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Ive added you guys

Some awesome plays here, I'm average at best but I play arena's mainly but can hold my own.

Anyone keen for some games? Mostly rocking Arena Trio's at the moment. If you get a random add from T0L, that's me!

Just noticed you have Smoothing set to 1 on ADS if you paste your code but say no smoothing. Whats the thoughts behind dropping the curve?

What would you recommend for 3200dpi? Not sure I follow the divide by 2 🤔



im going to try it too, how do i convert my current sens to the new common sync? because my dpi cannot be higher than 12000 i converted your 16000 sens to 12000. but now still using default sync.

U need to ÷2 to get to common

Not sure if this is a FW bug or a Fortnite bug but there's been times when trying to build, say a wall (left click) and it's stuck in ramp (right click) - after a few left clicks, it eventually switches over.

Could be related to the issue the PUBG/Blackout guys are having with firing?

Have you tried the latest FW? The settings feel off, like before when you ADS, you were dragged onto the player however now its locking outside the player model. Could be a FN aim assist change as my xbox buddies feel a difference too.

Could be me but I think the aiming felt better in FW 20190429 than it does in this one (For Fortnite anyhow)

Is there a difference in say SAB between the two with a higher up value set? As mentioned, could be me or then again, could be Epic adjusting their aiming setup.

Can you link your whole config code please :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite - SA3 or SA5?
« on: 07:31 AM - 04/19/19 »
No one at all? :(

XIM 4 Discussions / Fortnite - SA3 or SA5?
« on: 07:39 AM - 04/16/19 »
There's a lot of discussion over SA3 and SA5 but also not an awful lot on how it performs in Fortnite other than they seem to be the best firmware. What's everyone's views? Which is better overall to compliment AA? Are you using curves? Boost? Could I improve on the below setup?

I'm currently running SA3 with 12k DPI @ 500hz;

SA on, 84 boost, 10 sens, no curve and 1.00 Y/X Ratio.

SA on, 84 boost, 7.50 sens, no curve and 1.00 Y/X Ratio.

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20181017] (**LATEST**)
« on: 11:57 PM - 10/17/18 »
You’ve probably been in your settings using the keyboard. With the drift, it moves the sliders as you pass over the options, so chances are you’ve turned Aim Assist off there.

Im not at home to test this release but with the releases the last days I got the feeling that the aim assist is gone.

Before the whole chaos aiming was no problem but with all the betas it seems that the aim assist doesnt work anymore. Is there somebody with the same feeling ?

Beta / Re: XIM4 BETA [Firmware 20181012] (**LATEST**)
« on: 03:00 PM - 10/14/18 »
This is better in 20181013, but, we are trying to track down PS4 disconnect issues for XIM4 with these Beta builds first.

Where can we download the latest beta? Every little helps :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Lagging Mouse - Xim4
« on: 07:23 AM - 04/15/18 »
Weird one, my Xim 4 has been working perfectly but the other day, in Fortnite, it's as if my mouse was stuck in treacle. I move it and you can definitely feel the latency. This never used to happen. I thought my DPI on the mouse had reset but it's still set at 12k. All in game settings are max, as they were and my config is as it was.

Mouse is set to 1000 polling. Tried updating the firmware on my mouse but that didn't help.

Should say my config is;

HIP: 12:98
No Curve
Steady Aim
ADS: 16.80
No Curve
Steady Aim

Guess my only options are to re-flash the XIM (It's already running the latest Xim4 Firmware) or start the config from scratch again?

Any ideas?

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