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Game Support / cold war
« on: 02:00 PM - 12/29/20 »
cold war st feel worse compare to the modern warfare st. maybe there is something to do and i didn't know? aim feel worse.

XIM APEX Discussions / ps5 and xim apex
« on: 02:56 PM - 11/13/20 »
hey guys, i don't see any updates on ps5 and xim apex sync. did it work like in the xbox x series? or no one still get the console on hand. thanks.

Technical Support / [Q/A] akimbo pistol
« on: 05:04 PM - 04/05/20 »
hey, how can i play good with akimbo pistol in cod modern warfare. when i use the l2 and the r2 the sensivity is increase. and hard to control.

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Mouse stutter fortnite br
« on: 08:48 AM - 03/27/20 »
Ey guys, fortnite mouse is stutter. 2 days ago it was fine and after the updaye it changes.

That's correct, APEX supports controller chat using v2 controllers.
so what can i do my brother?

i cant use my microphone in 1gen controllee

Technical Support / Re: player going backwards fortnite
« on: 06:52 AM - 12/26/19 »
Controller stick drift would explain that - the analog sticks no longer centre correctly within the deadzone, causing unintended movement. Input from an auth controller connected to XIM APEX still registers and is output to the game.

Flick your controller sticks if you notice it again, or it might be time to replace your controller.
can i use my 1st gen controller version?

Technical Support / [Q/A] player going backwards fortnite
« on: 03:51 PM - 12/25/19 »
Hey, my player going backward all the time without i touch anything.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 03:42 AM - 11/26/19 »
you are right, fortnite st don't feel so good like in early seasons. that was a times i dropped 20 bombs and now it's hard for me to drop 6 bombs or less. we need an iprovment of the fortnite st. please mist4fun look for it. you are the best developer.

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Question mark xim apex
« on: 10:26 AM - 11/20/19 »
Could you please share a log when it stops responding? You may need to take a screenshot using the phone if necessary, sometimes you can't use the copy button when it stops responding.

About the lag, unless this is a new issue the lag must be game, network, or display related. You've reported this in 3 or more? top mulitplayer games and your APEX logs have been clean.
yes sure. i will screenshot now.

Technical Support / Re: Question mark xim apex
« on: 10:11 AM - 11/20/19 »
I haven't seen this. Is everything working?
i need to out the hub and connect him again but it's fixed i think. but in fortnite i have so much delay and it's stop responding sometimes.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Question mark xim apex
« on: 03:52 PM - 11/19/19 »
question mark show in ps4 charged menu

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 03:39 PM - 11/19/19 »
I use legacy because it is impossible to use shotguns and up close mags with the Advanced settings. Shotguns slow down horribly and following a target horizontally with an Smg is impossible. Crosshair just lags behind target.
with same sensivity brother?

What about sync is it that you need to know?
hey my aim feel weird in every game. what can cause that? and if i need to change the sensivity when i change the sync my brother.

If you think there is a connection then I recommend factory resetting and recreating the config from scratch.
hey not help. how much it's the multiple sync?

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