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thanks guys I'll see if i can get a cheap one second hand

hooked everything up like i would on console but for some reason no moments work at all cant ADS or walk updated the software still nothing :( I'm using a ps4 controller....  When i hook up my controller to my pc with no xim the controls works fine... but when i use the xim nothing works and also I'm getting no errors on my pc or the xim manager when I'm trying to use it.
any help on this would be awesome!
thanks guys!
only did this for Destiny 2 as its the only game im playing right now

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 03:06 PM - 08/15/19 »
Alright I am using your latest config now.

The biggest problem I have is still turning around. I just cannot turn and get the hell out quick enough in unfavorable engagements (talking about Crucible here).

I am usually playing to the strengths of using a Xim, I snipe and try to create some distance between me and the opponents. I also reached Legend this season and it wasn't even that hard. But in close quarters I feel like a bot. In high-comp there is just an absurd amount of Apes and I can't match their speed.

If I could only turn around just as fast as a 10 sens controller could....

I know the feeling only thing I did was find boots that have traction and It felt so much better for the turns makes things a lot easier.

XIM Link / Re: Lost Packets
« on: 01:04 PM - 12/12/18 »
Where to watch packet loss? Easy question-no answer ...
I already said its seen on the xim link app you open to lunch.....

Im using the HyperX Alloy Elite
check the back of the keyboard for a little switch move the switch to the other side not sure what the hyperx looks like but move the switch and it should work. you have to get it into bios mode I believe.

Working on some new settings for you guys to try this weekend, it's a little slow going though. The AA in this game is troublesome!
RML you are the gift that keeps on giving thank you!

XIM Link / Re: Lost Packets
« on: 06:18 AM - 11/30/18 »
its seen on my pc via the program I did everything with no luck still dropping packets I just ended up hooking up my keyboard only, and everything is working fine. as soon as I do my mouse it starts losing packets.

XIM Link / Re: Lost Packets
« on: 09:42 PM - 11/23/18 »
This could be another USB device causing delays, or if the cable is connected to USB hub, that might also cause this.
so what can i do to fix it?

XIM Link / Lost Packets
« on: 05:45 PM - 11/22/18 »
anyone know why i keep getting lost packets sometimes 127 a time...
i have a i5 8600k - 16g ddr4 3200 and a gtx 1070 the pc is 2 months old.
any suggestions would be awesome thanks.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sync Calculator
« on: 08:01 PM - 11/18/18 »
i think i found it please tell me if this is wrong

Default > Off: x8 | Common: 2 | Slow: 4

Common > Off: x16 | Default: x2 | Slow: 2

Slow > Off: x32 | Default: x4 | Common: x2

Off > Default: 8 | Common: 16 | Slow: 32

so I'm on Common 38.5 and want to go to off so i would  x16 (38.5 x 16 = 616) but the xim only allows you to go to 500 max for ads am i missing something here ?
also at 1000hz

XIM APEX Discussions / Sync Calculator
« on: 07:59 PM - 11/18/18 »
cant find the page where you would find the Sync calculator. I'm on Common Sync 38.5 and want to go to Sync OFF what would my new value be or can someone point me to the page where i can see how to do the math thanks!

I'd also like to know same thing happens to me with Xim link where it bugs up and locks me out of the xim or pc.

Game Support / Re: New firmware and Destiny
« on: 08:50 AM - 11/18/18 »
Start by switching Sync to Off and SA around 5.
Using SAB?

I mean look at PUBG, I went from 5-6 kills a game on controller, to 22 kills, because its like you have shrouds tools in your hand, playing against a bunch of people with a controller. I have too 100 KPG in destiny 2 with a controller, imagine if I plug in my Xim, Ill double that average.
you're a modern day LEEROY JENKINS!!!!!

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