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Yup, works fine... You'll just need to play around with the deadzone a bit... I found .20 works best on PC for right stick.

"MediumFri" is. Fortnite tracker him, he's a legend...  8P

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Logitech G502 input lag
« on: 10:03 PM - 01/19/19 »
Thx to you all, it works flawlessly now that I assigned keystrokes. Now I have some chicken dinners to eat ✌

Nice! Sorry I didn't respond sooner... Looks like you got it though

Game Support / Re: SAT Question?
« on: 09:37 PM - 01/19/19 »
These features are on the beta firmware not the builds you are using. The beta firmware can be found in the downloads section.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Logitech G502 input lag
« on: 01:06 AM - 01/15/19 »
I'm using g502 with a nav. Current firmware installed for mouse and xim. All features work and buttons function unless I use panL or panR. I have can switch assignments to any other one and it works flawlessly. I cant just hit either, I have to hold the command for about 2 seconds to make it work.

For mouse wheel right and mouse wheel left you have to reprogram these buttons in the Logitech software for them to work properly. I mapped left to L and right to R. It will work fine afterwards.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Custom mouse curves
« on: 08:03 PM - 01/12/19 »
This thread gave me a good laugh  ::)

Game Support / Re: Finally best settings for Fortnite!
« on: 02:57 AM - 01/07/19 »
20 kills every game!!!1!1!11! In a respawn game mode... right.

I know this is an old topic but would you be willing to do this work for a fee? I'd love a few extra useful buttons in better positions but don't own the tools necessary. If you would I'd gladly pay a reasonable amount for labor and shipping.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: G502 - Configuration for XIM
« on: 06:59 PM - 01/02/19 »
Make sure you are mapping buttons/changing hz using the on-board memory of the mouse. Otherwise those changes will only be active while the mouse is plugged into the PC.

903 is my favorite mouse! Great design even though it's ambidexterous. My only issue, since I use a Nav controller, is lack of that 1 additional button the G502 provides. This is the ONLY reason I use my 502 for fortnite. But you're looking for a keyboard I see, so that lack of additional mappable buttons shouldn't be an issue for you.

Also, works perfect wired and wirelessly with XIM. I use a hard pad and always will recommend other to do the same, so smooth for long range tracking.


+ If you are new with XIM, try this config.

+ If you are advance XIM player, feel free to use your own XIM sensitivity, however all the in-game settings  (Sensitivity, Deadzone and Aim Zoom) must be the same posted on this guide to ensure uniform aim and optimum XIM performance.

+ This settings are for a 33.~ cm / 360° turn, a large cloth mouse pad is recommended.

+ I have the game on PC, this config was build to replicate PC aim, this is the closest I get.

+ I don't post curves, because I'm advocate of no-acceleration movement for better aim.
This Config is precise enough to play without aim assist, so curves are not needed to combat the aim assist.

+ Playing without Aim Assist is recommended for a more PC like experience. Set SAB to 0.

+ Playing with Aim Assist is supported, set SAB to 75.

+ Vehicles. *Coming soon*.
Meanwhile, I suggest create a Vehicle sub-config and use Turn Assist to turn.

If you have a PC, and are playing this game on it, why not man up and use native controls.. remember that Alan? You gave me @#$% for using my XIM when I first got my gaming PC. Yet, here we are...

I used this mouse when I first got my XIM. Worked fine but ended up upgrading (7 or 8 times). You need to make all side buttons to random number or letter keys as stated above in the mouses software before anything (on a PC)

Another thought, try the other console's version of fortnite support and account for the deadzone using a curve. Or you could try using the Generic Alpha config with expert mode enabled. With your mouse sensitivity at 1.0 raise the first ballistics curve position up until the deadzone is removed. Once the deadzone is removed dial in your sensitivity and make other config changes if needed. Generic Alpha can be found at the bottom of the new game list with expert mode enabled.

That sounds interesring, I never knew about that. So I actually tried Battlefield V and was able to relieve the problem using the in-game deadzone settings so fortunately it seems to be a fortnite specific issue, or at least any game that doesn't offer such customizable options when it comes to stick deadzones.

Looking forward to the generic alpha config when I get home from the holidays and will report back if progress is made, thanks again mist!

Asking for XIM support on PC is like asking for Tesla Model S support for dirt track racing. Yeah, you can take a Tesla off-road, but it's not built for it, so the experience will be poor.

Stick to the road, or use tools built for the job. XIM is made for console gaming, not PC.

Go native m/kb in Windows, the look mechanics are completely different, so the XIM feels completely different...makes sense.

I understand, again though, I'm not asking for full PC support. I was just asking if there was anything else I could do to better enhace the experience until I make the switch to my G13 and native support, that's all.

For the love of God, man up and use native mouse and keyboard.  ::)

I've literally never used a keybaord to game and I didn't ask for your self-righteous opinion. It is uncomfortable and I don't want to take the weeks of practice it will take to master MnK so no, I won't.

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