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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Black ops 4 stutter
« on: 05:47 AM - 03/25/19 »
Since you have the XIM4 we can rule out you playing on Off Sync causing the stutter.

Black Ops 4 Stutters insanely on the base PS4. It's really really bad. I am extremely sensitive to stutter though and some people just don't even notice it. I am pretty sure it's just Black Ops 4 in your case man. It's really really bad. When I play any other game I never get stutters as bad as in BO4. Especially in Blackout.

Another thing it could be is network stutter which is a thing. I've ruled that out in my case, but it may be the issue in your case. Especially if you are playing wireless or using an old router or modem.

You could run this and see what grade you get: https://www.dslreports.com/tools/pingtest

Basically what I mean is that on the base PS4 it stutters for me really bad when not even using the XIM just from the game stuttering like mad. It's the code in the game, because in BO3 it's as smooth as butter.

I use to suffer with a really poor connection on blackout, my issue was my router.
Ive changed it to a Netgear XR500 and itís now smooth and seems to have cured the lag compensation as well as I donít suffer the one hit kill anymore.
Worth noting that due to DumaOS on the XR500 they donít recommend using DSLreports due to how the router inspects packets so the readings are misleading.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: A Xim users shame
« on: 07:39 AM - 01/09/19 »
My friends also rub it in but itís a laugh and we can all take the banter.

Ok so as for the statement trying to convince others. No itís just a fact that a mouse is 100 times more accurate than a analog controller. That is FACT. Sorry if you donít like it but itís a cold hard FACT. and the fact you need a 3rd party device xim to do it says it all

Iíll agree a mouse is so much easier however if those who complain wish to try out a keyboard and mouse  then as mentioned Sony do have them to try out.
In saying that many a game just seems to be made for pads but letís also be honest and say most complaints come from the typical COD, battlefield and overwatch player base and that in general is pretty toxic even at the best of times.
Hate to say it but many players tend to forget itís about having fun and thatís what gaming is about. A bit of time to unwind from a days work or play with a few friends.
If they want to rant on another site just let them get on with it.

« on: 05:59 AM - 12/16/18 »
A50 owner here, changed settings on mic to stream which makes them clear and no complaints from my friends.
A few odd quirks, it hums if you plug it in to charge using the mini port on the headset, not a huge issue. Battery life seems to have dropped a little so around 12 hours and Iíve had to reset them once.
Nothing major and they work fine.
It was a toss up between the Steel Series Artic Pro and these when I wanted a new pair.

General Discussion / Re: Is PUBG PS4 worth it?
« on: 05:02 PM - 12/10/18 »
Itís clunky and Iím not sure it holds 30 FPS but itís fun even though itís got some iffy moments.
They say they will get 60 FPS but Iím not holding my breath but if play it for a while you kind of get use to the poor performance.

What the Xim does is show that some games could do with extra settings in their menus for pad users.
A good example is Blackout where there is no sensitivity for ADS for pad users.
I never hide the fact I use one and a lot of friends are quite interested in the Xim as they donít see me topping the boards but like the idea you have more control of your settings.
What I have discovered is itís great for some games but others just play well on a pad but I find it painful after a while due to my hands on a pad.

How can they make a great game like BF 1 and manage to F it up this bad on BF 5?
Most of my deaths are due to proners/campers i cant even see lol, @#$% is this garbage?!

I remember when BF1 first came out, that too got a slating!!

BF V winds me up big time with not being able to spot enemies like you could in previous BF's, to a point where I sometimes resort to just powering down my console mid game! (yes, its that frustrating!)  When you think about it though, everyone else has to deal with the same, and so it just needs a different play style in order to get used to it. (which I've clearly not mastered yet!) 

When I do actually finish a game. I generally place in the top five, although my K/D rate isn't that much, I play support so get lots for suppression and supplies.  The issue with BF is that very seldom do other team members communicate with you and so 99% of the time you are playing as an individual when the game really dictates that you should be playing as a team.  When someone does have their mic on, the only thing that comes out of it is them coughing, shouting at other members of their family, or eating!!!  Thank goodness my headphones have a mute button for chat!!

Itís a good game if you have a squad of friends. By yourself not so and hard work but if you can find a group of friends to play with it changes the whole game to one where you can start to control the action and hold and take points.
This has always been the issue with battlefield and many other first person shooter like COD.
I would like to see the 5 man squad like BF4 which made it a tad easier to be honest.
Like you Iíve tried it solo and itís hard work, ransoms just doing their own thing and no communication.

Has any one noticed a change in the look mechanics since the 1.07 patch.
When I sat on the rear of a quad on blackout I had very slow movement but now I have the same sensitivity as my setting so I can turn nice and quickly.
Thought I would mention this as the patch may have altered other aspects of the movement in game.

Couple of Blackout games, seems fine so Iíll leave it empty and give it a good try.

General Discussion / Re: Is RDR2 good with a Xim?
« on: 05:31 AM - 11/07/18 »
What Ive played so far Iíve found the controller best, itís one of the laid back games where I want to sit back on the sofa with feet up.
Completely agree.

I actually, did a hard try on XIM with my Nav config, went to O'Driscoll fortress and start a fight, just to practice combat (new enemies always spawns)... the ADS hiccup is a HUGE hindrance, I can see been very annoying for Multiplayer, is a big concern for me.

I just canít get on with the Apex on this. Might improve if I persevere but itís so laid back I just want to chill.

Ive mine fully loaded but Iíve just removed all the weights and will give it a buzz.

Don't forget to leave a feedback. happy ximing

Iíll give it a bash in a few hours and let you know :)

Ive mine fully loaded but Iíve just removed all the weights and will give it a buzz.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Manager wont open IOS 12
« on: 02:22 AM - 11/07/18 »
Iím on the iPad Pro and it works fine.
Ive just had to reinstall firmware on the apex as it corrupted and a white light stuck on but that was easy and lesson learnt to back up.

Have you any other devices to try or maybe a friends just to see if it works ok?
  How does one corrupt the data on their xim?

It may have been a bad shut down on the PS4. I was getting constant disconnects and was messing with cables. The Xim then just went solid colour and lost all communication.
Tried to save my data then flash firmware then add the saved filed but the file was corrupted.
Lesson learnt to back up.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 3K-4K DPI vs 12K DPI
« on: 03:39 AM - 11/06/18 »
Iím on 12k and normally turn aim assist off if the game allows.
I like the feel of having no pulling at targets.

General Discussion / Re: Is RDR2 good with a Xim?
« on: 01:38 AM - 11/06/18 »
What Ive played so far Iíve found the controller best, itís one of the laid back games where I want to sit back on the sofa with feet up.

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