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Add me on psn; Gilmani

Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 08:54 AM - 01/18/19 »
Thanks all didn't think about the politics.

You guys rock

Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 07:08 PM - 01/17/19 »
Thanks man not sure what the big deal is about talking about both titan and apex in conjuction.

We can't just go to console tuner as they work in conjuction with one another.

Anywho send me your email and I will send you the one I;m using.

Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 02:21 PM - 01/17/19 »
Apologies wasn't aware we couldn't discuss, seems a little odd since bothproducts compliment eachother but will follow the rules.

Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 01:15 PM - 01/15/19 »
RML do you use titant 2 for BO4?

Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 12:55 PM - 01/15/19 »
Honsolo you're the man! thank you bro

please email: [email protected]

Can you provide steps on how to add it in? I only know how to drag it from gtuner.

Thanks again you guys rock!

Game Support / BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 10:35 AM - 01/15/19 »
Hey guys,

Wondering if someone can help me out and share what works best for them.

I play BO4 and have the apex and titan 2 but I can't really find a script that works well for me as far as titan 2.
I know what your thinking, why don't you ask console tuner? well the support there vs here is night and day so I'm turning to my apex community for some help.

Folks with Titan 2 and apex that play BO4, can you please share what scipts/gamepacks works best for you to help a brotha out?

Thank you all

Game Support / Re: B04 ADS help
« on: 02:24 PM - 12/14/18 »
Right now on default

Hip 10

400 ads delay

I use smg and assault rifles

Game Support / B04 ADS help
« on: 01:46 PM - 12/14/18 »
I hate to be this guy but I feel like nothing I do is helping me with my ads delay and feel in BO4.

I've tried all the suggestions from 400 sat on, 700 sat, 0 sat but nothing seeems rights.

Is it my ratio from hip to ads that causing this? I've literally tried all types of ratios, 2.4, 1.6 etc.

Please help i've been messing with these settings for months and I cant seems to find anything.
kinda over it at this point

Have been trying RML setup for gbs but not doing so hot

RML the last config feels better for ADS delay but its not perfect.

This config with smooth aim transition still doesn't feel right.

Man RML...for real?!😁😂
First match with the settings icebreaker gunship 75-27 win 6.5k damage.

Glad you're enjoying it.

So I only play multiplayer and I like the previous code better. So with this new one if I just turn sync off it should be better for MP?

I'll add a code for Sync Off settings. Seems a lot prefer sync off for multiplayer.

Also, just an Fyi for everyone. After some more testing I've determined that the key to the ADS delay fix is just making sure you have Smooth Aim Transition [on] and the delay value set to be longer then the slowest ADS transition in the game. Now, I'm not sure what the slowest transition time is, but I'd guess somewhere in the 300's. So I'd think you'd be safe with an ADS delay around 400. However 400 doesn't feel any different to me them 700. So I see no need to change it. The only time I have an issue with the Hip to ADS transition while smooth aim is active is when my delay is set lower then my slowest transitioning loadout.

Hope that makes sense. In short, just keep it at 700, it's fine! Lol

Playstation / Re: Cod bo4 ps4 GB team
« on: 01:57 AM - 12/04/18 »
interested add me: Gilmani

Looking to do tournaments and mlg ladders

Hey guys,

Looking to form a team of bo4 xim gamers to run cod mlg tournaments and snd tournaments for money and also to build a great team.

I've played in 3 cod competitive ladders before I got the apex and now looking to build a great team so we can do online tournaments.

PSN: GIlmani

Add me if you interested and drop a message on here.

NOOOOOOOOOOO What does this mean?

Trying to see if there are any XIM gamers that would like to team up and run competitive cod matches and eventually do online tournaments for cash.

CMG, Gamebattles, MLG, etc.

Side note: It would be great if you also play controller so you can travel to mlg event but not rewuired.

If your interested and would like to form a squad, please let me know.


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