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Thank you for your input, I was iffy on alienware but now I'm for sure not getting it lol. I wasn't considering cyberpower but I'll look into it again. I just thought they were cheap, or some sort of knock off brand.

Hello xim users I love the xim and how it helped me get used mouse and keyboard before actually buying a pc. I had the xim about six months or more, and am comfortable now.

I have comfortable keybinds and sensitivity. I can do flicks comfortably and build fast granted that I arm aim.

Current setup is

G703 mouse
3k dpi
500hz poll rate
3 smoothing hip & ads

There's one thing I struggle sometimes and it's close quarter engagements. When people get inside my 1x1 during panic situations. Like controller users flick on me so fast without a chance for me to align and take a shot. I remain mind blown how controller users never miss. I'm very experienced in fortnite and have 1k+ wins. My decision making is good, and my crosshair placement is good too. This is a issue I been having which I notice and it's hurting my gameplay. Im posting this because I'm wondering if it's only me experiencing this, or if others have any tips on how they solved this.

I know practice makes perfect but I already play a lot and feel like I'm stuck in a plateau. Thank you for your time.

Looking for a recommended computer at a affordable price range. Any recommendations for a beginner. Attemting for 144 fps. I purchased the xim to get used to keyboard and mouse , but now I want to do the whole transition now that I'm used to it. I looked online at reviews just want to see what xim community recommends.

Budget $1000-1500

And no I'm not building it, don't want to deal with putting it together

XIM APEX Discussions / Analog stick behaviour question
« on: 08:59 PM - 02/26/19 »
If I decide to use analog behavior feature to help with the aim assist bubble do I have to do something to my ads profile also, or do I get the benefits to my ads too just by adding it to my hip profile? My question is if I have to do something to my ads profile?

For example I see an option stating if I want to use the hip translator or ads translator. Do I leave it to hip translator? What are those options for exactly?

Thank you for your time

XIM APEX Discussions / Any xim gods on fortnite??
« on: 06:57 PM - 02/24/19 »
I have 1000+ wins and looking for more fellow ximmers to play with.  Looking for a squad or duo that I can play with. I'm really competitive so looking for people with the same mindset to play with.
Be chill, no ragers or kids

My XBLGT: Neotralize

XIM APEX Discussions / Looking for high friction mousepad
« on: 03:28 PM - 02/24/19 »
I currently have an extended hyper x fury mousepad. It's good and it exceeded my expectations. I'm in search of something with more friction, for more control.

I purchased the Logitech g640 and was too slippery.

I ordered a Razer goliathus control which was a better friction but too small for my preference. I like laying my forearm on the table.

Just looking for recommendations with stitch edges preferred, and extended version for infinite space.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Rival 110 help
« on: 06:51 PM - 01/28/19 »
Is this something I just have to get used to?

Hardware Compatbility / Rival 110 help
« on: 04:49 PM - 01/28/19 »
Just purchased a rival 110 and I fell in love with buttons and shape. I'm having a problem where I barely pick up my mouse to recenter and the mouse picks up slight movement while beign in the air. I'm wondering if this is a sensor problem or if it's something like my poll rate, or if the mouse doesn't work well with the xim.

I tried 1600 dpi up to 4k dpi still same issue even tho at lower dpi it helps reduce it.

Thanks for your time.

XIM APEX Discussions / Looking for smaller keyboard
« on: 08:41 PM - 01/27/19 »
Looking for a keyboard without directional pad.  I have one that is tenkeyless, but I want something smaller. Just up to the backspace. Is there some compatible with the xim apex? I don't want to buy one from Amazon and it doesn't work.

Thanks for your time

Interesting choice never seen this mouse. How does this perform with the xim?

I have the g305 my bad, typo. Buttons on the side are too small and has the same shape as the gpro which I'm trying to transfer from to something new.

Hey guys I been looking for mouse recommendations for smaller hands. My hand dimensions are 7in x 3.25in in case you are wondering.

History of mouse:
Started with g502 (mouse too big and heavy)
Tried g403 (Slightly better but on the big size)
Purchased a Razer deathadder elite (worst purchase synapse software is garbage plus it switched dpi by itself)
Current status I have a Logitech gpro mouse which is light, how I like it but notice that my index finger goes off the mouse plus the side buttons are too small. (I also have a g203 but have the same issues)

Was thinking of trying something like a g402 a mini g502, or maybe like a zowie fk series mouse.

Don't need extra buttons just the regular two.

XIM APEX Discussions / Fortnite flash tool?
« on: 03:22 AM - 12/19/18 »
Hey guys I been gone close to 3 months, and I recently picked up fortnite again. I made sure to delete my old config. and make a new one. Just trying to catch up on what I miss. Fortnite on my xim feels the same compare to when I left. I been reading about how fortnite can detect the xim. My question is do I still have download this flash tool, or is it something of the past? I'm confused as to why this tool was introduced in the beginning.

General Discussion / Re: Fortnite is not good for XIM
« on: 12:14 PM - 08/16/18 »
https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/bug-reports/battle-royale-aa/620021-xim-apex-aimbot-admins-epicgames-join-and-leaks-skins You got convicted.

Lol my controller friend literally could @#$% on the entire xim community. You’re just bad I promise

I was a God with a controller,  now with a xim I surpassed the word God.

Game Support / Re: So... about Fortnite.
« on: 01:55 PM - 08/02/18 »
I'm about to hit 700 wins in this game and I transferred to a xim about a month, maybe a month and half. I improved, not so drastically because I was already good with a controller, I just wanted that extra push.

The game is actually becoming cancer with all these smg' s meta compared to the double pump meta from back then. Everyone is running smgs that makes building a lot harder and stressful now. Before you were able to build fast and shoot, now the timing is off. By the time you are about to shoot people are dropping your support already and have to build again.

Building tips would be to put everything on your mouse and B button to build on your thumb, fastest reaction possible. Also don't double tap keys, I noticed that actually holding the keys with turbo building is faster and more efficient. I tried learning to build with keyboard but double tapping and restricting your movement was not effective. Thinking of getting a titan for 1 press functions on my keyboard and maybe try to build with my keyboard rather than my mouse in the near future.

Like many say it takes about a week to get just to new keybinds.

What are ur settings? Xim and ingame? :D

Poll rate: 500
Hip sync: Common, sense: 16.30 about 8 in to do full 360
Ads profile none, I use in game target sensitivity at: .70
Scope sensitivity at: .50 , still tweaking this trying to solve micro movements with low sensitivity

I started with 12 in 360, went down to 10 in, now I'm at 8 in and it feels snappy and agile for building

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