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General Discussion / Re: Who here enjoys CoD Ghosts ?
« on: 10:15 AM - 12/27/13 »
At the end of the day it's still CoD and the better team will win.

There's been BS since CoD4 martyrdom. Play for the win.

No rush  ;)

I've got family to entertain...

General Discussion / Re: COD Ghosts Heavy Duty Mode
« on: 01:33 PM - 12/23/13 »
In core, the riot shield + 2xC4 + strong arm + reflex combo is hilarious. The only way I can win a Domination game going solo is by abusing it. Heck, my most used weapon is C4. That's a testament to how much of a joke this game is.

On topic: they should add a "Halo" playlist with like quadruple health and low gravity. Now that would be fun!

Thanks, you da man!

All links I've found to previous versions are dead. Sad face.

XIM360install-r051509.exe - the one linked to in the sticky


The only build I can find is the same one I've been trying. The XIM2 downloads subforum is pretty sparse.

That came up a lot in the past. The fix was to uninistall, install an older build and then reinstall the latest build.
Thanks mist, I'll give that a try.

To clarify, do I uninstall the older build before reinstalling the latest build? I presume yes.

Thanks for the responses guys.

This is in win 7 ?

Its weird i have never had this issue...lol

Yeah Win7 64bit Pro

yeah you only need to disable the digital signature once.  just hit install anyway on that window, all should be good.

So when I install anyway, I just get stuck at this screen with both USB cables plugged in.

Here's how they show up in device manager.

The only way this game can be saved for me is if they give me more C4. It's a constant struggle for me not being able to replenish my holiday gifts. Being limited to 2 presents every life is pretty miserable. This game has made me a terrible Santa. At least they let me knit a Christmas sweater around my riot shield.... *sigh*

I go all out mayne!

I'm getting this message after booting without signature enforcement. What gives?

I'm trying to get my XIM2 to work with my Bootcamp MacBook Pro following tweak's guide in the sticky. Choosing to install "anyway" just gets me to the calibration hang issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: using the XIM360install-r051509.exe... is this the right one?

General Discussion / Re: Amazon is kidding, right?
« on: 03:43 PM - 12/02/13 »
Premium Rush 2: Attack of the Drones

General Discussion / Re: Probably just me...
« on: 12:12 PM - 11/29/13 »
In the interest of keeping things lighthearted and non-dickish, may I present this flowchart from Wired:

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Turn XIM2 into regular controller?
« on: 11:04 AM - 11/28/13 »
Darn! Maybe I'll whip out the soldering iron tomorrow and do a DIY for how to break a xim2...

XIM 2 Discussions / Turn XIM2 into regular controller?
« on: 10:07 PM - 11/27/13 »
Is there anything I can do to make the XIM2 function like a normal controller without it being hooked up to a PC? (Analog sticks)

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