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Amd freesync is what your after, and with such a hefty price tag of 400 i think that the question you need to ask yourself is. Are emotion blur nessacary and will i miss out on the extra hertz ?

Lg are following a movement thats supposed to level the playing field abit by doing away with some of the advantages you get with nice monitors.

I dont think thats a wise investment if im honest.

General Discussion / Re: Why Ps5, when you can Ps4 ?
« on: 08:17 AM - 11/29/20 »
Thanks guys for your continued hard work and development and I think ill wait until the xbox series x becomes available once more.

In regards to gaming on a pc, i wouldnt switch from console gaming due to the fact that the platform isnt really that popular in my opnion. Microsoft appears to be bridging gaps and pushing boundaries further and i really like that. GTA on the pc with mods and quite a few racing games which i play alot on the pc are tempting me...ALOT!

General Discussion / Re: Smoothest mousepads?
« on: 07:48 AM - 11/29/20 »
I really like the enhance mouse pad. What i found whilst gaming with a mouse is that, once you actually start putting in those micro movements.. I began to notice a sort of stutter, almost sticky like movements and i felt really let down by the cloth i was using.

Overall, can you imagine water like movement except without and resistance. :D i think i could loose some weight to be honest.

The ENHANCE pad looks fat though!!

General Discussion / Why Ps5, when you can Ps4 ?
« on: 03:45 PM - 11/28/20 »
Support for the ps5 is abit non existent without a computer and so im wondering if it is worth ditching xim and playing on ps5 with controller...or..... buying a ps4 and continuing my reign within the cod leaderbords.

I have neither an xbox, ps4 or any of the new gen consoles for that matter. Ive had an xbox one x in the past but that was sold to fund another project.

Im hear now and searching for my next video game purchase armed with the xim apex, g502 and a generic usb keyboard.

I use the xim apex because i have problems with the vibrations and crampness caused by controllers. I love the guys at xim because i remember when i purchased a xim apex for the very first time. I was horrible and now the xim apex is my weapon. extended arm bruce lee madness lol

Im stumped.... what do you guys think ? Thanks xim apex creators for helping me push this far in gaming.

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 09:57 AM - 11/22/20 »
If you can see this sony, id just like you to know that im considering picking up your console over the xbox series x. Back in 2014 i crashed my motorcycle leaving my left leg fractured. Th doctors did all they could and in the end put a metal plate with screws to save me from loosing it.

Today in 2020 im bright as ever however my bones are soo stiff, if i pick up a control my hands ache in agony!. My point is the XIM "enables" me to play your fantastic!!!! games and soo what if i pawn fanboys at cod !#? Ive joined some really hard lobbies and i havent managed to get ONE KILL. That new game coiming out where your in tokyo and you do hand gestures like naruto!!! sick!!!

Guys i play for the fun of it so if you could please let the guys at XIM play. please?

General Discussion / Re: Smoothest mousepads?
« on: 05:10 AM - 09/09/20 »
What are some of the most used hard surface mouse pads ?

Game Support / Re: world of warships any chance???
« on: 11:42 AM - 09/04/20 »
Has anybody come up with anything for world of war tanks yet ?



My setup consists of a g502 + logitech keyboard. LG tv, a makeshift stand and makeshift table. Due to create something abit more thoughtful in the coming future.

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