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Feedback / Re: Suggestions on turn speed cap
« on: 05:07 PM - 05/19/19 »
See the thing is you run out of space on the pad before you can effectively ride the turn cap when using a low sensitivity.. imagine if you used a low sense.. but you had an infinite sized mousepad.

when you hit the turn speed cap you would never run out of room on your pad so you would effectively ride the max turn cap of the game and it would look just like pegging the right analog stick and holding it.

So it seems like wasted movement because your running out of room on your pad before your able to ride the turn speed

Get a HUGE pad.. or try moving your hand slower

Short quick micromovements can be replicated with tiny flicks of the analog stick on high sensitivity.. the xim is tied to the limitations of a controller. So there is literally nothing a xim can do that a controller cant. Some controller users are really really skilled

I've been using xim apex since October. Relatively high sensitivity. Never once been accused of using a xim..

I noticed on cod bo4 tho that alot of my opponents killcams seem to be using a very high sensitivity as well.. l almost wonder if they put all high sensitivity players in the same matchmaking pool

I find the easiest way to counter AA is to use a faster sensitivity. No matter what sync I use if I use a low sensitivity I constantly fight the aa bubble.

Raising your dpi will help.. 900 seems very low.

Try this and let me know what you think

30 HIP default
36 ADS default

Also make sure your response rate of your mouse is equal to or higher then the response rate of your xim apex

G203 is a cheap good mouse for xim..you can also pickup the g502 or g403 for cheap and those are top rated mice for xim

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Polling Rate
« on: 10:08 AM - 05/11/19 »
Pretty sure the xbox one controller polls at 125hz or 8ms delay and the ps4 dualshock controller polls at 250hz or 4ms delay.

The delay is hardly noticable when using a controller.as you hold the stick.. But when using a mouse it might seem to "drag or pull" the crosshair when running low response rates because your moving your hand or arm instead of just holding it like a joystick

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: WORLD WAR Z
« on: 06:32 AM - 05/07/19 »
You could also try adjusting the aim assist strength in the camera settings.. make sure all look sensitivities are set to max

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: WORLD WAR Z
« on: 06:14 AM - 05/07/19 »
Might be able to play with some curves to try to remove some of the acceleration..maybe one of RMLs curves would work.. I diddnt play wwz very long so I diddnt keep messing with it

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: WORLD WAR Z
« on: 05:34 AM - 05/07/19 »
With the advice from mists posts about the generic alpha st I found a setup that works. Doesnt feel perfect because there is acceleration in the look mechanic I dont know how to work around that.. but max all game sensitivities and turn off AA then..


1000hz polling

Generic alpha ST

2.5 X/Y

8000 boost

Default sync

Sensitivity 30

Feels pretty good but takes a bit to get used to the look mechanic of the game.

Here is an example if black ops 4 in this video I'm using an extremely high sensitivity to find the sync that gives me the smoothest micromovements with the g502 at 4000dpi


First time I ads to the line on the wall I'm using ADS speed of 40 on default (choppy)

Second time I ADS on the line I'm using ADS speed of 20 common (little smoother)

3rd time I ADS the wall I'm using ADS speed of 10 slow (pretty smooth but maybe a little spongy)

So seems to me that common or slow actually provides the best ads for b04 when using high sensitivity leaning a little more towards the slow side.. but will have to test a little more with a more controllable sensitivity to be sure

Exactly I hate to use smoothing because I feel it tends to mess with 1 to 1 mouse feel.. but I've been trying my hand at wrist aiming recently.. I find if I can react faster then my opponent using a controller I'm more likely to win.. precision is also important but if your xim sensitivity is slower then a skilled high Sensitivity controller player you are less likely to win. A mouse is about speed and precision
so I find I enjoy the faster sensitivity as I can ride the turn cap much easier then if I have slow sens I hit the turn cap and it feels like I hit a brick wall. So on a low sensitivity I have precision but I dont really have the speed I need to get the edge over my opponents with my fast pace playstyle

But if you set a very high but controllable sens say 50 on default hip for example.. depending on what your playing it will feel very jittery.. but a hip sense of 25 common or 12.5slow may feel alot less jittery. Just gotta find the one that feels best

Then take the option that jittered the least and use that to find your perfect xim sensitivity

So I think I finally figured out the best way to choose your sync setting.. it's all about the micromovements..

I've recently been playing around with higher sensitivities because my aim tends to get a bit lazy with low sensitivity..

With very high sensitivity you definitely feel the difference in sync settings I've noticed that with high xim sensitivity the crosshair likes to jump from point to point when making micromovements instead of moving from point A to point B smoothly.. even when not moving fast enough to hit the turn cap. It tends to "skip" or jitter.. this makes long range fights difficult to be precise with using higher sensitivities.

I think this might be that the xim is trying to move the crosshair at faster pace then the games framerate and causes it to skip from point to point.(out of sync with the game... hence the term syncronization)

I noticed when playing very high sensitivity on pubg if you set your sync to slow you wont get this jitter hitching or "skip" until you go very very high. And common seems best on rainbow. If you use slow on a game with 60fps framerate it tends to feel mushy..

So my opinion on sync setting is it helps make micromovements smoother without needing to add smoothing.. I try to avoid smoothing at all costs.

Set a high xim sense (track a VERY CLOSE object or bullet hole on the wall with just your wrist and keep up with it.. will be really choppy with a high sense)and choose the sync that gives the least choppy micromovements.. then adjust that sync to your favorite sensitivity either high or low... and enjoy crisp precise mouse movements..

I should also add that I dont play with aim assist or alot of games that have AA so I dont use sync settings to get the best AA feel. This is just my method to find what sync feels best for each game

Support / Re: Constantly Dissconnecting
« on: 04:31 PM - 05/01/19 »
Do you have to have a fully charged battery?

I've been using xim for months now with no batteries in my controller at all.

Just plugged in directly to the xim apex

General Discussion / Re: First time keyboard user
« on: 06:39 PM - 04/28/19 »
Use your controller in your left hand.. or a joycon/nav..

I couldn't get used to keyboard either

Game Support / Re: World War Z drops soon
« on: 06:25 PM - 04/24/19 »
The settings I posted above feel really good minus the acceleration in the look mechanic. I may experiment with some curves later to try to counter the acceleration

Me and 2 of my friends have already beaten the campaign on normal difficulty with these settings.. were gonna try hard or insane tonight.

If anyone wants to try my settings in the meantime you might have to adjust button binds.  If I find a good curve to combat the accelleration I will update the post.


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