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Game Support / Re: Xim movement feels off R6 Demon Veil
« on: 09:02 AM - 03/20/22 »
Thanks you very much 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 if it need a retrain can you give specific value for scope beyond 1x and can u make it  1:1 hip / ads speed please 🙏🙏🙏

Mist please dont do that. This goes so much against how RB6 has worked in the past that it will create a huge uproar. I have no interest in dealing with all the complaints on Youtube then because 99% of the XIM RB6 veterans will definitely hate this. This would just further fuel the debate about ST downgrades without adding any real value. Due to how all scopes zoom in with a different magnification its impossible to achieve 1:1 HIP / ADS speed anyway! Plus most RB6 players go for custom ingame ADS values anyway and would thus lose the 1:1 balance.

Also PS4 RB6 feels exactly like in the previous season, no sensitivity changes. I would still love to have an updated ST as the previous RB6 season introduced changes that the current ST doesnt reflect yet.

What changes did they do to the updated rotation? I'm still on the old updated config, classic isn't for me.

So what's your updated settings? Since that's what you use.

Game Support / Re: (Question) Rainbow Six Siege
« on: 02:43 PM - 10/01/21 »
Its the game, you cannot change that. RB6 cancels the sprint when the controller stick is no longer pegged forward by a specific angle. In most games you can still sprint forward while sending a 45į angle (which is the case when pressing W + D or a similar combination) but for RB6 this angle is already too large so sprint is being canceled. The angle you need to send to the console to sprint sideways is too small to do it with an 8 way digital keyboard input (WASD). With an analog stick you can of course still do it, however the same angle restrictions apply.

We dont know why Ubisoft decided to do this but the game plays fine without being able to sprint sideways too :).

Thanks for taking the time to answer but how come it works on PC then? The exact same game. R6S. On controller we can run forward and slightly to the sides without hitting the breaks 😂 that's how it feels like and it do get awkward from time to time.

The crazy part is that we can do it on PC using WASD. While I'm running forward, clicking on A or D, Doesn't make my operator Instantly stop, not even if I click and keep holding A or D my op still goes running. Doesn't break, doesn't slow dow, doesn't stop⚡
 It's super useful for rushing or when trying to get away from a gunfight while stuck in a bad position.
How it works on xim apex right now, Sometimes you'll hit the shift + W to go fast then fat-finger A or D. Then halt. From mock 5 to 0 cm/sec in a 1 ms. A tad bit annoying until you get the hang of it.. Having to register all that in a hectic situation, Something that should be possible is not an option. Now I've learned how it works and it happens less n less but still an issue on a few occasions. I bet that you guys could come up with a solution I'm positive that it has to work. Question is how, Now you guys knows about it and if you try it yourselves first on consoles using controller then try controller on PC and finally try with a keyboard on PC so you can confirm what I'm saying is right and it doesn't make sense that it won't work on xim.

Btw props for xims button layout, all the available options to double bind, use multiple aux configs for both HIP and ADS, That @#$% is amazing!👌It's like having 2 or 3 extra G-shifts buttons or something similar on Logitech.
 I can't find a way to use all my favorite keybinds I've learned over on PC and that's a bummer. If anyone knows how to bind knife/melee to my scroll wheel please add a comment. I use scroll up to swap weapons and scroll down to knife. If that ain't possible I'd rather get rid of weapon swap and bind it to knife. Thankful for any kind of useful information 🙏

Game Support / Re: (Question) Rainbow Six Siege
« on: 01:42 AM - 10/01/21 »
Agree it's stupid. It's only for xim you can't do it. On a controller you can, On PC you can but on xim you can't. I've tried every level of SAB from off to max but nothing helps. It has to be a xim issue because it's definitely not the game since it works on both controller and on PC with keyboard.

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six (Tweaks and improvements ).
« on: 01:29 AM - 10/01/21 »
More free in what types of movements and situations? Small movements, medium or larger movements?

Have you tried adding acceleration to the beginning of the ballistics curve? Acceleration may help cut through the game's aim assist but will make movement less predictable.

R6 don't have aim assist.. please make a new ST. The latest 4.9 is very bad for ADS. I've never played this bad before. I would rather play with a controller if I could. Bring back updated or fix the current one so it's playable, consistent and accurate.

Sorry I'm not familiar with the game.

Rainbow Six Siege?

Can this come to xim apex? Where you can drag the curve to your liking instead of putting in the numbers?

Welcome to the community. I'm sorry but I don't understand the question. Each game that is supported by XIM has unique individual support for either Hip or ADS. The closest thing to a sensitivity multiplier would be the Sensitivity settings on each page of the game config but this is adjustable by the user.

I have the beta manager, do I need the beta firmware too? And how do I practice with my siege sensitivity on aimlab.

I read about it and it says to use Xbox etc. I am on Playstation? Can I use aimlab for both the recently released classic st and my old favorite, The updated st?

Do I use the in game settings of siege in aimlab? Please do a video how to use siege aimlab with xim apex.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Matching in game sens to aim labs
« on: 04:30 AM - 09/16/21 »
Can u use xim in aimlabs?

Yes, if you load up the Beta you can create a Config for AimLabs.

Just the beta manager or do I need the beta firmware too? And how do I practice with my siege sensitivity on aimlab. I read about it and it says to use Xbox etc. I am on Playstation? Can I use aimlab for both the recently released classic st and my old favorite, The updated st?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Matching in game sens to aim labs
« on: 11:44 AM - 09/06/21 »
Can u use xim in aimlabs?

General Discussion / Re: R6S best Configuration?
« on: 12:02 PM - 08/28/21 »
I don't like the new st. Because 1 sec it feels fine and I hit my shots wherever I look to aim and then out of nowhere the speed of my sens either accelerate and goes sky-high out of control or it decelerate so you can't turn quick enough, feels like getting stuck in the mud.
 Can't even look on cams.. it has so much stutter and no smooth control whatsoever. Everything worked perfectly fine in the old updated st.
 The new classic is.. meh.. Decent, Inconsistent and unfortunately the only choice.

- Something ain't right!  ???

Game Support / Re: Problem with RB6's new ST
« on: 04:51 PM - 08/17/21 »
Playing with updated st is now grayed out (Where the R6 logo should be)
Can I still play on it without any issues?

Technical Support / Re: Rainbow six siege update config
« on: 10:40 AM - 08/14/21 »
Welcome to the community. Siege support was updated to support one aim type mechanic, the Siege config in Manager now supports only the classic mechanic.

Mist4fun you did an amazing job with the updated st. PLEASE bring it back

Game Support / Re: Problem with RB6's new ST
« on: 10:37 AM - 08/14/21 »
Yeah I still want updated st back. Classic 4.9 is hella wierd. Watching cams and stuff wasn't a problem with updated. With classic it's jumpy and unstable. Sure you can still frag out but it doesn't feel good with the latest ST.

Game Support / Re: Problem with RB6's new ST
« on: 04:15 AM - 08/09/21 »
Don't delete your old configs until you've tested the new ones. If you don't like the new, keep using the old. If you prefer the new, delete the old.

The only way to get an old ST back is to perform a restore via a XIMMR file backup on PC and hope that someone here has the ST version that you want.

Be aware that if choosing this path, the old ST may not feel the same as you remember because the game's look mechanics have changed and it's now suboptimal compared to the latest ST.

I never said that, I've never deleted my configs, I got each and every siege st since launch on my apex. Due to the library update, after I downloaded it, to get the new classic st for R6, my old config is no longer supported by xim because THEY removed it with the update. I can no longer use updated st because classic is all there is. :/

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