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I used another cord from the xim to the console and it worked! Thanks so much for all the help!

Did not have 4 green lights. Stayed blinking red after the cyan, green.

I removed the batteries and plugged the controller into the console and the controller turned on without me pressing anything.

Iíve hard reset the console many times and I just unplugged the power cord to the console for 60 sec and still mouse and keyboard not working. The app has everything connected too.

Manager version- 4.00.20171001
Firmware version- 4.00.20170103

A friend of mine gave it to me after he was done using it. So I know that it works. Sorry I am on the wrong discussion board....

I have connected the XIM4 completing the correct steps and Bluetooth and the app have everything showing what its suppose to show but the mouse and keyboard still arenít working. Iíve tried 2 different controllers and multiple controller cords into them. Still nothing. Need help

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