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Donít be silly... mouse and keyboard is easier aim assist or not. Iím good with both but mouse and keyboard is consistently better.

I said the aim assist pull/amount is higher and a lot more noticeable on console.
I too have a lot more skill with mouse and key board when it comes to aiming. Just saying that the controller will do about 90% of the work for you lmao and they cry for some reason

I dont know why so many people hate Xim users on console. The amount of aim assist between the two is INSANE!!! Due to the fact keyboard is getting my kicked I said screw it! Iíll try out controller. I got 10 kills first drop, and let me say the amount my gun moved for me... was a ton compared to a mouse. They truly have the upper hand. Iv messed with my xim settings countless times to try and increase the amount of aim assist Iíd have using KB+M but it will never be like it is with a controller. That was immense. I was blown away because I couldnít fathom kids crying over the ďunfair advantageĒ of xim apex. The way I see it. If youíre more comfortable using a KB+M then go ahead, I canít afford a pc. Or else Iíd be on that platform. But I can only afford an Xbox. So I bought the xim to Make my own pc and it worked great. Now we suffer in times like these.


Here is the forum link we have started please go raise a voice so we can sow them we demand a fix for a game we have spent our money on.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite detecting my Xim Apex?
« on: 07:13 PM - 10/11/18 »
Xbox one S | Apex | razer death adder elite mouse | razer cynosa chroma KB | 4K dpi
Sync: common | poll rate 1000hz. Fortnite is he only game I really play anymore and Iím getting kicked right around 3min into the game after landing. I have tried starting a game with just my controller and yes, after 3 min there is no kick. But itís also a pain sitting there for 3 min not doing anything with a controller, when Iím better with a mouse and keyboard. So thatís method doesnít work for me as far as gameplay goes. I hope by tomorrow we all have answers on whatís happening with epics end. Xim works fine and still does, I feel like we will be split into seperate lobbies. Console controllers alone and Console KB+M alone

« on: 09:59 AM - 10/07/18 »
ďsync will adjust the framerate synchronization of your xim with the game
common is for 60fps games, slow for 30fps games and default for ~120fps

If sync is on 120fps will that cause rendering issues on fortnite?

Wow I never realized his thank you so much!!

« on: 09:47 AM - 10/07/18 »
I just got my apex yesterday for my ps4.
And Iím trying to understand a few things.

First... what is the ďsyncĒ function and what does it do exactly?

Second, why doesnít the apex allow for builder pro commands? It seems to be stuck with old school controls.

And even if I plug the keypad directly into the PS4 and set controls to builder pro, it lets my select each of the 4 build pieces with a separate key for each... but then I still have to press a second place build button to put the item down rather that using the piece select button to do it like I would with the controller.

sync will adjust the framerate synchronization of your xim with the game
common is for 60fps games, slow for 30fps games and default for ~120fps

the xim allows you to bind builder pro too, but due to the size of the xim manager it cannot list all actions
therefore look at the controller layout picture in the game and bind your xim manager buttons accordingly
using the secondary button layout at the bottom of your xim manager (when expert mode is ticked) can also help to bind all the building buttons

having to press the build button prior to actually building is how console fortnite works, as long as you play with a controller then there isnt really any way to remove that (with the exception of running building scripts with eg xim link or a titan two)

Wait wait wait, so I can use the secondary action list to put my floors,walls, ramps? But if itís secondary itíll be performing the first action first then trying to do the second. I.E reload/ramp or crouch/pyramid

Iím running xim apex with my razer cynosa chroma and razer elite death added mouse and can confirm that both work perfectly,
4K dpi
Sync: default

Fortnite only

16k dpi
Cynosa chroma keyboard
Looking for more xim players to do duos with, maybe a few squads
I have mic

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