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Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 02:29 AM - 11/19/19 »
Still using legacy settings and  using the P4.2 config.

People still say crap like "chall me" and stuff in 2019? 

Ive done it. I had to use an xbox controller. Never got the ps4 to work properly with that driver addon.

Can back this up. It's been 6months and I haven't found a solution.

Lol just here for the cringe of this thread and the demonstration of Fortnite players at  it's finest.

1- IF you don't like the current ST it is down to either wait or make one yourself
2- Why Bado, do you think anyone other than some know what the hell a chall is. This isn't a UMG nor CMG site.

Game Support / Re: sony nav g502 hero mw settings
« on: 07:58 PM - 11/04/19 »
any one got awsome settings for a sony nav g502

L1 = Jump
L2 = Reload
Sprint = Joystick
Dpad = scorestreaks
Circle = pause


G4 = Crouch
DPI = Melee
G7 = Tactical
G8 = Lethal
Scroll click = change weapons
G9 = Scoreboard

Haven't binded G5 been busy with wagers a bit on Fortnite, gonna test things again in a few days.

Dont think you will get advantage of aim assist if using XIM on PC. The aim assist for controller on PC doesnt work.

Lol wth..  If the controller doesn't get AA (which is false) and the XIM counts as a controller.... Dont you think the xim to what your saying wouldn't get AA either. Lol

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Push to talk. XIM on PC
« on: 12:05 AM - 10/31/19 »
So im using my XIM Apex on PC. Works wonders.. anyway. Ive enabled the push to talk option in game (apex legends) and also in xim settings but i cant seem to find a way to get it to work.. for obvious reasons. Is there any way to do it or nah?

Hmm that's weird cause in Discord I have it binded to my mouse and it works perfectly.
I'll test around and see if I can find a solution.

I can get it to work wireless with and without the xim apex any ideas?

Leave it on the charger connected to your system / usb device for at least 2 hours.
Then proceed to have it connected for sure in the middle of the hub (two dots) with your controller connected to the (3 dots) and mouse to the (1 dot).

If it still doesn't work after several hours of charging but does connect to your ps4, it could be the cable. Even if you recently bought the cable, buy another one for reassurance as most of the time it's due to the cable

I have the correct cable, had to order the correct one awhile back. It worked perfectly for months, this just started the past few, and has gotten progressively worse.

So explain to me what I need to try again?

What mouse do you have? A few things could be the issue. Could be the controller cable could be the nav it's self could be the mouse is taken up to much power (led lights and stuff) .

But most of the time even though we believe a cable is good cause recently purchased it most of the time is the cable it's self. I have my controller (new) with a new braided cable that is still tied up but just connected to the xim and the controller. I got a 8ft long braided cable for the nav as well.

I have managed to get a 2.23 on pc with mouse and keyboard and barely knowing what I'm doing lol. I need to learn the buttons because they're way different than they are on console with the xim app. I find the game to be very fun and rewarding than on console. It feels as if it takes way more skill to actually land shots on pc than it does console. I haven't run into hackers as of yet and I'm hoping that it stays that way. My build is really powerful and the graphics are the best on the market so I think that I will be on pc for quite some time trying to improve. Thanks to the xim that won't be much of a challenge. The skills are transferrable once you find the right dpi and mouse sensitivity in the video game settings.

Everyone sees it differently I myself enjoy it more on pc but that's also cause I got setup that can run way better then what my console and limitations could provide.
I see each game being in my view a reasoning for what I do use (xim). Fortnite for what I do there isn't a turning point for me i'm not switching to native and that's that. Apex Legends full native, Pubg full native, and when H1 was around that was full native.
Cod and Fortnite only titles I keep what I've adapted greatly to and with in the same boat with no changes. If cod would've moved over to Pc for the CDL and amateur league it would've been a thought for native but seeing as game category isn't nor is it next year there isn't a point in my opinion.

EDIT: what's your specs :) ?

why do you want xim on a pc?  its meant for console use

Lol why would he not want to xim on PC. Lets see the xim works better on PC and you PC > console without a doubt. Frames etc.


Lol you ask why would be xim on pc right? Why would he not lol when you mget a way better experience with the xim on pc.

It's just stop responding randomly, if I'm moving it'll keep making me go that direction, if I'm not it won't let me move. None of it's buttons respond either, but the mouse still works fine. It's driving me crazy as I have parkinson's and its the only way I can play.


Sorry to hear your having issues with the Nav. If I may what platform are you playing on? Are you playing with the Nav wired or wireless?


I donít know if it is the ergonomics of the controller or the game (modern warfare) but Iím feeling quite a bit of soreness in my left thumb as I use it to press sprint or super sprint

I was previously using half controller half mouse (elite controller) but tried transitioning to this because holding the controller with my left hand was a little difficult after a few plays

Is there a way around ?

Been using the nav for years.. Didn't switch from using the controller company I am with until December 2015 and had used a actual Ps3 controller in my left and a mouse in right for Ps3 Unreal Tournament..lol (2009)

Needless to say, you'll get used to it forsure. Regardless of the game your playing if your using the nav you'll get used to it overtime.

why do you want xim on a pc?  its meant for console use

Lol why would he not want to xim on PC. Lets see the xim works better on PC and you PC > console without a doubt. Frames etc.

Hello, I tried connecting my XIM Apex to my PC and this is what I experienced.

If I connect into my APEX a Xbox 360 controller, once I plug the APEX into the PC while on Fornite,
it will right away recognize it as controller and everything works PERFECT.

But the Xbox controller is not mine, so I need to use my PS4 controller!
I tried but it doesnt work, I just unplug the XIM, remove the Xbox controller, and plug in a PS4 instead, then plug back the APEX into my PC, but now it doesnt work!

I tried 2 different PS4 controllers, with 2 different cables, doesnt help!

But if I plug the PS4 controller directly into my PC without the XIM, Fortnite does recognize the controller right away!!!

So what is the issue here? As I read on the forums multiple users are using PS4 controllers as well and not only Xbox

I play on PC and can confirm there is some issue with trying to use a PlayStation controller with the xim. Although the sony nav does work with some software installation I have NOT successfully been able to get a ps4 controller to work. I currently use a Xbox 1 controller.

Haven't looked back into this issue yet but I will at some point tonight.

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