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Those are 12000 dpi sens no?

These advance settings don't affect sens right?

My hip firing is scarily good with these settings. But the ads is kinda awkward. However because the hip firing is so good my kd and win rate did increase last night.

If I could use advance hip and normal ads I would be a god.

Mine is connected to a wall plug 24/7 while on Bluetooth to the Apex hub.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 4k monitor or 1080p monitor?
« on: 10:31 PM - 09/07/19 »
No difference between my BenQ 60hz and ViewSonic 144hz other than latter being newer and crisper image. Response time is the same on console. 4k feels slugish imo especially in close quarters when you have a peacekeeper or something. It could just be that the monitor is a little bigger though. Idk.

I haven't tried your settings yet but 9.75 ads on default?

Default works great at 125hz while common works better at 1000hz.

Shared Configs / Re: What do you use in overwatch now?
« on: 02:07 PM - 08/20/19 »
Dpi 12k
Common sync 5
Rml curve

Aa ease in 70
Ease in 25

Iv been as high as 4300+ and this works wel for me

Which rml curve

I played solo for 12 hours straight. Wanna say I won like half of my matches (not counting failed landings). Everything @ 4k dpi. I didn't try the other syncs or hz and I don't think I'll need too.

1000hz common > 125 hz default > 500 hz common > 125 hz common

I finally got my r99 aim back from my old g502 and then some! (I have a g pro wireless now). 1000hz is just way better. Specially for close range combat where some good players strafe so much. One thing is for certain this is the dpi you want to use guys. Perfect sweet spot for this game.


I am bodying people with these settings. Back to back 2k damage games in SOLO!

Shared Configs / Re: What do you use in overwatch now?
« on: 01:24 AM - 08/20/19 »
I feel like xim dosen't work on overwatch anymore, first time i bought xim it was working very good i was 3900 widow main now i can't even leave diamond

Everyone's just gotten better man. Damond today is like GM in 2017


Current ST is perfect for me.


The Apex ST. No curve. Common sync. 10 Hip 7.5 ADS.

Mouse dpi?

Isn't that very sticky and gets you stuck in the aa bubble?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best Analog for Xim Apex?
« on: 11:11 PM - 07/26/19 »
I can make a nav and a mouse with less buttons than the g502 work!

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