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Hi all. Im experiencing brief moments of weird input. For a second or maybe 2, the input does what it whats. Like spinning around real fast. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, i loose battles because of this. Most of the time it just works fine. But now and then it just goes wild. Any ideas?


I was wondering the same, with Hell let loose. Maybe we should try the xbox version on the ps5?

Btw, while playing with remote play on my PC. Sometimes i experience somethng weird, for a split second the input does what it wants (mostly spinning around real fast for a second or 2)... Any idea why this happens?

Star wars: battlefront 2😎👍

U sure?

(BTW: I dont like the feel of BF1/V ST on this game.)

Game Support / How to use the mouse as left stick?
« on: 05:55 AM - 10/08/21 »

Hey guys, is it some how possible to use the mouse as left stick instead of right? I mean just for the menus, maybe by using an extra auxiliary tab in the config?

In some games, you have to use the left stick for browsing the menus / backpack..... i would like it if i could do that with my mouse instead of WASD.

Thanks in advance

As far as i know, you cannot play new titles without the ps5 dualsense controller. Sony blocks all other controllers/input devices for these games. So for now, you cannot play with Xim apex (yet), except for remote play. Remote play gives massive input lag so this is not a good option imo.

This is also upsetting for me, as i cant and wont play with a controller. I wish they will give you an option eventually to use other controllers/input devices in the near future. I cant believe they will keep on blocking third parties. Otherwise i will buy a Xbox SX.

« on: 10:05 AM - 09/19/21 »

SORRY GUYS. I cannot delete this topic myself.

Game Support / Re: Xim + titan two ? (Cod warzone)
« on: 04:57 AM - 01/29/21 »

Thank you guys for the info. I was misunderstanding the purpose of the two devices together. I thought it might help to add some pc-feel. So basically that person was just probably using it for AA, instead of enhencing the xim experience.

dont get me wrong, I absolutely love the xim apex. theres no better alternative. Its great on its own. But i always like and try to improve my current config or setup however I can.

Game Support / Re: Xim + titan two ? (Cod warzone)
« on: 01:18 PM - 01/26/21 »

Thanks for your reply... so only for scrips? it doesnt do anything to the aim at all?


SAB can do strange things. It messed up my blackout config a few years back. I had it on 50, it made me fire one bullet everytime i ADS while moving. Lowering this value stopped the error to occur.

Game Support / Xim + titan two ? (Cod warzone)
« on: 07:34 AM - 01/26/21 »
Hi there.

First of all, ive tried to use the search engine on this forum to see if my questions might be answered in another topic, but the search engine gives me errors or wont find anything. So i made a new topic.

Ive been using xim 4 and apex for quite a few years now. I like it alot. But i always try new settings or configs just to see if something could be even better. Once i was watching a streamer using xim and titan two, combined and the guy seem to have flawless aim i dont get. Does the titan smoothen the xim aim? Maybe less jitter or even more steady the aim? I tried to ask the streamer but he didnt reply to me. Could anyone explain whats the idea behind this? I always thought titan was for remapping controllers or create button combinations. But it seems it does smoothen the aim for xim aswel?

Anyone of you using this combination or know how this works? Please let me know. Thank you in advance!


Every cod mp i have a 1.5/2 kdr. I started at warzone with a 1.65, and won 1 in about 7 or 8 matches. But since ive played BOCW (1.77kd), im really struggling in warzone this week. My weekly kd is a 1.1! Only won a handful of matches.

Ive tried all kind of setups in xim, from different syncs to various dpi's but im really stuck, trying to find that feel ive had in coldwar recently. I guess warzone (mw) is that much different to all other cods ive played with the apex. And tbh, the movement in mw's engine feels like i walk in quicksand. Strafing is super slow, and in battle i feel handicapted. realy like the BO's smooth and faster movement. But for the aim, ive became so used to the cw i have, im having extreme difficulties in gunfights on mw.

Im really curious about this config. Im gonna try it tonigjt, feels like a last hope to me.

Game Support / Re: COD Cold War Advanced Setup 12/09/20
« on: 06:39 AM - 12/10/20 »

I experience a lot of mouse stutter/jitter in CW i never did before with the ximapex. I cant use sync off, without 20smoothing. All this time ive been using the BO3 st, because it gives me a little bit smoother aim, on sync off, and WITH 20 smoothing... otherwise the game is just not playable for me.

Cant figure out why it does this, as i always used sync off on previous cod games. It seems i have to play on default/common/slow. (Question: which one would be best for cw on a ps4pro (boosted mode)?)

I dont get it why i experience that much jitter while i never had before in any cod game. Is my apex getting old and worn?

I use g502 hero with 3200/4000/12000dpi and 1000hz polling rate. Also i do use 1000hz  (also tested 500hz yesterday) in xim.

Precision for snipers, Standard for everything else. No curves.

No curves in xim? Or do you mean no curve (=liniar) ingame?

Game Support / Re: COD Cold War Advanced Setup 12/06/20
« on: 08:20 AM - 12/09/20 »

First of all, thank you to RML for this setup. Every cod i use your setup as a base for my own. I like to tweak things a little bit here and there, to optimise for my playstyle/likings.

TBH, i havent tested your custom CW setup just yet... i will give it a try tonight.

Reason for this, when the CW st was released... i wasnt to happy with it. I felt a bit off for me. Ive tested it for like an hour but i felt some inconsistency. When i pulled my mouse right up or down in a straight line, i had little horizontal vibrations. I dont how to explain it... ive never experienced this before on XIM. But maybe if i use your config, things will be better.

For so far, ive been using BO3 st, and it feels lots better than the standart CW st so far...

Im just curious how the liniar curve ingame works out! So thanks again for sharing.


Havent tried so far, so i wont vote yet. Gonna do some tests tonight.

But according to xclusive ace's video... im really curious about precision/focussing. It has a smaller bubble... and tbh, i like sniping.... wonder how that goes with these new options.

On the other hand, i like to keep things as natural as posible, as i switch between CW and warzone quite often. Dont want my setups to feel very different.

Question for you guys, in mw, i didnt feel like there was a big difference between these AA options... so i left it on standart. Dont know if things got updated after release, so i wonder.. what type do you guys use in warzone, and why?

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