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Game Support / Re: Black Ops 4 - Quick Menu Conifg
« on: 12:12 PM - 10/15/18 »
I would try binding tab to up and down on the d pad.  I'm trying to remember if down is needed for anything else.

Game Support / Re: BO4 Menu navigation
« on: 12:51 PM - 10/12/18 »
Yeah I'm pretty sure in the beta I made an auxiliary and I used the swap sticks feature.  Just watch one of the official xim advanced setup videos.  I always use a lot of auxiliary pages in my configurations.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite detecting my Xim Apex?
« on: 09:43 PM - 10/11/18 »
I knew the xim team would figure out a fix. Just dont work on it too hard we need a good blackout st soon lol.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PubG Inventory glitch
« on: 09:17 AM - 09/26/18 »
You are moving your mouse. The right stick along with the dpad can control the inventory. If you move your mouse a little it should let your normal controls work. It does this with controller too.

I played this game recently and was able to use turn assist to navigate the weapon option wheel.

Game Support / Re: PUBG (A simple setup)
« on: 08:56 AM - 08/16/18 »
Can you share your apex config so we can just copy and paste it ? Kind of a noob to this :/ thank you!

I think RML uses a nav instead of a keyboard.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Lean
« on: 10:18 PM - 08/06/18 »
I use Q and E but some people use Q and E in reverse.

I really want to know who because that is retarded.

If you watch wacky jacky video he shows the best way to lean using his middle finger. It is awkward for some so he suggests doing it in reverse for those who canít stretch their middle finger in one of his later videos. So you press a and e to move and lean left etc. I do not do it but people said it took a few rounds to get used to. I think this was a little more common when the pc didnít have a toggle and you had to hold two keys at once.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Strike pack f.p.s dominator
« on: 10:33 AM - 08/06/18 »
I don't see how this would work at all.  The paddles are just a way to remap standard controller buttons but can also run simple macros/anti recoil.  The xim only maps keyboard/mouse to standard controller buttons not the paddles. 

Game Support / Re: PUBG Lean
« on: 10:00 AM - 08/06/18 »
I use Q and E but some people use Q and E in reverse. 

It would be nice if you could slow walk and then assigning a walk button would work.

Nico was asked about higher sensitivity like PC and also was asked to increase sensitivity to 20 by someone else.  No real answers but he said he would pass it on to PUBG dev team.

New ST feels great. I put on a bit of smoothing (4)
No curve. 8 kill solo win first try.
Turn speed still hurts though, still playing with AA=8
I honestly don't believe this will change until PUBG starts hemeraging gamers to Blackout and Battlefield V.
Then all of a sudden they'll do anything we want.
try aa0 it seems just as fast as with it on now
I respectfully disagree, I still think the ADS and the OTS ADS is still slower

I wish someone could actually measure or time it so we know what is the fastest.

Aim acceleration? In pubg it's applied when the stick is pegged. Unless you're talking about aim assist in which case the trainer doesn't look at aim assist or other game mechanics.
Aim acceleration. I was just wondering if when you choose AA off in settings if Pubg really turns it off.  donít trust PUBG devs and it might still have some AA.

Mist does AA off still have some AA? I know the sensitivity is really capped low with AA off so that is why most turn it back on.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Button Mapping?
« on: 06:28 AM - 07/21/18 »
Right now I'm using a OrbWeaver and a Razer Naga Hex V2. 

My issue/concern is I use my scroll wheel on the mouse as the up and down d-pad keys to make scrolling through inventory easier, but the trade off is not being able to use meds while out side of the menu, which has led to some people suspiciously asking me why in my gameplay clips I'm always going into my inventory to med.  Now that spectating after getting killed is a thing, I don't want salty people messaging me and inciting a witch hunt.

I'm curious as how others map out their PUBG buttons. 


Make an inventory aux config

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