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Beta / Re: NEW BETA
« on: 09:02 AM - 05/22/20 »
I would like to see an icon on the xim manager displaying when mic mute is enabled.

and if your still having AA problems in BF5  you might want to check your mouse, I'm level 256 in the game and never had a problem playing with 1800 DPI as far as AA goes. the AA in BF5 is not that strong IMO.

I think I ran across you other night.  My team sucked so I just tried to kill your squad most of the round.  You guys just kept reviving each other so it was impossible.  My username was PICK SlX

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Headset to use with ps4
« on: 09:55 PM - 05/20/20 »
I've paired the MH752 with my PC and PS4 with both the usb connector and also the with the 3.5mm jack on the controller.  I don't think the ps4 3.5mm jack will work with the xim4 but will with the apex.

On my xbox, it will only work with the 3.5mm jack but it works fine.  Xbox doesn't allow audio via usb.  They are claiming they will allow it next gen.  I'm using the xim apex.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Headset to use with ps4
« on: 07:12 PM - 05/19/20 »
coolermaster mh752's.  You can use the included usb sound card or plug it into your controller.  The mh752's are takstar pro 82's which are great for audio and the audio and mic are better than my expensive headsets.  This is a very under priced headset for what you get.

Game Support / Re: now there is a linear fortnite st
« on: 08:12 AM - 04/24/20 »
I'm just having a dig  ;)

Don't give FN players what they want and they complain.
Give them want they want and they find a different way to complain  ;D

I remember and when fortnite released the combat pro controller layout and many xim players demanded a new ST for each controller layout.  They absolutely could not understand that all you had to do was ignore the descriptions for each button.

Game Support / Re: MW anti-recoil not activating
« on: 07:30 AM - 04/21/20 »
The title of that YouTube video is a little misleading and should be changed. All this auxiliary config does is increase your sensitivity while firing. Therefore you move your mouse less to manage recoil.

I'm also having ADS and firing issues.  Sometimes I zoom in and my weapon won't fire.  I've messed around with the input thresholds changing it to 5% and 33% percent.  It seems to happen once or twice a round.

The xim is a controller and it does not bypass the games mechanic for a controller. If you can immediately go prone with a regular controller you can do it with a xim. If you can't then the xim won't do it either

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 04:16 PM - 01/29/20 »
I also feel the turn cap light comes on too soon.  Maybe I'm wrong but is it possible it is set using the slow turn speed we had when the game was released. I had to disable that light long ago lol.

Why do you talk about stuff you dont know what your talking about u sound like a idiot. The macros for onboard or without are exactly the same and are not simple?

Intelligent post buddy.

I want to say that the macros stored on the g502 are very simple and I wouldn't expect more than rebinds or a macro with a few button clicks. I dont think you will get anti recoil or rapid fire. Nothing advanced from the onboard memory.

Game Support / Re: MW 2019 STv2 fans, please read!
« on: 11:04 PM - 11/15/19 »
I will go reply on it.  It may get more views if it has a clickbait title like "Controller ADS bug" and the video gets embedded so that it plays it the feed instead of clicking on it.

Game Support / Re: MW 2019 STv2 fans, please read!
« on: 10:31 PM - 11/14/19 »
I have both ST's saved right now.  I guess going back is the best option for those who like ST1 and deleted it.    Hopefully the people who like ST2 will not delete it when the new ST is released.  However, I have a feeling that many will and they will complain.

General Discussion / Re: MW on PC with XIM (reWASD)
« on: 07:44 PM - 11/14/19 »
 I have a similar setup as you.  I bought a separate keyboard that has a touchpad to use for PC input when xim is using the m and k. It is smaller and wireless and it works well. Other than that, you can get a foot pedal.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex on PC - ingame issue
« on: 10:51 AM - 11/07/19 »
Sorry new here, but can someone explain to me why you would need a xim for pc?  Can't you already directly connect keyboard and mouse to the pc?

This isn't hard. Some players just want to play with friends. Friends who want to play in controller lobbies. Some people might want to use a nav and a mouse.  However some people might want aim assist. If I have my xim hooked up to my PC, I can toggle back and forth between native mouse and xim pretty easy and I have my controls setup nicely for each. For me it depends on which friend 'm playing with.
How do you get the mouse to run smoothly on pc as it would on console? When I tried to plug my xim apex into my pc I got it to work but the mouse sensitivity was so hard to move that I couldn't even play. Do I need to have two mice? One for the pc and one for the xim apex and instead of using the one connected to the xim apex use the one connect to the pc? I don't see why it's so glorified on the pc when I can't get it to work at all even though I've tried to find videos on it on youtube.

I use the same mouse and keyboard on my xim as I do when I play native. I use a USB switch to toggle back and forth. I also change my dpi on my mouse from 3200 dpi to 400 when I play native. You also have to change the game settings from controller to mouse input Everytime you switch.

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