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Game Support / Re: Aim Down the Sites in Dyling Light
« on: 10:09 AM - 11/17/19 »
To clarify this for future readers, you can still treat it like hold ADS. It will change to your ADS profile as you hold. But when you let go youíll still be aiming down site in the game but now youíll be on your HIP profile. So you have to develop a habit of clicking to release the aim. Unfortunately with the Xim4 if you use toggle ADS for a Toggle ADS game for some reason it doesn't work. I donít really get what Mist is saying there.

If you try toggling keys it never works right, you toggle ADS it gets stuck so now youíre hip firing with super fast ADS then you click ADS again and it gets stuck on HIP while youíre using the site. Super wonky.

I tried making seperate profiles for a game BF4 for infantry and tanks so that when I get out of the tank to rpg a heli or rep it will switch to infantry. But instead it never works and ends up I get back in the tank and canít shoot because vehicles need high sensitivity and I get stuck on my super slow soldiers sensitivity.

Nice guide but I thibk it's more or a "your preference" rather than a standard setrings guide for everyone
Most of them are not based on personal preference, and I gave a few reasons why.
Of course everyone could use their personal settings, like I said, there are no "standard settings for everyone" :)
This guide is made for the players that have no idea of what settings to use or just want to have some "reliable"

Well youíre doing the exact opposite of what the people who created the XIM say to do. Itís not like PC they say to use the highest possible to get 1:1 best feel. So thatís sort of personal preference.

Anyone come up with anything actually good? Iíve tried a lot of different settings. Not sure why youíd lower your dpi on a Xim, itís meant for high dpi itís not like a PC. Even 10,000 some people use makes it seem worse, on my G403 at 2000, 4000 itís incredibly inconsistent aim. I found that the ST is just plain wrong I think, you try making micro movements and it just wonít move. I found you have to lower the deadzone a bit cause what Iím experiencing w 21% deadzone is definitely not 1:1. It just wont move at first then moves too much.

Nothing I can get is as good as say bf4 though. Anyone find a trick or curve for this?
Itís like you have to push too much to get through the walking through mud (deadzone) then it moves fine. Especially youíll see when you try lining a 700m headshot. Goes from chest to one tiny micro-movement and it jumps all the way up to five feet above the head on the wall. And these bots in coop move like crazy so you have to be fast and precise, somethingís just missing from the default settings.

Game Support / Re: problems with battlefront 2?
« on: 09:10 PM - 10/25/19 »
For me itís what happens when the consoles frames drop Mine did that all the time until I switched to the one X hasnít happened to me since.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefront 2 aim drift
« on: 09:09 PM - 10/25/19 »
Yes it happens when you play on non One X. Was the scourge of my gameplay for a year.

Support / In game settings always seem off.
« on: 10:30 AM - 10/13/19 »
Iíve noticed this with dice games and such. The setting thatís recommended for endgame always seems to be defiled for example battlefront to the default setting is 21% dead zone. For one to one ratio. But that doesnít seem to be the case it always seems to be a tiny bit of a drag when you try to make micro movements and then itís way faster when you swipe fast. So it doesnít seem like one one on computer it seems like it addsA bit of a drag. However if I adjust the sensitivity in the gym manager between that and 20% dead zone or 19% dead zone I can endlessly pull off head shots and it becomes way more easier to do micro movements. Iím not a wrist aimer by the way i swipe my forearm wrist straight.

Why does this always seem off? I do notice on the other hand though it gets way easier to aim with less dead zone but then thereís a tiny bit of jittery. Like when you turn up the sensitivity a lot anyway. I think Iím supposed to maybe use a curve for this to negate the non-movement in the beginning of this swipe?

Like if I use the recommended settings itís a very inconsistent thing not a smooth solid swipe. I am using the G403 at 12,000 dpi. Iíve tried 8000 and 10,000 as well but those seem to lose micro movements.

General Discussion / Countering games w no deadzone
« on: 07:45 PM - 02/10/19 »
right now I'm playing this game Resident Evil 2 remake and I played a few other games with this problem I think Tomb Raider or something like that. The problem is thinking doesn't seem to have any DeadZone so using the xim4 the aim is a little bit all over the place and none precise feels like if I could turn the DeadZone up to like 15 or 21 or something it would be good but there's no option for that on top of that seems to have a slight aim acceleration so makes it even worse. Is there like a curve that starts off low it's kind of goes through the whole thing low or anything like that? I've never been able to find something

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