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Beta / Smart Actions button mapping question
« on: 06:15 AM - 05/25/22 »
Hello.  Thanks for continuing to support your product with features such as smart actions.  I'm curious as why smart actions aren't available for me for all buttons.  I have no option to use them when mapping my triggers.  Is this a bug or was this intended?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Pubg nexus setting
« on: 04:08 PM - 02/14/22 »
But would it be helpful if it was only when you were firing?

A fire mode would be helpful for me.

I could use an auxiliary when firing.  I play with a lower gyro sensitivity now.  I played PUBG and I cannot manage the recoil when firing with close range targets with a long spray.    If I had an auxiliary, I would create one while firing and increase gyro sensitivity.

Beta / Re: Xim Apex Manager PC bluetooth support
« on: 01:06 PM - 02/06/22 »
Good news.  Thanks.

Beta / Xim Apex Manager PC bluetooth support
« on: 11:36 PM - 02/05/22 »
The XIM NEXUS Manager installed on my pc connects to my nexus while playing console games. I was pleasantly surprised when this happened.  The XIM APEX Manager does not do this and I thought it had to do with the PC Bluetooth LE support.  Has this been figured out and can this feature be added to the XIM APEX Manager on PC?

General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 05:58 PM - 09/05/21 »
It is also supposed to make pc configs easy to setup.

I also had the oldest version of the DS4.  I bought it before release day.  I had the exact problems you have on your PC.  I never had any issues with the official xbox controller.

Looks like the discount is open to any Astro headset:
Seems like you can simply select a Playstation device and use the serial number from your xbox headset to get the discount.

Thanks.  I will probably return mine and buy one with the voucher once they are back in stock.

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 Xim working in Menus
« on: 08:59 PM - 11/11/20 »
try the astro bot game.

Using the astro device for ps5 listed above.  I'm using to capture xbox audio so I can use my headset simultaneously with PC.  If you have an astro ps4 headset, you can potentially buy that device for 15 dollars.

Beta / Re: NEW BETA
« on: 09:02 AM - 05/22/20 »
I would like to see an icon on the xim manager displaying when mic mute is enabled.

and if your still having AA problems in BF5  you might want to check your mouse, I'm level 256 in the game and never had a problem playing with 1800 DPI as far as AA goes. the AA in BF5 is not that strong IMO.

I think I ran across you other night.  My team sucked so I just tried to kill your squad most of the round.  You guys just kept reviving each other so it was impossible.  My username was PICK SlX

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Headset to use with ps4
« on: 09:55 PM - 05/20/20 »
I've paired the MH752 with my PC and PS4 with both the usb connector and also the with the 3.5mm jack on the controller.  I don't think the ps4 3.5mm jack will work with the xim4 but will with the apex.

On my xbox, it will only work with the 3.5mm jack but it works fine.  Xbox doesn't allow audio via usb.  They are claiming they will allow it next gen.  I'm using the xim apex.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Headset to use with ps4
« on: 07:12 PM - 05/19/20 »
coolermaster mh752's.  You can use the included usb sound card or plug it into your controller.  The mh752's are takstar pro 82's which are great for audio and the audio and mic are better than my expensive headsets.  This is a very under priced headset for what you get.

Game Support / Re: now there is a linear fortnite st
« on: 08:12 AM - 04/24/20 »
I'm just having a dig  ;)

Don't give FN players what they want and they complain.
Give them want they want and they find a different way to complain  ;D

I remember and when fortnite released the combat pro controller layout and many xim players demanded a new ST for each controller layout.  They absolutely could not understand that all you had to do was ignore the descriptions for each button.

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