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Hi all,

I've been using a XIM Apex for over a year now, with the same settings that I haven't had any issues with.

This week I logged in and had major issues with keeping the reticle straight. For the record, I had already played on the Halloween patch, so this major update wouldn't have done it.

I downloaded a XIM update which seemed to have remedied that issue, however, now my sensitivity seems must slower than it used to.

All of the settings have remained the same, yet my sensitivity seems off. Does anyone know why this might be? Or how I can fix this issue?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM Apex Harware Issue
« on: 08:39 PM - 02/10/19 »
I still receive the power error when the mouse or keyboard is attached directly to APEX without the three port hub.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM Apex Harware Issue
« on: 07:44 AM - 01/31/19 »
No, I do not. The Power error only occurs when the peripherals are plugged in.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM Apex Harware Issue
« on: 08:39 PM - 01/29/19 »
Yes, the Apex does turn on. I'm getting red and yellow flashing lights, and when I open the app I receive a "Power Fault" error. I've disabled lights within the app. Before my PS4 fell, I had never received any such error.

Support / [ACTIVE] XIM Apex Harware Issue
« on: 10:20 PM - 01/28/19 »
In an unfortunate occurrence, my PS4 fell off of my desk and landed on the floor. The console seems to be okay, but in the process, my XIM Apex may have suffered damage, as it no longer recognizes my mouse and keyboard. The lights still turn on, which leads me to believe that the other end of the XIM works, and therefore, the issue lies with the port that takes the plug for the mouse, keyboard, and controller adapter.

I understand that this voids the warranty, but am I able to mail it in and have it repaired for a fee? Or is there something I can do locally to help solve this issue.

Thanks in advance for the help. Love the XIM Apex product.

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