pixel-skip. I hope they can make a right preset for this game.

I've tried like 15 or 20 presets and the "best" for me was Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Anyway, this game has an horrendous sensitivity

Game Support / Crysis Remastered config?
« on: 04:55 AM - 09/18/20 »

Are you going to release a config for Crysis Remastered?

At the moment Crysis (PS3) config works.

I was having this issue with the last Beta (https://youtu.be/I_oGNcg7NUY) but now it's completely fixed. Thank you guys!!!!

"It corrects an issue with Walk where diagonal movement speeds were higher than horizontal or vertical."

Nice!!! I've been waiting for this fix for a long time  ;D

I'm having this issue with this version (20190429):


G13 keyboard and G403 @ 1000hz and 3800 dpi.

Please OBsIV!!

It is possibly to have more than 24 presets on XIM Manager?

I have like +100 games and 60-70 are shooters, so I need to delete a lot of presets for new games :(

This is not a critical option (I know) but if you consider it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi again!!!

I've just updated my xim apex and now it's says that I need my location on. Why is this?

New requirement from Google. The error message explains this.

Ok thanks for respond!!!

Hi again!!!

I've just updated my xim apex and now it's says that I need my location on. Why is this?

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