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Can't find it under smoothing or anywhere. Just curious if there is a way to get it since the new update

Yepppp, I have a 6 k/d on pc currently and I thought I could just get the xim apex to destroy console noobs with an even higher k/d. Unfortunately, the sensitivity feels like wack and I can not build for @#$% on console because on pc I have keybinds for each build, but you cant do that on xim. Not to mention console players have insane aim assist. So im going back to pc lul

Hello, I have the corsair k70 rgb with the two usb ports. I was curious if the xim apex has the 3.0 port necessary to only use one of the usb ports on the k70 instead of plugging in one to the ps4 and one the xim apex. I need to use the other ps4 port my headset. Thank you

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