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Beta / Re: XIM4 BETA [Firmware 20181019] (**LATEST**)
« on: 01:17 AM - 10/21/18 »
UPDATE: Our latest official retail firmware is no longer being blocked by EPIC.

I am extremely skeptical of this in particular. There is no way Epic Games did not consider the ramifications of their decision to block XIM users - specifically handicapped players prior to releasing their "Fix"; to suddenly end this boycott of XIM users is suspicious at best and to me implies either a larger work around, or an attempt to gather data on XIM users for use in a wave of bans yet to come.
Personally, I like the retail firmware better as it is ironed and clean, but I feel as though with the monetary value of my account literally being on the line it is best to continue to utilize these BETA Builds.

I'd highly suggest that everyone else continue to do the same.

Beta / Re: XIM4 BETA [Firmware 20181014] (**LATEST**)
« on: 02:06 PM - 10/15/18 »
Hi guys

Really appreciating the effort your putting in.

I am still receiving disconnects 3 minutes into the game. I have installed all the new firmware correctly. And am running on my standard PS4. Am I missing anything? I even tried creating a fresh config.

Id also like to point out its normally directly after I get a kill.

Assuming the possibility that you upgraded incorrectly, and just to cover the bases - go to your XIM app and select "About" from the drop down menu. It will confirm if your firmware build is on 10.14.18

Beta / Re: XIM4 BETA [Firmware 20181014] (**LATEST**)
« on: 12:45 AM - 10/15/18 »
First time poster, posting to provide feedback on the newest BETA 10.14.18:

Utilized the previous update for a couple games last night and worked perfectly without any major issues.
Have now upgraded to the newest update in hopes it fixed the straffing issue - to which it did not, and in reality actually brought seemingly more issues.

BETA 10.12.18 Issues:
- Slight straffing when running/walking/gliding in a straight line, particularly forwards.

BETA 10.14.18 Issues:
- Above mentioned straffing.
- Double clicks on movement keys
- In-accurate/un-intended movement key activation. Ie: When holding/pressing W or S for movement in-game or in any menu the navigation will jump to a side (Unintended A/D movement).
- Movement issue may extend into further key logging issues as I found rare instances where my weapon would not reload, switch to building, or to pickaxe.

However, I am not having any disconnect issues!

Seemingly, the newest update has not brought any improvements merely issues. Despite this feedback, I'd like to give my sincere thank you for promptly developing these changes and this hardware which I use exclusively. I look forward to further improvements and the fight to keep XIM usable in Fortnite PS4.

Ps: Black is not a colour.

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