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If Fortnite wasn't a priority we wouldn't have released updates for it 10 times so far. We marked this game with a 'U' for a reason in our support list. It has unpredictable behavior and to make it worse it's a moving target with Epic's constant changes to aim. We already mentioned that we aren't going to give this game priority anymore over new games that need support. If we did that, Fornite would be the only game we work on. We will get to it, but, other games need support to.

This ST has been doing just fine, donít pay any attention to that angry child and his temper tantrums lol.

Idk why everyone is so upset with this game. Iím using the new ST 12k dpi, 1k hz, default sync and doing just fine.

Max sens and 1.0 ADS. Turned motion blurs off.

Hi all,

Here is my current set up

Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless
Keyboard: Logitech G513
Cloth pad

ST: Modern Warfare
500 Hrtz and Polling
3200 DPI

In game and in app settings on this vid - a few clips showing the snap ;)

Please like, sub, share etc - would greatly appreciate it


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Codddd] START COPY >>>

I've just made this config and for some reason the settings are way slower then in the video?

Well i would suggest its one of two things.

1. You did something wrong (dpi most likely candidate, make sure onboard memory on mouse).

2. They are slow for you because you have a different dexterity to me. I use mainly my arm to aim.

All settings match

Then you likely are a ďwrist aimerĒ. Just increase the sens to your preference.

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare ST
« on: 12:08 PM - 10/29/19 »
The reason there is so much camping is due to the Sbmm they put in for this game.

I see potential for the comp side of the game anyway we shall see. Iím enjoying it so far.

Game Support / Re: Best ST for COD:Modern Warfare
« on: 01:34 AM - 10/27/19 »
Have only tried MW and Black Ops 3 config no curves and prefer BO3 over MW.

Seems playable but I wonder if I should try BF5 or anything else?

Still 1000hz?

Also how do you get ADS to .5? My ads sens and hip sens are greyed out and I canít change them.

Goto Controller Sensitivity itíll say it on the top left corner then youíll have to go on Advanced Settings then go down and turn on Legacy Look Controls then you can press LB and change the stuff that was greyed out

Yeah must have been bugged out because that did not work at first. After the console has been turned off and back on it started working.

Are you still using Left mouse as ramp for building? Or using a different binding?

Thanks, have been using your config for a while now.

Still 1000hz?

Also how do you get ADS to .5? My ads sens and hip sens are greyed out and I canít change them.

Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite Bindings- Tartus+G502 (help)
« on: 11:17 AM - 10/24/19 »
Mine go like this:

Left mouse: Fire/ wall

Right mouse: Ads / ramp / reset edit

Forward: Switch weapon / Floor

Back: switch weapon / pyramid

ďSniperĒ: edit / confirm
Left shift: edit / confirm

Cap lock: crouch

F: reload / interact

E: inventory

Q: Switch to pickaxe

Space: Jump

C: Switch mode

Scroll up: emote

Scroll down: place marker

3: start menu

Esc: Xbox menu

Tab: map/scoreboard
I turn ADS profile off in XIM manager.

Idk if Iíve missed anything but thatís what I use. Mine have definitely been all over the place in the past but this is what Iíve settled on for the last while.

Probably not great and Iím not the best but it seems to work well enough for me. Iíve considered switching it up but at this point I donít know if I have it in me to retrain my brain to new binds lol

Game Support / Re: New Fortnite st released
« on: 04:12 PM - 10/23/19 »
What DPI and Sync settings u all using ? Because the aim assist feels way to strong?
12k dpi
Sync default

Game Support / Re: New Fortnite st released
« on: 11:52 AM - 10/23/19 »
I do agree the new ST feels wayyyyy better than the old.


Boost Ramp Time isn't included because it's not used when using the settings listed. Ramp Time is disabled with Boost set to 0% so you can have Ramp Time set to anything because it isn't used.

We had supported Builder Pro in earlier versions I believe but the community requested Combat Pro so it was changed. There would need to be a large demand to switch back.

Not sure if youíre confused but I have not seen a single person on this forum or anywhere that uses combat pro. Would this make a difference on the STs? I donít see how it would but if it does I think a builder pro ST is definitely needed.....

Game Support / Re: New Fortnite st released
« on: 01:52 AM - 10/23/19 »
Does turning boost ramp time matter of boost is set to 0%
Yeah I also noticed the only thing missing in settings update is turning boost ramp time for look and ADS sens

Should we turn this to 1 second in order to try minimizing this boost?

The ďTurning boost ramp timeĒ is how long it takes for the horizontal and vertical boost values to kick in. Since those are at 0 (no boost), then the ramp time setting doesnít do anything.


I see what youíre saying now. It will not enable boost because the boosts are disabled

Game Support / Re: New Fortnite st released
« on: 11:32 PM - 10/22/19 »
Yeah I also noticed the only thing missing in settings update is turning boost ramp time for look and ADS sens

Should we turn this to 1 second in order to try minimizing this boost?

Game Support / Re: New Fortnite st released
« on: 10:15 PM - 10/22/19 »
Yeah the new settings are posted with warning about aim mechanics being bad.

I wonder if this ST is meant to outperform the old? Or if itís just a new ST with advanced settings.

I havenít had a chance to try the new one.

Config is up for download

@#$% I hope itís coming in the next hours then, when I read it was coming yesterday I took a free day at work today  :D

You booked a day off for the new ST?  :o

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