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Game Support / Query regarding upcoming Fortnite ST
« on: 02:49 PM - 10/21/19 »
Has this been taken into consideration for the new Fortnite ST? https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=81774.0

Thank you for the response, OBsIV.

I think this would be very helpful. https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=81774.0

Please refer to my post in the game support page :) https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=81774.0

I second the bottom 2 suggestions.
Thing is the edit/building sensitivity would still be working from your hip senstivity therefore hip would still be twice as slow.

Thatís why they would train each as a different aim mechanic, much like ADS, where there is a seperate profile for it, all they need to do is add 2 profiles, one for building and the other for editing, which activate once the assigned key to build/edit is pressed.

Hello everyone,

I'd like to address some drastic improvements that could be made to the Fortnite ST.
I'll start off by listing some things that are hard to pull off with the current ST.

  • Turtling (flicking mouse all around to cover yourself with builds)
  • Advanced building techniques and retakes (ones where you need to flick your mouse)
  • Editing (flicking mouse to make big edits)

As you can see, all of those moves have to do with flicking your mouse, and if you try to flick your mouse to do these moves like you can on native KBM, you would reach the turning cap.

The main way to fix this is to max out every sensitivity in the settings.

Currently, for the ST to be optimal, your settings need to be:

1.00 X
1.00 Y
1.00 ADS
1.00 Building sensitivity
1.00 Editing sensitivity

After an update Fortnite made to the game many months ago, the building and editing sensitivity can be raised much higher than 1.00, so training the editing and building sensitivities at the maximum value would allow for a more natural experience and solve these problems.

This is my main request, however I have some more requests to maximize the potential with the XIM.

Using linear ramp instead of exponential ramp

In the current ST which was trained on exponential ramp, there is significant temporal acceleration (as stated in the game settings thread), the linear ramp has no acceleration, so theoretically training on linear ramp would lessen or remove the acceleration.

Using the lowest deadzone value
I did some tests using both the Xbox ST and PS4 ST on Fortnite PC, I tried using the Xbox ST for a week, then switched back to the PS4 ST and instantly found that my aim was a lot better on the PS4 ST, despite using the exact same XIM settings, the only difference between the Xbox ST and the PS4 ST are the deadzone values, on the Xbox ST the deadzone must be 0.20 to be optimal, whereas the PS4 ST requires 0.12 ST. This goes to show that deadzone does make a difference in the Fortnite ST, feel free to test it yourself.

I believe that if all of these changes are made to the Fortnite ST, it would make it significantly closer to the feel of native KBM.

Please let me know your thoughts :)

I think the linear option should be used instead of exponential and the lowest deadzone value possible during the retrain. Iíd assume itíd allow for a more mouse like experience.

I often get kicked in free for all custom lobbies in Overwatch because of what I assume is people can tell Iím using it?

What settings can I use to make my gameplay look as controller-like as possible? In spectator mode it looks pretty obvious I use one.

General Discussion / Can I change my username?
« on: 01:39 AM - 06/07/19 »
I would like to change my name to "Pourus"

Thank you.

I bought a Titan Two and I want to switch between my KBM and XIM Apex with one click of a button like a kvm switch

I already bought the belkin easy transfer cable but XIM Link does not work for me :/

I play with a XIM Apex on PC by the way.

How can I use my Titan Two like a KVM switch/USB switch

I also want to learn how to make GPC scripts (I want to turbo click some buttons) where can I learn how to do that?

Hello everyone.

I'll get straight to the point.
I have an Xbox One Controller and a PS4 Controller, so I decided to test my XIM Apex on Fortnite (I play on PC btw) and compared the Xbox One ST to the PS4 ST.

Now keep in mind that the Xbox ST requires 0.20 deadzone to reach optimal performance because of how the ST is trained, and the PS4 ST requires 0.12 deadzone.

So I played for an hour with each ST, and I found that I was hitting way more shots with the PS4 ST, flick shots, tracking, you name it, my aim was much better.

Why? Because the PS4 ST requires a lower deadzone (0.12) than the Xbox ST (0.20)

How does the deadzone make a difference? It makes such a big difference because the lower the deadzone, the lower the aim assist, therefore the higher the skill ceiling, and the lower chance aim assist works against you. I can even prove that this is the case by using an Xbox One Controller on the PS4 ST and settings my in game deadzone to 0.12, it felt exactly the same despite different controllers, and my aim was much better.

My request is to retrain all the Fortnite ST's (Xbox One ST, PS4 ST) based on a 0.05 in-game deadzone (the lowest deadzone value)

Why should we retrain the ST? Like I said, the lower the deadzone, the weaker the aim assist, so there's a lower chance of the aim assist working against you, countless times have I missed shots that I shouldn't have been missing when I was playing on 0.20 deadzone (Xbox One ST

Considering Fortnite's popularity, making this ST retrain happen would be HUGE as many people buy the XIM Apex just for Fortnite. All that needs to happen is an ST retrain on 0.05 deadzone, and everyone should be seeing much better results in their aiming.

If you have any questions regarding my request, please let me know and I'll try to respond as quick as possible :D

General Discussion / Where can I buy the Azeron?
« on: 12:22 AM - 04/22/19 »
I went to the website but I'm not sure how I can buy it.

XIM Link / Does XIM Link support XIM Apex on PC?
« on: 01:19 AM - 04/21/19 »
I've tried it and I can't get it to work properly. I just need it it to switch between native kbm and xim on my PC.

Does the XIM Link work on a xim apex connected to the same PC?

XIM Link / Re: I cannot get xim link to work
« on: 12:55 AM - 04/21/19 »
I only need xim link just to switch between xim apex and native kbm with one click of a button. I've been thinking of getting a kvm switch as an alternative but I heard that kvm switches are not reliable on windows 10.
KVM and USB switches (same thing, one different cable) are very unreliable. XIM Link does the job, there may be something not quite right in your setup.

What could be wrong in my setup?

What exactly is the problem with kvm switches on windows 10? It's unreliable right? So would I have to factory reset the PC or completely restart it if it can't read the keyboard like you said in your example in another thread.

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