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You out did your self man. This is the best pubg curve yet.

I can whip quick 90s and 180s when looting and clearing buildings and it feels really good. A lot less awkward acceleration.

And the curve on ads feels pretty good too. I wiped out a few squads by myself tonight playing with my friends. Def my favorite setup yet and giving me my best aim yet.

Which one are you using the first or second curve?

lol there is still aim acc in this game. This curve works great.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Good BF1 Players - Squad up!
« on: 10:51 AM - 04/16/18 »
what settings are you guys using for bf1? Havent tried the apex yet with bf1!

I'm on a mission to build an amazing setup, and I think I've gotten close. I'm posting my setup to share what I have so far and to hopefully get some ideas from the community to make it better. I would say I'm a pretty good player, I have 440+ total wins, 4-10 kills per game, most kills in a single game was 18.

Mouse: G502
DPI: 12,000
Sync: Common
Hip: 2.6
ADS: 1.5

So I switched over to Builder Pro, but hated the fact that you had to double hit to build stairs/walls.
With the G502 Logitech Gaming Software, you can make macros to essentially make (*one-click building*).
Here's how:

1. Open Logitech Gaming Software
2. Click Customize On-board Profile (Mouse Icon)
3. Choose G5 (Side Button)
4. Edit -> Multikey Macro
5. Replicate the image using a button key of your choice. (In my case I used "J")

Now, rebind your G5 key into your apex as the stair building key, and when you press G5, you only have to press it once to build stairs as opposed to twice without the macro. Simple.

Repeat the same process for G4 to build platforms, and whichever mouse button you'd like to use for walls. *I personally, do not use roofs.*

Another good idea is to make an Auxilary in Apex, bind it to a key of your choice, and set the sensitivity to 500 with a fast turning ballistic curve. This is for (***GUIDED MISSILES***)!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! As well as other good ideas!

*In the process of messing around with mouse dpi and hz to see what works better for me in fortnite.*

Interesting, but i still need to enter building mode manually before i execute te macro?

I'm using a G502 with 1000 polling 12k DPI with the new firmware.  I know the majority use the same setup because of the popularity of this mouse.  I'm curious as to the hip and ads sensitivities with the is curve now that the new beta went gold.

My friend on 12k: 41/42
My friend converting to 4k last night: 122/125
He is an arm swiper with less wrist movement.

Me at 4k: 306/300
I am more of a wrist flicker, and use arm swipes primarily for smooth movements in turning corners in houses.
Divide mine by 3 to get to 12k sens. 

It's worth a try to give 4k dpi a go.  You may feel smoother micro movements and overall improved sense of mouse movement.  Not that I had any issues w/ 12k whatsoever, but when switching to 4k, it was an improvement all around.

We both are using SYNC off.  Divide by the appropriate amount(s) if you are using a different Sync profile, though imo sync Off feels sharpest.

We are both top 50 in duo tpp and were top 100 duo fpp before giving fpp a break due to fps drop in that mode.

Thanks I will try these tonight. Any smoothing?

We both ran 7/7 on the old firmware before the smoothing got updated.

I dropped mine to 5/5 after 20180402, and havent tried dropping any further as it felt really good.  My partner dropped from 7/7 to 3/3 and had jitter.  He bumped it to 4/4 and it went away.  We both run the G502/Nav.

Please be more specific, if you run with sync of what does 7/7 or 5/5 mean? Cant be hip ads?

Can you please enlight me?

XIM Link / Re: Fortnite 1 Key Builder Pro Mode
« on: 12:00 PM - 04/12/18 »
I am not understanding how this will be faster.  I find the old script to work perfectly fast enough but i lowered the button press time. 

The only problem i have is the script getting messed up when i try to edit.

I am not being argumentative, I just truly want to understand what this will fix other than 1 less button press for the script to handle?

he explained that allrdy. you dont have to take care of cycling so less variables means less keypress, also possible to just hold a button and it will keep spamming walls (turbo mode).

Game Support / Re: Star Wars battle front 2 xim apex post
« on: 11:58 AM - 04/12/18 »
This is from a gameplay I recorded if you're interested I can share my settings. They aren't anything special but they're pretty effective for me.

I end up with something like 47 kills and at one point go on a 15 killstrrak.

It's better to start this from the 6 minutes mark.

Sweet I wonder how you play? Plz share settings?

Wonder how I can attach pictures it's been a while since I used a forum and can't find the upload button lol.

G402 - it's light and good for quick movements, 12kdpi @ 1000 polling. (I tried the G502 & Zowie EC1-A they're both good but they don't suit me cause of the grip style)
M330 mouse mat - it's good for precision and I used a Razer Goliathus control edition before it but it wasn't that great in micro-movements as this one.
Apex @ 1000 polling

Hip aim: 9.04
ADS: 7.03 w/ smoothing @ 1
Both @ Default Synchronization.
In game Aim-Assistance: On.

Remember that when aiming in this game you should count for bullet travel distance; If someone is running towards the right you should aim infront of him so by the time the bullet/laser gets to him it 'll hit.

thank you, i notice that everyone is using smoothing = 1 in this game, i will try this config later this week and post my results.

I think its still a great game especially now they removed pay2win.

XIM Link / Re: Fortnite 1 Key Builder Pro Mode
« on: 11:11 AM - 04/12/18 »
thank you for this, i just got my belkin cable. this will will be the first script i try out.

Game Support / Re: Star Wars battle front 2 xim apex post
« on: 11:01 AM - 04/12/18 »
This is from a gameplay I recorded if you're interested I can share my settings. They aren't anything special but they're pretty effective for me.

I end up with something like 47 kills and at one point go on a 15 killstrrak.

It's better to start this from the 6 minutes mark.

Sweet I wonder how you play? Plz share settings?

Yes it evens says so in the app

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite g502 macros
« on: 09:01 AM - 04/10/18 »
Iím not quiet sure how to add an image here but for the g502, I go to the Logitech software, click on the mouse function I want to change and then do multi key macro.
1-my key layout is the c key acts as my building button (for Xbox the b button), and my left and right mouse key are shoot and aim respectively.  Because you canít use a mouse click for macros I have the the number 1 key assigned assigned to left trigger and 2 assigned to right trigger.
2-when configuring the macro, once you are in the multikey macro in command editor, make sure you check the box to record delays between events.  For recording it doesnít matter how quickly you press things because it can always be changed later. I make sure there is .15 seconds of delay for each click minimum to make sure it is being processed and start with the c key on the keyboard, then the number 2, then the c key again to take me back to my weapon. That essentially will take me from my weapon, build a wall, then take me back to my weapon all with one button click.
3- for the 2 click, because the wall build needs to be a short hold, I have the delay on the click last .7 seconds.

This makes it easy to instantly build a wall and switch back to a weapon when you start taking fire

U dont have to remap mouse clicks you can manually insert them. Can you post a screenshot of your logitech macro i will optimise it.

Game Support / Re: BF1
« on: 08:27 AM - 04/09/18 »
fyi with the new EX1 Beta Firmware I found that my BF1 experience got better using the new Boost '0' setting. Running 3600DPI, 1K polling. Specifically longer range shooting with my medic class gun got a lot more accurate.

HIP is 30.5
ADS is 24

I loved it with Boost 0
Now trying Boost 3 :)

Boost? Do you mean smooth?

Mine is the best ;)

Edit: Just kidding.. but do check it out in my sig
Do I have to use the XIM APEX BETA Firmware Tool 20180402 and  XIM APEX Manager 20180402 ? Before I use your set up mate?

I also posted kahun his whole config so it works with the latest beta 04-02 so you can go eithter with the retail stable firmware or latest beta one. Just check out his topic and my post for the beta code/kahun  config.

For those that tried it, what synchronization are you running and how much did your sens change?

Sync - off, 365/365 for hip/ads

Only did 2 quick matches with it. Initially, I tried it with stock sens and initial mouse movements were very sensitive with it smoothig out on longer swipes.
2nd match, I divided my sense by 1.415 (post #2), and my sens felt a little slow. Iíll need a few more matches to continue  working in getting the sensitivity right.

I donít know much about sensitivity curves, but i was hoping a decel/anti-accel curve would make movements 1:1 (move mouse from edge of mouse pad to the other, and back to original starting edge, and have the cursor end up in the exact starting location, like COD), but it seems like even with the decel/anti curves the problem still exists, stemming from their aim-accel model.

Using the config from kahun, i play this curve with
95 hip sync off
160 ads sync off
160 hip sync off

Basically i only replaced the curve, because i like Kahun his other settings.

Playing latest beta firmware.

Shoot, did I leave the old codes? I'm on the way to the airport and won't be able to change it for a week if that's the case. All you have to do is clear the old code, bring the bottom slider to 30.00 on the curve, and move that point up to 44.00. Do this for Hip and ADS.

My old curve had light jitters I wanted to improve upon in the future, and TSARGA caught that issue and fixed it right away.

You did remove the old one, the ballistic curve you currently have posted is the right one and helps tremendously, i finally enjoy the game again.

Just went chicken with this. Love it. I was using rml before but this one seems more natural. I am using kahun keyconfig with this curve i love it.

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