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Thanks for the advice thought my precious I mean my g13 was broken thanks again tweak

Well I got the Lb thing figured partially out the w key was mapped as special grenade and when I pushed up on the analog it was still recognizing as wasd. The issue with it being not center I haven't figured out yet. Tried configuring under game controllers and I'm still having issue.

when i go to game controllers and test it is resting in the down and diagonal left position anyone know how to recalibrate to center???? Still haven't figured out the up and LB problem. Thanks in advance.

i've had this problem that started when i made my g13 support analog. When i load  call of duty 4 or 5 it shows the down and diagonal right as being pressed when it is sitting at rest position. Also when i press up on the thumbstick it shows as pressing up and LB. I checked my configs and it showed as everything being mapped correctly. Has anyone else run into this problem??

Anyone got a good socom confrontation config

nevermind should have looked in configs, nice config works well for me

sikpup what config are you using on killzone 2

thanks that clears up alot

XIM 2 Discussions / Want to make sure i'm doing correctly
« on: 11:52 AM - 03/05/09 »
This issue may need to go in support if it does sorry in advance but when i'm getting the deadzone i follow the x axis and get my mark, then follow the y axis and get it. Then i go diagonal in all directions to get my type. Now this is the part that confuse me sometime. Do i need to put my cursor over one of the dots to get my deadzone number or what? Also sometimes there is two number which do i use? Thanks in advance.

Yours looks alot like the one i use. Are you using CCU or G13? I have CCU but G13 will be here in 2 days.

Configurations and Requests / Re: Quickstart guide
« on: 02:09 AM - 03/03/09 »
You will end up wanting to find your own configs. I thought i would just play everyone elses and i've ended up making configs for all my games i own. You will play with others and it just wont feel right, and if your like me i like everything customized just for the way i play.If you need any help doing any of the configs just post on here these guys are extremely helpful.

definitely a renter i gave up on multiplayer pretty quick

getting on a target quick freakin sucks, the scopes are slow, and i've been yelling at this game for 2 hours now.

as far as the wife shooting ya down my dad used to have a old saying better to ask for forgiveness than ask permission, but then again he has been divorced three times. Luckily mine is a very understanding woman.

mine will be here in a few days just wondering if anyone that has recieved theirs had any problems yet

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