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this Setting is very good.
The problem with speed is the XIM an Mouse Setting 1000/1000hz.
Try 500 Xim 1000 Mouse, it works faster for whatever reason ...
1000/1000 ist too slow.
I use the G Pro with the 16 DPI Hero Sensor.

Lowering off sync from 1k to 500hz basically doubles the sens without you doing anything else on the app. So doubling these sens at 1,000 hz would be the same as what you got with 500hz. Does not apply to other syncs.

Shared Configs / Re: apex legends settings
« on: 07:00 AM - 09/14/20 »
I'm guessing you play with a keyboard but maybe you can take something from this set-up. Mouse and Scuff Vantage 2019.

R2 - Fire - Mouse Left click
L2 - ADS - Mouse Right click
R3 - Melee - Sniper Button
L3 - Sprint - L3
R1 - Ping - Mouse Forward
L1 - Tac Ability - Mouse Back
X - Jump - L1
Circle - Crouch - One of the back paddles
Square - Reload - Scroll up, Scroll down (secondary) and Scroll wheel click (Inherited Aux). I have all these binded to reload so I can loot faster.
Triangle - Change Weapons - L2
Up directional - Healing Menu - Same as DS4 controller and a secondary bind on one the back paddles. You don't want to stand still while switching tru heals.
Down, Right, Left directional - Same as DS4 controller
Options - Game Menu - Giant Tab button
Tab - Map - Share button
Guide - Guide - Guide (PS logo)

^ Most likely too low of a deadzone or respond curve

Default Small deadzone?

I bet there's a ALC setup that can work on PC but have to be found.

If you have insane aim go with off sync. If you're new to XIM or really struggling go with common but for the must of us default is gonna be the best option trust me.

I still would like to see a picture of the full ALC. Feel like I won't get it how you described it.

Yup I can try it later tonight.

Can you post a screenshot of what it would look like? pls

Use a ruler if you have to.

The Xbox ST has never been updated. It's there when you make a new config.

@flip No I tried it but it didn't work too well for me. I can give it another shot tho.

why sensitivity is so high
Responsiveness and I like my sensitivity high.

lmao says all extra and ramp up on 0 yet shows pic with it on default... facepalm
lmao says all extra and ramp up on 0 yet shows pic with it on default... facepalm

That is exactly what I am confused about xD
Forgot to update image, everything else is exactly the same.

Lol Np

 Altho I tried the default ramp and extra and i was slaying last night Prob the best ive ever played lol

You wouldn't say it's because of the different DZ, outer, and response curve?

Maria i noticed that this latest config of yours has 500xim|1000mouse polling, have you tested 500dpi on both and whats the difference with your current setup?

im on 250xim|500mouse 8k atm btw
I don't notice any difference between 500/500 and 500/1000

The only difference with this current setup than season 5 is just messing with ALC a little.

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