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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 iPhone/iPad App Request
« on: 09:28 AM - 01/11/15 »

Just to let you know, I am in contact with Apple concerning all of this (XIM4's application for the MFi program). How about this -- Apple requires us to go through a credit check (that we have to pay for) just to even have a conversation about MFi with them. Can you believe it? What other company can you see doing something like that?

I noticed that you can, upon MFi approval, gain use of the iOS device logos. That could be a pretty nice perk.

I believe this application process and how difficult it is to even get started is more of a deterrent method. I guess from a marketing standpoint it, one could say that guilty by association (to crap hardware) is bad for the Apple brand. So not being associated with a product that is sketchy or for whatever reason bad, is good for other hardware manufacturers that get MFi certified and for Apple at the same time. However, it's restrictive for the little guys. Although, I guess you could say it's sort of that "badge of honor" to get your hardware certified in the MFi program.

All of this to say: Thanks for all the hard work you're doing in making your best attempt to do it the best way!

XIM 4 Discussions / Ping
« on: 08:05 PM - 09/02/14 »
There also isn't a way to ping the server/host on a console, so there's nothing really to compare to. Plus, even in PC sometimes the ping of the game isn't the same as the ICMP ping from a command line. A lot of games take into account the overhead of the netcode that ICMP doesn't take into account since it isn't interacting at the application level the game does. 

But really, feeding numbers to end users they can't understand is a developers nightmare.


I saw this at Walmart today. Idk how good it is, but it seems it could work.

I noticed that at http://sale.straighttalk.com the Samsung Centra refurb is $19.99. I can't seem to get a direct link, but I was able to add it to cart without having to add any addition items like service plans.

Anyone know if that will work? Android 4.0 OS.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Iphone app for xim4?
« on: 04:27 PM - 08/30/14 »

as long as the XIM4 doesnt go into corrupt config mode when theres a connection cut during those 30 seconds i dont see much of an issue to it either
improvement can still come over the time :)

Is this an issue with LE radios in LE modes? I know it is design to obviously save energy, but I don't know to what lengths it goes at the expense of data integrity.  I would speculate that the XIM doesn't store the config until it's transfer is completed and it's integrity is verified. So in that scenario I would assume it would either try again or present a error instructing the user to issue the command again.  And for context I'm guessing here.

Hardware Compatibility / Iphone app for xim4?
« on: 02:45 PM - 08/30/14 »
So I just loaded a new config from the ST library via BT on PC and it was around 4 secs like you said. But editing the config was much, much faster. Near instant from what I can tell.  So if it would just be around 30 seconds when loading a new config via LE, but still quick on edits, then that wouldn't be bad at all.

Noting for clarification* when I say "loaded a new config", I mean one that wasn't on the XIM4 prior. Selecting a previous loaded config was instant.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Iphone app for xim4?
« on: 02:35 AM - 08/30/14 »
We have a Bluetooth LE radio on XIM4 just so that we can talked to iOS (which they do support). But, it's 8x slower than regular Bluetooth. I need to figure out how to work with that.

First off. I received my XIM4 today and I am very grateful for the hard work you put into your products.

Now. I know you're a smart dude, so you probably have already thought of this. But just in case..

I too am well aware of Apple's limitation of data connections via Bluetooth and the additional capabilities gained via Bluetooth LE Radio, but at the cost of interface speed when using a LE chip (which I'm very impressed you used a LE Radio and that was very forward thinking of you and your team).  Apple's BT policies are annoying to say the least. If you were to release an iOS app that included your entire ST library, I'm not entirely sure how large your ST configs are and how you would address Apple App Store issues. such as more than likely having to release a new version of a "XIM4 Manager iOS" version every time a new ST is produced.  Apple will more than likely not allow an app to download addition files while in use on the users iOS device (I could be mistaken, but I think this is the case).

At one point, I started trying to mentally engineer how my EccoBee web enabled thermostat in my home operates and how my iOS device can issue commands to the thermostat via the EccoBee App.  As a programmer, I'm sure you understand why someone might contemplate something like this and that it's fun.  Even though I never tried to figure out how EccoBee does this, I'm sure I have a pretty good idea.

So, I'm wondering if you and your team have considered the possibility of utilizing a slim standalone webserver on a iOS user's PC that could issue commands to XIM Manager and XIM Manager could then issue commands/transfer configs/etc via USB or BT COM ports to the XIM4 hardware.  I guess I coulda just said Proxy.  I can think of two ways off the top of my head that a iOS device could communicate to the standalone webserver.  XML with a coded app or an App designed as an HTML5 wrapper.  Now I'm not extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Apple's App Store policies and I don't know how those policies could limit how Apps utilize XML commands from a app or HTML5 wrappers interaction with webservers.  However, I can say that they are much more lenient on published apps utilizing HTML5 wrappers since all the content is being produce outside the iOS device.  Essentially this would allow the published iOS App to be nothing more than a remote control for XIM Manager.  This would also relieve the woes of trying to support yet another OS platform in addition to the two platforms already being supported.  Not to mention less interactions with Apple.  Not that they are a bad company or anything.  I think they are great. They are pretty and pleasant to be around. That is until you wanna go out with your friends and do your own thing.

I've actually used something similar to this with a proxy of sorts that tied to the telemetry data interface of a PC racing simulator that I have.  I connected with just the browser of my iphone.  It worked surprisingly well and with no noticeable lag time.

I know this is not as elegant as a fully inclusive, standalone iOS application.  And I KNOW you're Obsessive....  And I would never try to tell you how to run your operation.  I'm honestly writing this for fun/ brain exercise and to suggest a means to an end. And like I said, you probably have already considered this.

You know what they say.  If you can't do it the way you want to do it, Hack.

Thanks again!

IMHO, Microsoft is a software company. Not only are they a software company, but they have been providing software for developers to write their own software since the 1970s.  Since most game developers are designing games for the PC platform with Microsoft developer tools, natural evolution would dictate that they mold their console technology around these existing tools.
Sony isn't a software company really. Not like Microsoft.
So. That's my explaination and personal opinion about why the XBOX is so much easier to develop for, Relative to the PS3. To me, it makes perfect sense.

I use the asus vw246h with my XIM3. This screen has very low lag. Good for gaming.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: Xim Edge thoughts?
« on: 08:06 PM - 05/17/12 »
XIM Edge sounds very promising and I am interested.  I really, really wish there would be an updated firmware for my XIM3 to nix my GTMAX and get PS3 STs.  However, I understand why. Backpeddling in support for a product can be tricky and might even have a adverse effect on existing "supported user" and that wouldn't be fair to those that stayed within the expectations of the XIM3 being used on XBOX.

What about a buy back program, OBsIV?  You buy my XIM3 back at an acceptable price to you and myself, then you have a openbox/ slightly/ refurbished/ used item to resell and I get a incentive to buy a XIM Edge?  You can make money twice and I don't have to deal with flippin eBay.

Just so you know.. I have been 100% satisfied with my XIM3 and the wonky cheap adapter I use on my PS3 and TBH, it's worth more that $150.

Considering the XIM3 is more than most gamers would want to deal with setup wise or even pay for, things like this can't survive on the consumer market.  Not to mention it would take as long to get setup to play, than it takes to get ready for work.  That's more of a PITA.

Playstation / Re: going back a little ways...
« on: 06:03 PM - 03/10/12 »
What's the advantage of using a Standard Translator config vs the Smart Translator?

I have been using the Smart Translator and find it is dang near perfect for CoD titles, even on the Playstation.

no, the gun aint that good overall

its an excellent range weapon and as already stated, the first hit lets the opponents aim shake a lot
also its very accurate when not spamming the trigger too much

but anything else than close combat and you are better off with a different weapon
at least you dont play on the full potential then

Hmm. I do pretty well at close range with the MK14. A lot better than I would have thought before using it. But it's not as good as say a G18 with ext mags.  You can clean a room out with that beast.

It's a rape gun, no doubt.

But unfair?  No. The most important part about using the Mk14 is being disciplined enough to make the first shot of your first trigger pull so you don't need Kick proficiency. This is IMO what makes the MK14 worth it. It's knock down power.

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