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Maybe he has better hardware or ping ? Xbox x is way stronger in fn than a regular Xbox

Shared Configs / Re: Alpha Fortnite Settings 2/20/2019
« on: 11:46 AM - 02/23/19 »
I dont like sab

Shared Configs / Re: Alpha Fortnite Settings 2/20/2019
« on: 10:43 AM - 02/23/19 »
Building on mouse. Side buttons for floor and roof 
Sab 0
Build on q edit on e Crouch ctrl
Firmware 201901109 i think that was the Name. But i have like every Firmware on my pc and i Switched between the last 2 Gold and the beta but there is only one difference. The gold firmwares have like 05 sab and the Beta u can set it to 00
I dont like the drift

Shared Configs / Re: Alpha Fortnite Settings 2/20/2019
« on: 09:29 AM - 02/23/19 »
1000 dpi. Smoothing is against the Pixel skip.
Try it without smoothing and u will notice what i mean.

Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite config help wanted
« on: 10:31 AM - 02/21/19 »
If u have trouble with ur mouse Settings try 1000 dpi with that new config someone posted a day before 1000hz 120 hip default sync. Very easy wins

Shared Configs / Re: Alpha Fortnite Settings 2/20/2019
« on: 10:27 AM - 02/21/19 »
Default sync 120 hip he means. Thats exact my sens i used before on 12 k dpi
I need 2-3 smoothing but Never Miss shotgun shots with ur config. Thanks for that its very ez wins with 1000 dpi feels like cheating.
Nearly 4K wins on my 2 Accounts.
Fortnite tracker Name: Dirty hazy

General Discussion / Re: 1000hz to 500hz on OFF sync.
« on: 11:12 AM - 02/18/19 »

Dont Touch it or if u did than reset. Thats the perfect value.

Stay on 501

Its not YouTube but u can watch Clips on fortnitetracker

12k default sync 10 hip 9 ads ingame max Build 1,2
500 hz
Thanks for watching my streams. Feel free to write in chat

Im not the best but got some good stats

Im playin on the old Xbox Fortnite 3600+ wins
My Friends switched all to Xbox x or pc. And the Turbo Build and framerate is so much better.

Deutsch / Re: PS4 PRO Xim Apex probleme
« on: 08:02 AM - 12/28/18 »
Hab auch damals überlegt ob ich das gute Kabel behalte aber hab es dann doch mitverschickt :D
Keine Ahnung wegen Controller bin auf Xbox. Da brauch ich auch keinen Power Adapter

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