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Thank you again. I saw that Unpredictability of aiming behavior. Would fiddling with the advanced settings help with that unpredictable behavior (granted a person knows what s'he's doing)?

Can ps settings be used on xbox?

EDIT: I am experiencing very slow camera movements while running. If i stand, it is responsive. While running it feels a if my sensitivity is way down.

I don't have my config currently but I used to use 1000 polling and 12k dpi (I prefer almost no aim assist) with about 4-5 smoothing.

The game has a major sensitivity slowdown on it when sprinting.

You have 3 options: learn to stop sprinting when you want to make sharp turns. Just press the sprint key again to stop sprinting. Or make a sprint sub config and raise the sensitivity to almost cap so you constantly flash red on the Xim when sprinting, but you have to hold sprint down for this really to work.

I started with a sprint config, but i can't be bothered to hold sprint, so i went back to learning to do it and couldnt be bothered with it.

3rd option double the hip sensitivity compared to ADS and get used to it (this is what i do now) but it does make Hip fire for PvP a pain in the arse and I have to switch it back to hold to sprint for PvP

Your choice.

Div 1 is amazing with the Xim, especially with a lightweight M4 :)

>>> XIM APEX [The Division 2] START COPY >>>

Those are mine. Tu6 is due to give us a 180 button also so we can switch direction faster.

Mouse is set to 12k dpi

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Broken Xim
« on: 04:22 PM - 09/02/19 »
Thank you for your honesty, most people claim the XIM “fell apart” when they bend or break the head off the device.

You can get your XIM repaired for a small fee. And yes, USB cables can be used to get the XIM out of the way. I recommend short cables with a power switch in the middle, so neither the XIM nor the USB cable need to be disconnected, further preventing wear and tear.

Thanks! I understand the temptation as its expensive and you panic. But hell its just not how  I operate. I broke it. I know I did. I'll deal with it. I have alot of respect for this team.

I've managed to fix it but its weak - can i get a repair in the UK?

I'd happily pay for a good fix, but i wasnt sure it was an option in the UK.

Thanks for the replies.


XIM APEX Discussions / Broken Xim
« on: 12:43 PM - 09/02/19 »
Hi all. Catastrophe. 

Iv managed to break my apex.  Iv bent the USB connector and it's snapped one of the metal contacts.

Iv managed holding it on to check and it still power cycles.

My question is I guess im okay to solder this contact back on. But can I use a USB extension cable so I dont have to plug it into the console? As the joint is going to be weak from my repair.

Thanks in advance.


Xbox / Division 2 raid clan
« on: 03:09 PM - 08/20/19 »
Hi all.

Anyone fancy joining a raiding clan on div 2? Would be nice to have some mnk players with me.

GT is Lugton. Got eagle and all sets and we run statics and other events.

Send me a request if interested.


Game Support / Re: X/Y Ratio Recoil Control
« on: 01:58 AM - 08/13/19 »
Monkey nailed it! If you're going to use higher Y/X ratio values then that is the best way to do it. I'd recommend this for anything over 1.1

I want to say it was od1n's video I watched and got the idea. I can't take credit for it.

I think he mapped a different button for the xy so he could choose which one to use but I just use it for all guns. Works fine for me.

Support / Re: Change user name
« on: 08:39 AM - 08/12/19 »
Super thanks!

Support / Change user name
« on: 08:33 AM - 08/12/19 »

Is there a way to change my user name?
Iv changed my GT as I'm no longer apparently 5 years old to something a tiny bit more sensible.

Can it be changed without starting a new account?

Was after Lugton

Thanks :)

Game Support / Re: X/Y Ratio Recoil Control
« on: 08:26 AM - 08/12/19 »
I use 1.5 xy but as an aux. I have aux activate when I press the mouse down button and the xy changes. When I stop firing the xy returns to 1.0 for target acquisition.

I borrowed it from a post on here regarding division 2 settings. Very very happy with it so far.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best Analog for Xim Apex?
« on: 12:11 PM - 08/01/19 »
Iv tried a joy con and Sony nav and honestly couldn't use my left hand for a out 3 days afterwards. I was in agony and went back to a kB. If you could mount a joy con on a chair arm or similar it might fix this issue.

I got around this by plugging my mouse and keyboard into a PC and reprogramming my wheel down as y and my e button as y. Now I can use y in the menus, change on wheel down and hold e for longer press weapon changes for pistols and specials etc.

Xbox / Re: Division 2 RAID - Operation Dark Hours
« on: 05:06 AM - 05/19/19 »
Ah well. Even so should make it easier for a Xim team to clear if anyone wants to. :)

Xbox / Division 2 RAID - Operation Dark Hours
« on: 01:39 AM - 05/19/19 »
Okay so this raid is meant to be impossible to complete on Xbox due to the limitations of a controller. Pc has clears but not on console.

Hopefully you can see where I am going here.

You need 200k armour and over 75% damage to elites with 75+ headshot damage ideally.

Anyone on Xbox want to team up and let's make an all Xim raid party? I reckon we could do it. I'm UK time so ideally 8pm GMT works for me. Let me know and let's get this sucker done.

Pantm0nkey is my Xbox GT.

Cheers  8)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Severe motion sickness
« on: 05:53 AM - 04/15/19 »
grey to grey is just one of several values that add up to the total inputlag, the fastest monitors have something like 10-15 milliseconds
your 4K monitor could have a lot more than that if it runs the wrong settings, therefore give those two websites a try to lower the overall lag

Thanks for the ideas !

Iv tried both sites with little luck. Unless in doing it wrong the German site doesn't translate at all for me and lag times doesn't have my monitor

I have a Samsung U28ES90D. So 28" 4K. I can't find anything on it.

Am I doing this wrong?



XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Severe motion sickness
« on: 08:02 AM - 04/13/19 »
Also check the inputlag of the monitor, the division 2 already has a really noticeable inputlag.
If your 4K monitor adds even more to it, you might reach the point where inputs and visual results are so far apart from each other that you experience motion sickness (but still too close to each other to easily tell that theres a delay)-

A lot of 4K monitors have fairly high inputlag values compared to 1080p gaming monitors, ob websites like prad.de (set it to english) or displaylag.com you can lookup your monitors display lag and find the optimal settings for gaming.

It's a 1ms grey to grey response time.

However because the divisions movement doesn't instantly stop and more sort of floats I think that's the issue.

Iv tested sone other games and it's not a problem. It's odd as iv literally never experienced this before ever.

Thanks for the input everyone. I'll try this new headset and sitting further back. Iv dropped my sensitivity and lowered brightness alot. Hopefully it will help me

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