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Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 11:56 AM - 01/18/18 »
This is my linear setup on Xbox One:

OW Settings: 100 horizontal/vertical sens, 100 aim assist strength, 3 aim assist window (this is personal preference, but I recommend something in the 0-5 range. Linear setup does not feel very good with a large aim assist window because it becomes difficult to break into the aim assist bubble around enemy bodies), 0 aim ease in. Of course, use Linear Ramp and make sure you are not on Expo or Dual Zone  :P

- Console Controller Crossover ST (you cannot use the official Overwatch ST with this Linear setup)

- 2000 mouse dpi, 500hz polling rate (I recently moved back to 500hz polling from 1000hz and it just feels a lot better and more consistent to me on all mice), 152.50 XIM sens (linear requires a much higher XIM sens than the usual expo ramp setup on the official OW ST). I feel like this might explain why some people feel linear is too sluggish? Perhaps you used too low XIM sens. If you want to match my XIM sens but want to use a higher mouse DPI like 12k or something, then use this DPI calculator, punch in your numbers (put my 2000 dpi & 152.50 sens in the "current DPI" & "current sensitivity" box) and put your desired DPI in the box and then use the sensitivity that it gives you as your new XIM sens.

- 1.50 Y/X ratio (absolutely necessary because vertical sens seems to be slower on the console controller crossover ST, 1.50 Y/X makes them equal)

- Use the following 12.0 curve if you are on Xbox One:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Or use the following 8.0 curve if you are on PS4:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

NOTE: I do not have a PS4 and some people have reported that 8.0 is not enough to overcome the deadzone problem. You can see if you are having the deadzone problem by moving your mouse in VERY VERY small movements (I am talking pixel by pixel movement on screen). If you are not getting movement or getting choppy movement, then use the 8.5 curve below instead:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

These curves are strictly designed to just overcome the deadzone problem and nothing else. I am kind of wary of the above PS4 curves because since I don't have a PS4 I haven't tested them personally. If 8.5 is too high of a value, it will end up feeling floaty and you won't have a good experience. That is why I suggest trying the 8.0 first. You want to use the lowest number possible for it to feel like 1:1 mouse movement. But for Xbox One I can vouch that the 12.0 curve above is perfect for overcoming the deadzone.

Another thing that I feel is really important is to use a gold XIM firmware. By that, I mean DON'T use one of the experimental SA firmwares. There are a lot of people on these experimental firmwares and it will affect your ability to use the Linear setup properly. So use the latest official firmware found here: http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=49093.0

There is no need to use boost, steady aim or any of that other stuff. The curve alone fixes the deadzone issue.

I also want to mention that I use a large XL mousepad and controlled mouse movement. I don't play a whole lot of high mobility flankers like Genji/Tracer but I play a lot of hitscan like McCree and Soldier.

Much of what I said above has already been the Linear setup being suggested since the beginning but I wanted to make it more detailed so that people are using Linear PROPERLY and not writing it off immediately because they failed to set it up properly. If there is any setting I missed that you are confused about let me know.

Just Tried it in qp as 76. Wasnít too bad but the sens was way toooo high. Is that what u were going for? Couldnít aim at the @#$% Pharah lol

Technical Support / [Q/A] Sensitivity lowered?
« on: 03:57 AM - 01/18/18 »
Was playing some good games on overwatch. Had a great sens setting and was climbing from 2800-2952. Played a game just now and noticed my sensitivity was A LOT lower. Thought I mightíve clicked a button on my mouse to lower the sens so I turned it up a bit, and had no luck. Unsure if fhis is a common problem or if itís out of ordinary?

Game Support / [Overwatch]XIM Comp Climbing? XB1
« on: 12:04 AM - 01/17/18 »
Anyone wanna group up and play some comp? Just got my xim so still learning, but would be nice to have a good team to climb with. Iím 2900, 3201 season high (dropped after testing out XIM in multiple comp games then climbed back up to 2900)

Can play tracer, reaper, Hog, junkrat

Post ur gt or PM!

4 games won in a row.. either MMR is doing this on purpose since I lost so many times or I got a decent setting right now. Nothing special but itís workinf Iím hoping. Reaper and tracer seem to be doing really well for me so far! Appreciate the help guys

You need to one clip + melee them. You one clip them and finish off with the melee. It's hard to do but once you master it you're sorted. Also aim for the neck and not the head.

If you aim for the head and aim too high you'll hit air and do 0 damage.
if you aim too low you'll still do damage.

If you aim for the neck and aim too high you'll hit crit shots.
if you aim too low you'll still do damage.

aim for the neck for more consistent damage output.

Ahh you reminded me of another question. How much crit damage do melee's usually do? I can actively melee the enemies, but I don't wanna waste that extra 1-3 seconds of melee time + reload time if it won't really do much damage? Could that make or break a kill if a full clip, from close range, is all hit?

Also, noted on that tip! That would actually work a lot better than the head since tracers bullets do fly all over the place lol

The 360 is a way to ensure that you won't run out of pad if you need to turn 180 to shoot a tank or stun a tracer. It's not mandatory but trust me it will help, forget about the curve and try to watch assult's tracer videos, you will notice that when he tries to 180 he does it dragging his mouse.

Watch pros playing tracer to see how to position and blink around, it's like the other guy said, a good tracer doesn't waste blinks or recall and annoying to kill.

Stay with a config and after some time you will feel that you are getting more consistent on it. As tracer Tracking is important. So practice it. My average accuracy on comp is always around 35-40% I will record a video explaining all the steps on tutorial and how to. Wait for it :)

I tried Assaults config and settings, but it's so @#$% slow for me, but in his videos, it seems to do him pretty well, and it seems a lot quicker than what it feels like for me. I'm assuming it's my mouse pad (?)

I turned up my sens on XIM app and did pretty well the last 2 games. Hopefully I found a decent setting for now until I need to adjust further if I'm missing anything or get any recommendations.


The first thing I'd say is, don't bother using a curve if you're using expo, you don't need one and it's why you're finding that inconsistent feeling with each character.

Put aim assist strength up to 100.
Aim assist window, it varies for each character, but generally mine is 75.
Your xim sensitivity is identicle to mine, I use 12k DPI @ 5.5 sensitivity, I converted yours to mine and it works out the same.

For Widowmaker, try using aim smooth of 30 if you feel her ADS is too fast.

As for you saying you're struggling with Tracer, it sounds like you're not playing her right, go for the supports, build ult off tanks, and master her blinks, her blinks and getting to a level where you never waste a blink / recall and also have one is why the best tracers are so annoying, they're so hard to kill even when the whole teams gunning for them.

Just went and played 2 games and got 2 victories so far. I turned up the sensitivity and turned off the curve. Seemed to do pretty well, unless I just got lucky those 2 games. Basically, it seems like I carry for the first point, then throughout the game, my team has a confidence booster and seems to do pretty well. Aside from that, using the sticky bomb also helps out a lot. Is it normal to have gold medals for the first point, then go to bronze? Seemed to happen both 2 games lol.. I feel like it was just luck from losing so many games. Unsure at this point. Right now, I prefer controller as I can play tanks much easier on controller, but I'm gonna continue using mouse and keyboard just so I can learn to climb as it seems to obviously work out for a huge portion of all XIM users and that's my goal so far. Trying to climb from platinum to at least masters, but I highly doubt it'll happen this season lol. Was diamond but dropped to plat after learning XIM (I prefer learning through comp since it's a lot more "realistic" than playing in QPs or training).

Also, first round I went reaper then switched off to tracer, which helped out a lot as well I'm sure. Might just stick to tracer and reaper for now, and learn from there. Hopefully the settings I have now will do me better. My only issue now is, supports don't seem to like healing tracers at all, which is such a @#$% pain. Literally will get healed maybe 1-2 times from my mercy and that's about it the whole game.

Also, you told me to stay away from tanks unless it's for an ult charge, which is a great idea. I wanted to bring something up however, it seems like the only one clips I'm getting from is just Ana. Every other hero seems impossible to defeat 1v1. Mercy is an easy 2-3 clips, and junkrat.. well, I can never take a junkrat out. Those are my issues as of now. Zarya, Orisa, Winston, Rein, great for ult charges, and are actually easier to kill than a @#$% junkrat

--- snipped for shorter post view ---

I appreciate the amazing reply. Thank you! Learned a lot so far, but still confused a bit as far as the 360 goes and such as I've heard this too, but doesn't really make much sense to me.

However, this is what I'm running:
- Mousepad - Cheap walmart one. Unsure if this could be the affect? Doubt it, but definitely worth mentioning
- Mouse - G502
- Keyboard - G710+
- Screen (TV/Monitor) - Vizio SmartTV
- Setup (desk/couch) - Desk

As far as everything else goes, I do seem to just be getting horrible accuracy it seems like. Takes me 2-4 rounds to take out most heroes, and can struggling with headshots. I do run pretty high sensitivity if it seems pretty low, I definitely don't mind going higher. But should it be higher or lower sens for pc + keyboard? Higher seems to be easier on tracer, but I see people running 400dpi 1000hz and like 135xim sens, but it makes no sense to me how it can be done if it's super slow? Is there a trick to something that I'm missing out on?

I definitely know it's 100% me and not XIM, since it's quite clear all boosters + higher ranks are using XIM and are doing wonderful with it, which is what I am trying to practice for.

Also, is tracer a pretty hard hero to start off with? I thought she'd be easiest, but seems like it's quite the struggle for me lol. I am by no means a tracer main, was maining junkrat, hog, and lucio on the one, but I highly doubt I'd be able to play them on keyboard + mouse anytime soon. McCree would be one I wouldn't mind learning as well, in hopes that he'd be easier than a tracer, but that's my issue now. Finding a set sniper hero/DPS to work with to start with and have some pretty good settings and learn from there while climbing and messing with other heroes, but I just can't seem to do that

What Settings are you using? Post as much info as you can remember...

I've been messing around a lot with the settings, so I don't really have a "set" setting and they're mixed all over the place. But I was running this for a while (as I found in the Overwatch thread):


Dpi 3600
Hip: 18
Boost: 0
X/Y: 1.0
AA: 90-95
AAW: 45-60

It was decent for tracer, but I honestly feel like I'm missing so much more and not really using keyboard + mouse to advantage. I will admit, my mouse pad is rather small and pretty @#$% cheap from walmart, however, I spent money to purchase a G502 and a G710+ purely for XIM, so I feel like I could be doing better with that.

Hell, I see people carrying a whole team as tracer with keyboard + mouse. I wouldn't mind even learning widowmaker if she's easier than Tracer, but for now, I feel as if Tracer is the best to learn now and then move forward, unless I'm wrong. Even McCree seems harder than tracer, but that's more than likely because I've been using tracer sens and not mccree sens, if that makes sense? Just want to find a set hero, have the perfect sens and settings, and learn from there while climbing, but it seems like that is the main struggle with me

Let me start off by saying Iím not blaming XIM at all. Just want to hear some input.

So, I started playing at 3001 SR. Ended up losing about 6 times in a row. Some bronze medals, some silver, some gold.

Iíve been playing tracer since she seems easiest on PC, but it just seems like I could be playing better roles on Xbox such as junkrat, dva, Roadhog, etc that seem too difficult to play with on mouse and keyboard.

Now Iím wondering if this is just a beginner sort of thing, or if I should just stick to a controller? Keyboard and mouse def feels more competitive, but if Iím losing all the time, Iím unsure if itís my settings or something, or if itís just me needing a controller?

Again, not blaming XIM, just really want some input. Iíve seen players climb to GM with XIM, and I know it isnít some ďautomatic GM boosterĒ, but 6 losses in a row is kinda ehhh. Just unsure how people are climbing playing as widowmaker. I tried playing widow and couldnít do much. Tracer is def my favorite on keyboard and mouse but somethings just not right

Also, looks like I got 4 hours Iím on tracer today alone. So I understand the concept of XIM, but i feel like Iím missing something big.

Iíve tried different configs and sensitivity. Usually have high sens on tracer and it does pretty well, but still losing and I feel like XIM has better settings I could use to actually carry and climb, which is what Iím assuming most XIM users are doing along with the console boosters

Game Support / Anybody play zenyata?
« on: 03:13 AM - 01/16/18 »
Used to love playing zen on Xbox, but Iím not sure if I could play him on PC lol.. seems like tracer is my go to right now but zen would be fun to play as

Yes that's correct. You'll need to install "Logitech Gaming Software" (or "LGS") on your laptop: http://support.logitech.com/en_us/software/lgs

Simple as that! Thank u! Couldnít find this information anywhere online so thanks!

Technical Support / Re: REALLY dumb question about DPI
« on: 03:33 PM - 01/15/18 »
That's not a stupid question at all. Most Logitech mice have onboard storage so that you can store your DPI setting choices. To be sure you are always on the one you want, I always program my mouse DPI (using Logitechs tool) to max without any other lower DPI values.

Thank u for the quick reply! So itíll be fine to connect to my laptop to change the settings, and all the storage saves to the mouse itself and doesnít save to the pc?

Sorry if itís confusing lol. It makes more sense in my head than it does when I type it.

So, basically. Connect mouse to laptop > change settings > unplug from laptop > plug into xim > settings are saved and I can play through my tv?

Technical Support / [Q/A] REALLY dumb question about DPI
« on: 03:25 PM - 01/15/18 »
So, I used to pc game, but never messed with mouse options or anything.
Now that I have xim Iím starting to use it for overwatch, but Iím reading to change DPI settings and etc

I have a G503 mouse but I donít have an actual PC anymore and Iím using a tv.

So if I wanted to change my DPI, would I be able to just connect to my laptop, change dpi, then connect back to the xim?

I know itís a stupid question, but I canít find anything online lol

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 02:18 PM - 01/15/18 »
Any tracer settings? G502 and just got the xim

Getting really unlucky.. just got the XIM4 and Iíve already lost my first 3 games.. just need some good settings for both ow and xim

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