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Xbox / Re: Warzone 2.0 KD ONLY! USA
« on: 05:54 PM - 04/20/20 »
I just Added you and sent you an Xbox message.

Xbox / Looking for Xbox Blackout players
« on: 10:20 AM - 01/01/20 »
Hey all, i have been super addicted to Blackout recently and i am looking for partners that use XIM! GT - stiffmeister12. Add me and message me to let me know!

Xbox / Re: Looking for PUBG/Blackout Duo partner
« on: 10:18 AM - 01/01/20 »
Nice, i sent you a message

Xbox / Re: Looking blackout xim players
« on: 10:14 AM - 01/01/20 »
If you are still up to play, i love that game mode!

General Discussion / Xbox Blackout Partner
« on: 10:12 AM - 01/01/20 »
Hey all, if anyone who plays Call of Duty Blackout is looking for a duos partner I am your guy! add me on Xbox - Stiffmeister12. Send me a message as well so i know where you found me.

Hi all,

Posting because I haven't seen anyone comment on this. With the recent update, you have the ability to turn Aim Accel off, which was always the main problem / reason for using curves. The feel is way better I find now, and as I'm ranked quite high I thought I'd share.

I used to run Kahun's config with Lithe's curves. Tried different syncs but playing with sync off/ or on default for PUBG is best I find.

Beast mode settings, I found using Sync set to default increased my accuracy, small movement, and turn speed

Sync set to default, RML curve for hip and ADS
HIP: 45 , x/y set to 1.01
ADS: 42 , x/y set to 1.2, smoothing to 3
Aim accel off, 12K DPI 1000HZ mouse (logitech G502)

HIP: 160
ADS: 120
3rd Person: 120/300 if you use it often, but can't use hold breath as it's same button. I never smooth aim so I just keep it same as ADS to hold breath.

In game: DZ: 20, everything 10, 2x: 9, 4x: 8, 8x: 6
Sync off
Aim accel off
Controller preset: B type
No curves in XIM Apex manager
I use a G502, 1000hz, 12K DPI
Only setting I would share to help you guys (rest is personal preference) - scroll up set to Y, left CTRL on keyboard binded to LB for Hold breath/soft aiming

Stats: https://imgur.com/a/Bnoey5T

I'm new here and just got my xim apex. What does RML curve mean? Is that just the standard curve the Xim manager gives you to start off with or is it something else? Trying to get the best settings for aiming. but having a hard time understanding which ones to use. Do i go aim acceleration off or do i keep it on and set to 7? I have  a logitech G203 mouse i think thats 8000 dpi. Any help will be great. Thanks.

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