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Hardware Compatbility / Re: Logitech Master 2S not working
« on: 04:28 AM - 12/04/18 »
Hi, I had tried all night long and here's the tools i had:
mouse : Master MX 2S with 3 connection : Channel 1-bluetooth for notebook, Channel 1-bluetooth for iphone, Channel 1-unifying for XIM apex <> PS4 pro
keyboard : K375s, with the same connection as above.

I was using Channel 1 for notebook, both work well.
and then I switched to Channel 2 (auto-unifying), only keyboard can be detected while mouse can't.
then I tried to update the beta one : XIMAPEXFlash-20181109-PC.exe, the keyboard still work, and the mouse can't but don't why it could use Channel 3 to connect!
Here's the problem : keyboard using Channel 2 and mouse Channel 3, inconvenience for me to switch the keyboard mouse.

Then I try to use the remaining Channel to connect to my iphone and both switch to "2", both work well.

Lastly and the problem again: once I switch to Channel 3, mouse now can be detected for game, but keyboard can't! (like yesterday problem), and now I even "remove the mouse keyboard" from my iphone or notebook, the keyboard still can't be detected by XIM!
please help.

Hardware Compatbility / Logitech Master 2S not working
« on: 05:24 AM - 12/03/18 »
Hi all, I had brought Xim Apex + Logitech keyboard k375s (wireless) + Logitech mouse master 2S mouse (wireless) for playing PS4 Pro.
Just ran through all the setups / updated. The keyboard work fine by using USB receiver, but the mouse not working, seem can't connected due the light showing from the mouse is still shining.

Can anyone help???

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