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Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 08:55 AM - 12/07/21 »
Serious Sam 4 is out now, could you please add support for it?

Also support for Serious Sam Collection would be nice.

Game Support / Re: ADS fine tuning
« on: 11:19 AM - 11/20/21 »
I've noted that you don't have problem to maintain the crosshair on the top left of the box when you are strafing right.

Maybe is easier for your hand to go right to left than left to right.

JŠ tentou outro teclado?

On PS4 on Optical mode, you can use a USB card/Dongle and set it to Chat Audio, plug there a external mic and use its Headphone out to Aux In, this way you can listen gaming audio from Optical In and Game chat Audio in your headphones, if your team chat goes too loud you can lower its volume or mute them using USB card/Dongle volume control*.

Thanks for the response Alan.

I tried to do this and the volume is very low.

I've managed to resolve it using a Astro Mixamp instead of a USB card between the PS4/PS5 and the Arc MK2. One device more and more wires, but a least the chat is understandable.

For you guys that have a Mayflower Arc MK2:

I've finally got my hands in one of those and the sound is fantastic when I plug a SPDIF source in it.

But when I plug a sound source, like my cellphone for example, in the rear input via a P2-P2 cable, the volume knob on the device doesn't work. The volume is the same on max or min.

Is it like this for you too or I have a defective one?

I've got one with the power supply, so I don't need to plug the USB for it to work.

Yes, you can.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 11:21 AM - 08/22/21 »
Serious Sam Collection was removed from the list of future games supported?  :'(

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 12:20 PM - 08/19/21 »
Quake is out today for PS4. Support requested!  ;D

Beta / Re: Working 3rd party controller!?!?!?
« on: 12:24 PM - 08/04/21 »
@antithesis does the combination of Nacon compact controller AND PS Nav work with the Apex?

I can confirm it works. I use then together.

Shared Configs / Re: How to get better aim
« on: 12:50 PM - 07/30/21 »
Thank you very much for the tips.

I see you use 37cm/360. How about your ADS sensitivity?

Can you make a post like this about positioning and game sense?

Looks like this is the first 3rd party PS5 controller (didn't see any other until now):


Maybe the staff can use it as a tool to start making XIM PS5 compatible.

Sorry for the late reply.

These recommendations applies also on PC.

However on PC you can squeeze even better sound quality because you are able to access to higher sample rates, better encoders like DSD (if your DAC supports it) and some exclusive hardware that needs drivers in the background like the Sennheiser GSX 1000 which is like a MixAmp do it right.

Beginners guide for Home Theater System

So I got many questions on my DM's and some request about making like a Beginners guide for Home Theater System, cause many of you really want to dig on that platform of high sound quality and on current COVID era going to the movies is still a risk and uncertainly, besides be able to enjoy current streaming entertainment series and movies.

Is a wide subject, I will try to do it as condensed and brief as possible yet informative. I would like to start to answering this FAQ.

1. A Home Theater Multi-Channel System (called from now on HTMCS) is better than a good DAC and audiophiles for gaming?
- For competitive, serious FPS gaming: No, and is not suitable. High quality Stereo imaging is faster and more precise than a HTMCS, where the speakers generates sound waves that travels in to the room bouncing all over, instead of the speakers going directly to your eardrums (headphones). Besides the fact that, if you play on a competitive scenario a Mic for team-com is a must and it can't be done on a loud HTMCS presence dominating your surroundings

2. A HTMCS offers a better immersive experience than HiRes DAC + Audiophile Headphones?
- "Doing it right", yes absolutely. However, this "Doing it right" means going for above $1800 USD solution to reach a point where you can say: my HTMCS is as good or better than my HiRes DAC/Headphones. Anything below that you will be better with your HiRes DAC/Headphones - no doubt!.

3. What about Soundbars and Home Theater in-a-box Packages (HTIB)
- Soundbars are pretty good, when need something better than your TV Speakers, if you are going for any modern ultra-thin display these comes with pretty weak speakers due the form factor.

Only very expensive soundbars above $2000 USD can arguably give you a sound level compared to a simple multi-channel system, a decent HTMCS will single handed overpass any expensive soundbar, but in essence what you are paying for a quality soundbar is minimalist and practicability and no messing with cables and installations.

Home Theater in-a-box Packages, these are All-in-One solution, not bad is like buying a pre-assamble PC, where a HTMCS is more like building your own piece by piece. HTIB are cheaper (from $700 USD, includes speakers and AV receiver), practical to install brands like Onkyo give you pretty good solution bang per buck that will satisfies the majority of needs, for music listening, videogames and movies. However just like with a prebuilt PC there isn't much pieces that you can swap, improve, upgrade or grow up because most likely the speakers that came with the package are made to be powered for the included AV Receiver (AVR in short).

AV Receiver is
our "DAC" that also process video signal, is the brain of your Home Theater System it will decodes audio signals to stereo, surround like: Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, video like HDR/Dolby Vision, handles resolutions like: 1080p/4K/8K, on a different refresh rates: 30Hz/60Hz/120Hz and handling image processing tech like VRR, FreeSync, etc.

AVR's on a HTIB are most likely basic, well built but where the product cut corners/cheap out is on the quality of the speakers included.

Good quality Speakers are not cheap and are a good investment, its technology doesn't change much and can last up to 15 years.

On the other hand AV Receivers, are expensive (above $800 USD) and they upgrade every year or so, upgrading connection technologies or goodies and sometimes big leaps that makes your AVR obsolete for a newer video equipment.

Keep in mind:
Good Quality Speakers + Cheap AVR performs better than Good Quality Expensive AVR + Cheap Speakers.

So, we can say if you want the best Theater Multi-Channel experience for your home you have to built it, piece by piece starting by choosing how many speakers aka channels you want. Focusing your budget on get the best speakers you can afford little by little, being your Front L, R and Center the most important, and then getting AVR that can handle the sound decoding and video processing that you want.

Building a Home Theater System can be a very daunting and expensive endeavor, yet rewarding like a building a swimming pool for your house -no kidding, if you are ok with a bath-tub settle with headphones, if you prefer a jacuzzy go for a HiRes and Audiophile headphones, if you want a pool without messing too much get  prefer a soundbar or basic HTIB these are like a Inflatable swimming pool. Funny Analogies yet kind of accurate.

One thing is very important if you go for the HTIB route or getting a AVR is to make sure it has a good accurate and precise Room Sound detection technology, every house is different and you need to treat a room specifically to get the most of your Home Theater.

5. What is Dolby Atmos, and why is so cool.

A channel means a Speaker, before surround technology put sound frequencies on each speaker, if the sound in your game or movie came infront the front speaker will sound, if goes back the surrounds will sound, left, right, center etc.

Dolby Atmos is a different paradigm, this technology uses every speaker to create a sound object in a 3D space, using several speakers to reproduce that sound entity, pretty cool. Dolby Atmos specification requires at least a couple of Height Channels (Speaker in the ceiling) in order to render this 3D sound space and the objects in it.

However, to enjoy Dolby Atmos your sound source should be decoded in this format. For TV and streaming only Disney+ and a few titles on Netflix or Prime comes with Dolby Atmos and of this bunch most are intended for Dolby Atmos 5.1.2. Only 4K Blu-ray can offered full Dolby Atmos Decoding up to 7.2.4.

What all this numbers mean?.
5.1.0 (5 Channel System)
5. is the # speakers at ear level.
.1 is the # of subwoofer in the system.
.0 is the # speakers for the height channels (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X)

So a 7 channel system is can be read like: 7.1 (all speakers at ear level) or 5.1.2 (5 at hear level, 2 for DAtmos).
9 Channel system: 9.1 or 5.1.4, yes this means more speakers in the ceiling and implies a powerful AMP or AVR that can process 9 channels, and you can go bananas on these 11. 13 etc. A good 9 channels AVR goes from $1200 or above, yep only the unit, without speakers.

Worth to mention: 5.1.2 for Dolby Atmos is what all the media content developers are using for streaming, movies and videogames. Getting more channels is intended for bigger rooms and audience, so everybody can get a good soundfield reproduction no matter where they are seated.

The importance of a good quality Subwoofer (SW)

The Sub is a big woofer that reproduce very low frequencies, but on reality is the girt that tights your sound experience together, it brings body to the sound waves it shakes you, hits you and moves you... is like a rumble feedback gives life to your home theater system. Don't cheap out on it and if your AVR supports it and you have a big room getting a second one might be a very good option.

6. Recommendations
A) If you want better sound than your weak TV speakers, I recommend to go for a pair of Bookshelf speakers with built-in amp and a subwoofer out, and get also a sub-woofer. These combo will give you far better sound quality than any expensive (two times) soundbard or a cheap home theater.
Power Monitors (Speakers) + Subwoofer.

B) If you want a Home Theater System and don't want to break the bank, check Onkyo HTS solutions, and that's pretty much it. Sometimes Yamaha also releases bundles but are rare.

Klipsch another good quality brand, also offers HTIB but these don't come with a AVR, only the speakers.

C) if you want to build your own Home Theater System without breaking the bank, and it will be better than any HTIB of $800 USD, pretty much at the same level of a $2000 USD system for about half the price, including Dolby Atmos capability:

Get Klipsch 5.1 HTIB speakers (around $350 - 450 usd) + 2 bookshelf speakers ($99 USD - 130 USD) + AV Receiver from $350 to $500 USD, Onkyo, Denon, Yamaha, Sony (highly recommended for easy to setup) for 7.1 or more channels and dolby atmos support. These speakers are very well made, it sounds fantastic and are very affordable.
Klipsch 5.1 Reference Theater Pack - Includes a powerful subwoofer, satellite speakers for your surrounds or heights(DAtmos), and well built center speaker for vocals

Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers - use it for your front L and R speakers

7.1 AV Receiver, my recommendation:
Sony STR-DH790 or Sony STR-DN1080

Both are very easy to setup, it has a great room tune/detection, Dolby Atmos, offers WiFi and Bluetooth support and eARC which is very important if you are watching streaming content from your TV and want Surround Sound on your speakers. Price around: $500 USD. Sony STR-DH790 it's a reduced version of theDN1080, it also offers Dolby Atmos but it has a weaker amplifier, is great for a small room and it can drive easily these speakers, this ones is around $350 USD.

When you go for a higher on quality on an AVR you are paying for more channels and more powerful amp, and if its possible an amp for each channel, or the option to use a separated amp. While these two AVRs are great for entry level if you want audiophile quality you need to go higher, next tear.

Hence my Top recommendation is: Sony STR-ZA1100ES (ES means Elevated Standard = Audiophile grade)

Best bang per your buck this one doesn't have wifi or bluetooth built in, but it compensates on sound reproduction quality and circuitry its DAC and Amplifier it has the same performance of a $2000 AVRs individual amps for each channel (7), is built like a tank, offers eARC, 4K at 60Hz all HDR, HLG, Dolby Vision processing, Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 and it has a DSP option that creates two virtual channels (surround back) so it sounds like a 7.2.2 system. You can find it from $700 USD on sale.

Yeah I know only Sony Receivers, I'm not trying to push this brand... but Sony goes the extra mile to make sure your first AVR setup turns to be a very easy and pleasant experience, what in other cases was very daunting and most likely required to hire a professional.

Marantz does have a high end AVR Receivers but are more intended for critical music listening, meaning aren't as "fun" or well tune out of the box for movies and videogames, offers DSP's(Equalizer) that can help you. Marantz AVR's goes from $1100 USD up to $3200 USD. The ZA1100ES sounds pretty similar to a $2200 USD marantz one, that's why is my value recommendation.

If you can afford Marantz, go with it you get more channels. Denon are also from the same brand than Marantz, is a cheaper version, I can't recommend those because they are know to have overheat issues. Personally, I had a bad experience with one so I don't feel comfortable to say go and buy a $1500 USD AVR that might brakes in a few months. Marantz, is worth it I own one (SR8012) loved it, sold it due moving to another place.

WARNING: HDMI 2.1 4K/120Hz
I don't recommend to spent in a $1500USD or more AVR 2020 model, currently there is a big issue with HDMI 2.1 support, is a very well known issue and it can't be fixed by a firmware update. If 4K/120Hz is a must for you... wait for 2021 or 2022 models to make your investment, VRR and Freesync Premium Pro is also very uncertain.

If you are OK with full 4K 60Hz support, get any 2018 - 2020 model. In all honesty that's what our current AAA titles can run in resolution mode. If you want 4K/120Hz for a fast phasing shooter, like CoD, my man...  you shouldn't play on a TV on the first place or using a HTS, go with gaming monitor and a good pair of cans.

D) No budget constrains capability to grown and upgrade. Get the best speakers you can afford from Klipsch, Sony, Elac, etc. Your AVR should have at least 9 channels and pre-outs so you can add an external amplifer for your speakers for better results, and dual independent subwoofer outs. Brands for your AVR: Sony ES lineup, Marantz, Yamaha Advantage lineup.

E) For those who are looking to build a dedicated Theater Room for your home, unlimited budget, then you shouldn't look at AVR's, you need to separate these, just like we do with gaming DAC and Amps, you need a dedicated DAC and a dedicated AMPs for every your channel in your system. You are not building swiming pool, is more like your own beach.

That was a lot, sorry and I appreciated the time you invest if you get here.

What about those expensive Bose Products?.
I don't hate Bose, I'm actually consumer of their products, I own a nice set of Bose Speakers for my PC, but in all honesty you can built something better (for less money) by choosing the pieces than getting from Bose, is like Apple. :D

Thanks for this guide, Alan!

How the sound of the headphone output of a HTS compares with a dedicated DAC + AMP combo? Have you tried this?

I said it before and said it again, from all the gear that I have, acknowledge the one getting a true advantage is from my audio, because is so precise that I kind of "wallhacking" knowing the exact position of your enemies so I can take better decisions, have a edge battlesense and rotation, my audio is so good that sometimes I feel I'm cheating.

@alanmcgregor, do you have a post where you describe your audio devices and setup?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 05:58 AM - 04/23/21 »
Is support for Returnal on PS5 possible?

The game is smoother on the PS4 Pro too.

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