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Beta / Re: SnakeByte Navigational Controller
« on: 05:34 PM - 05/27/18 »
yes both controller and mouse power off. The nav doesnt hold charge so it must be use wired.

Beta / Re: SnakeByte Navigational Controller
« on: 06:38 PM - 05/26/18 »
then the controller and mouse both power off

Beta / Re: SnakeByte Navigational Controller
« on: 03:59 PM - 05/26/18 »
Yes, I followed the NAV hook up sequence and the SnakeByte NAV is completely unusable but it is powered on hence the blinking light. Then I hooked everything up accordingly; mouse in port 1, NAV in port 2, Xbox controller in port 3 and I plug in the xim apex. Once the Apex is plug in to booted up the xbox contoller and the mouse do not power on.

Beta / Re: SnakeByte Navigational Controller
« on: 12:05 AM - 05/26/18 »
yes im am using the beta firmware since that is the newest firmware for hardware compatibility

Beta / SnakeByte Navigational Controller
« on: 05:19 PM - 05/25/18 »
The SnakeByte Navigational Controller doesn't respond when plugged in with the Xim Apex but works when it is used with the Xim 4. is it possible to have a firmware upgrade for this type of navigational controller to work?

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