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Game Support / Re: Lack of customer service.
« on: 10:01 PM - 02/28/20 »
I've heard that there was over a million xim apex users on xbox alone..

So at $100 per unit thats 100millon..

They shouldn't need a 2nd job

Xim development and customer service should be #1 priority within the company..

If the game isnt call of duty it gets lackluster support.

Alan.. It would be interested to see the difference beetween 125hz and 1000hz or the differences beetween synchronization options on 1000hz.. using the robotic arm test  :)

Pubg ST

500hz 3200dpi

Off or default sync 8 HIP 2ADS.. sync depends if you like high or low sensitivity

In game sensitivity and multipliers on 5.. dz on 10

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Mic Echo with Xim/Not without?
« on: 09:58 PM - 12/08/19 »
I've had the same issue since I've had the xim.. it's a ground loop issue.. I solved it by getting a wireless headset.

Sounds like ads delay..

Just use the new st and put your multiplier back to 1x.. your not going to lose any accuracy.. just turn speed..

Game Support / Re: New MW Update.
« on: 12:54 PM - 11/09/19 »
If you dont like the 2.0 you can still use 1.0 in this st with the same accuracy.. your just not going to get the same turn speed.

Pubg leaderboard isnt skill based anymore.. you can be at the top of the leaderboards with a 0.5kd..

Leaderboard is basically time played

Game Support / Re: New MW Update.
« on: 04:30 AM - 11/08/19 »
You could fix it by setting your delay to zero and making your ads speed lower.. and adding a deactivation delay. Maybe 200ms deactivation delay.

So basically as soon as you ads the ads page kicks In.. but since the sensitivity is lower the speed wont jump.. and since the ads page speed remains for a few ms after you release activation key you wont get the jump when releasing the ads key..

However I havent really noticed the issue at all..  st feels excellent for me..

I'm using off sync. 12kdpi 1000hz

70hip 60ads

If you use precision aim assist or focusing you wont get the auto rotation ( hip aim assist/ pull youto target while your feet are moving)

Auto rotation only works with standard AA now..

It's hard for me to figure out what AA option feels best.. sometimes I prefer no AA in this game

Try binding a secondary fire key in secondary binds

Then bind this key to a walk key with 50 percent input..

Bind it to the lower walk section that doesnt have wasd input activated.

This should let you slowly draw your gun without making you walk forward or backward.. walk % might need adjusted to make it work properly

Let me know if it works

IMO it should have been trained on 2.00.. the turn speed for ads is double when using 2.00

You can test this with an analog stick.. peg your stick while ads or scoped with the ads or scope value on 1.00.. you will move twice as fast when pegging the stick at 2.00

Your just playing with a lower turn cap using 1.00.. low turn cap is a bad thing

I recommend playing on 2.00 until mist can take a look at it

I also question why it wasnt trained on the linear response curve?? But idk

Game Support / Re: MW acceleration when ads
« on: 10:18 PM - 10/30/19 »
As suggested before it's your ads delay..

What's happening is your ads speed is being activated as soon as you press the ads button.. but your gun isnt up yet. So you feel an increase in speed while the ads transition is happening.. 2 ways to fix this..

Tinker with ads delay.. increase it until the aim transition smooths out..

The way I like to do it isn't recommended by most..

Turn off the ads page.. either double click the activation button on the ads page until it says "none" or set your ads sensitivity the same as your hip and set the translator to hip instead of ads..

This makes your ads speed based off whatever your hip speed is.. just like using a controller.. controller doesnt tell your game to speed up your aim based on a specific button being pressed.

The argument is you might miss out on the ads translation.. but I've never noticed any issues playing without an ads page..

I use 1000hz on mouse and xim.. off sync. 12kdpi..no jitter at sensitivities under 60.

I have my debounce time at 4ms.. but I've been noticing when tapping single shot weapons I occasionally get a double click.. so I may have to raise the debounce time


Although i dont believe their is anything in place to make it difficult on us..

I'm not gonna dismiss it as a possibility..

It's well known that xim users run max sensitivity..and if you cant detect it the next step of deterring it would be to hide a nerf in max sensitivity settings..

Apex legends for example. 8 sensitivity disables aim assist but the speed is the same as 7.. to me that's almost a blatant attempt to make it harder on players who might be using a 3rd party devices on max sensitivity.

We had to figure out the apex legends thing on our own.

Developers aren't just gonna come out and say when they add a deterrent.. there just secretly going to try to make it harder on us..

But like I said I think it's just the fact ppls pings can be all over the place and this game has client side hit registration

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