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Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite Bindings- Tartus+G502 (help)
« on: 07:51 AM - 10/25/19 »
My current setup: G502

RM- ADS/Stair/Reset
LM- Fire/Wall/Select
MW- switch weapon/Floor/Pyramid
Sniper-Macro Edit-LM 175ms- Confirm
Thumb forward- insta wall
Thumb back-insta stair
Forward top button- shoot then insta wall(also use to pickaxe and place wall.
Back top insta 1x1
Mouse wheel left- insta floor( great for shoot then place floor)
Mouse right- Insta floor wall ramp( For pushing)
Wheel push- insta place trap


Ctrl-Switches to Aux4 when held. Opens inventory switch mouse to control left joystick. LM is X RM is Square.

Q- Previous weapon/Floor
E- next weapon/Pyramid
F-Build Mode
G-ping/change mats
Tab- Pickaxe
Esc- ps
Caps is secondary for boat boost


I think it feels great. Cant hit AR medium range shots but everything else is good/great. I really hope this new ST makes me a god and gets me a Victory Royale.
Geesh I only want the stupid umbrella
To be honest..if you are struggling getting a victory with the current ST, donít expect to magically start winning when the new ST comes out..
The current ST is more than playable, and you donít hit AR shots as much as last season because Epic changed the bloom mechanic and removed the L2 spam..

I agree with the bloom mechanic. The epic and gold pistol and new AUG??? Is Insane. I think the first shot accuracy change is what's messing with my medium range shots with AR and burst. I forget to insert sarcasm for the Victory Royale comment 😎😎

I think it feels great. Cant hit AR medium range shots but everything else is good/great. I really hope this new ST makes me a god and gets me a Victory Royale.
Geesh I only want the stupid umbrella

what servers you on???
NA East

I think it feels great. Cant hit AR medium range shots but everything else is good/great. I really hope this new ST makes me a god and gets me a Victory Royale.
Geesh I only want the stupid umbrella

When new fortnite st will available?

General Discussion / Fortnite Add me PSN YoBoiiSolo
« on: 05:10 PM - 10/20/19 »
Looking to play with some other Ximmers on Fortnite. Hit me up.

What issues are yall experiencing and what platform do you play on? lol
I play on pc and use the Ps4 config and have no issues with this new season.

I play on PS4 but have it figured out finally. I think it was more game lag than anything else but had to make some small tweaks.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite detect XIM?
« on: 05:20 PM - 10/18/19 »
Basically if you're not on PC then be prepared to get dominated. Switch and mobile players.......don't even bother

My kid has more wins on mobile than I do on PS4 this season.

Use hip translater on ADS. Feels like the old days

>>> XIM APEX [Fortnite:10.4 profile 1] START COPY >>>

4000dpi legacy look

Game Support / Re: Fortnite dive problem...
« on: 08:54 AM - 10/18/19 »
Sorry I know this has been addressed in the past but after the start of this new season when I dive out of the bus my character take a half of a second to really dive straight down. I do remember seeing a fix for this that was happening a few seasons back but have forgotten what it was, and can't figure it out for the life of me. And help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I always just push right or left then you can drop.

The game does feel bad but I think that we are putting more attention on Xim when most of the negative effects are actually coming from playing against pc players with 500+fps. There is a huge disadvantage to us console players. When console vs console I do great and although aim is off I can still be competitive. Jump in game and I get destroyed unless I am luck to find some bots. The frame rate drop is just terrible and unless there is a way to turn down traffics I dont see consoles being anywhere near the level of skill as PC. Have fun with it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: New fortnite ST for season11?
« on: 07:15 PM - 10/17/19 »
At times i think if itís even worth using the xim for fortnite with all these updates and changes and set backs . Everytime you find a good sense or something you comfortable with the game mechanics change etc . Maybe going native is the way .

Sine fortnite has combined lobbies native probably would be better. Unfortunately, most games dont support KBM

Dang, seems to me to be running really
Well except they changed a bunch of bonds which really sucks to update like the edit and stuff lol

Can you share your configuration?

This post is almost at 1000 views. Guess there are many still interested in Fortnite.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: New fortnite ST for season11?
« on: 10:25 AM - 10/17/19 »
They mentioned they made FN pri 1 but I am sure they new ST will be outta date soon after release. EPIC is already trying to fix small look mechanic bugs. With PS5 coming out within a year I am thinking it is about time to go PC. I tried native Mouse and KB on ps4 and immediately went back to XIM.

Am practicing with  mnk on PS4 itís actually not that bad no turn cap etc still need to practice a lot though to become good . I canít play untill they release the ST and I donít think itís top priority otherwise it be out now .

Found anything that works yet? I have been experimenting and unlike other times games feels like complete garbage. Good thing they added fishing as that can be fun for a while and doesnt require much accuracy LOL.

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