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Go for builder pro mate, not combat pro

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite ADS jitters
« on: 01:06 PM - 08/30/18 »
Force update games in the app and copy-delete-new-paste config

Reading into this it looks like they reverted one of the changes but kept another. Have there been mentions of them working on the reverted change and bringing it back?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Gaming monitor
« on: 02:07 PM - 08/10/18 »
The young minds are outplaying you  ::)

If you dont have a PS4 Pro/Light controller, you will need a USB headset or soundcard.
Old controller with 3,5mm jack connection wont work

I messaged him on ps4 and asked him;
You should do the same, out of respect for him.

i can't find him on Playstation, maybe you can point him towards this thread or show his settings?

Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Season five setup
« on: 03:55 AM - 08/02/18 »
Firmware is 5.00.20180402

EU servers

I dont use any builder sub configs but perhaps i should try
is there a reason you are on old firmware?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xbox One Fortnite Menu Mouse Usage
« on: 02:04 PM - 07/30/18 »
Correct, use wasd

Oh just found out I bought it back in the days, gonna play some later

Beta / Re: XIM Apex Android App BT connectivity Issue
« on: 03:25 PM - 07/14/18 »
Won't show up.
Wandering through some other forums noticed the g5s has a problem with BLE.


Here it got confirmed by a moderator and said it would receive an update for it, 9 months ago.

Guess there aint no solution unless they patch it or is there a way you have the app using normal Bluetooth?

It works but sucks really

Beta / Re: XIM Apex Android App BT connectivity Issue
« on: 01:28 PM - 07/14/18 »
Does a small JBL Go speaker qualify?
Works without problems
Need to check if I have anything else lying arround.

Also tried a complete 'Network reset'
Didn't help

Beta / Re: XIM Apex Android App BT connectivity Issue
« on: 11:30 AM - 07/14/18 »
Does car audio count as LE device?

Beta / Re: XIM Apex Android App BT connectivity Issue
« on: 04:44 AM - 07/14/18 »
I tried all your steps, like 30 times, can't get manager to connect. BLE sometimes has connection failed aswell. What else can I do

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