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You lost them because they were features of the beta firmware, which can be found here: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?board=95.0

Make sure your Xim and Apex Manager are both on the same beta firmware when you update.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: ďTweaked Out!Ē
« on: 08:42 PM - 08/05/19 »
That's tweaking...

Well, you canít not tweak settings, by that logic, you would use the default 15.00 sensitivity and max DPI.

Advanced settings, as alan said, are for experienced users that want to make their aim assist feel a certain way.

Find a sensitivity you feel is best, if aim assist is too strong, increase DPI to 12k, if you havenít already, if it feels like there is no aim assist, use 3200.

If you experience jitter or mouse stutter, lower polling to 500Hz, use some smoothing (1-5 is usually all thatís needed), or clean your mousepad and mouse sensor.

General Discussion / Razer Viper
« on: 11:07 PM - 08/01/19 »
Just saw this mouse on RJN's channel and can say I would definitely use this as my main, but, having used other Razer mice, the only off putting thing, would have to be.......

Sensor smoothing.

Would anyone happen to know if it does have any smoothing?

What game and ST are you using?

I use the BO1 ST on BO4 because it cuts through aim assist and just feels better overall than the official ST, but I have the same issue.

Other than using an ST different to the game youíre playing, I donít really know what the problem could be besides accidentally turning on an advanced setting and not knowing.

General Discussion / Re: Xim not working?
« on: 02:45 PM - 07/28/19 »
What Xim firmware are you on? And what generation of controller do you have?

It depends on what Xim4 firmware you were using.

SA3 was what I personally used. A value of 3.0 feels pretty close to Xim4ís SA3.

For all the other SAís, just try lower or higher until it feels right, though, the same value as the SA version should feel similar.

General Discussion / Re: OW Genji settings?
« on: 02:24 AM - 07/27/19 »
I use the same settings for every character so that it doesnít hurt my muscle memory.

The only thing you can do to make Genji feel better, is to ride the turn cap as closely as you can.

Once you get it built into yourself, youíll find 180s to be a lot quicker feeling and easier.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch Steady Aim bug?
« on: 12:19 PM - 07/21/19 »
Update: just tested with the exact same setup on Xim4 with SA enabled, no issues whatsoever.

XIM APEX Discussions / Overwatch Steady Aim bug?
« on: 12:04 PM - 07/21/19 »
Started playing Overwatch today, and decided to try out Linear ramp again.

This time I wanted to use some steady aim with my setup, the problem is, I get a large amount of pixel skipping when I use steady aim on Linear.

Iíve tried both the boost method, and, ballistic curve method of setting up linear, the problem happens on both, only when using SA.

General Discussion / Re: xim history
« on: 07:57 AM - 07/21/19 »
Xim 1, 2, 3, and 4, Edge, and Apex I believe are all.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Unknown icon in Xim manager
« on: 01:06 PM - 07/20/19 »
Iíve occasionally had this pop up for me too, I have no idea what it is, but everything works fine, even when it shows up.


I have both automatic game detection and on-board memory at 500Hz and my xim apex app is also at 500Hz, but when I plug my mice into the xim it shows me on the app that my usb receiver is still somehow running at 1000Hz

My Razer mice sometimes do this, itís because the mouse loads up the saved settings after itís been turned on, so itíll always display 1000Hz, but after a while, youíre Xim app should say 500Hz.

Overall, I think itís better to leave your mouse at 1000Hz and drop your Xim polling to 500, mainly because if your mouse canít hold a steady 1000, itís most likely not going to hold a steady 500.

This might seem like a stupid question, but anyway.

I know a Xim best performs at 3200 or your max mouse DPI. My question is, after a certain level of DPI, is there any noticeable difference besides aim assist strength?

Lets say Iím using 12k DPI, and decide to bump it up to 16k, besides how aim assist might feel, is there anything different in my mouse movement? Or if there is, is it even noticeable?

I donít understand how either, Boost, and SA are cheating? Theyíre both used to lessen the strength of aim assist, which can actually prove to be a disadvantage with how sticky aim assist can be sometimes.

If a Xim allowed macros, then yes, that would be cheating, but it doesnít, I fail to see how anything on a Xim allows cheating.

Would appreciate the help!
How would a xim apex curve help in the Xim 4 if the polling rate is not 125 Hz? So let's say that a curve was created using a xim apex and mouse polling of 1000. How would this curve be converted into a xim 4 curve? Or does the polling not matter?

Polling doesnít matter, thatís like saying just because you drop the polling on Apex down to 500Hz the curve becomes obsolete or corrupt.

I donít think a Apex to Xim4 converter would work. The Apexís ballistic curve system has more intervals, I think Xim4 only has the ability to edit every 5 steps, while the Apex can edit every 2.

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