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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] xim apex hub fail
« on: 08:25 PM - 03/16/18 »

Support / [ACTIVE] xim apex hub fail
« on: 05:07 PM - 03/16/18 »
Has anyone else had the xim apex hub fail already?  the center port no longer functions. I am using a K95 keyboard.  luckily i had a spare 4 port hub that seems to work.  Is there any reason i should not use a generic hub?  what is the hole on the back of the xim hub?

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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: xbox one x and windows
« on: 05:38 PM - 01/03/18 »
yes and no. assume the answer to be yes, but in all honesty, the answer may be no as well. ill update you as soon as i have a definitive answer to your question. hang tight.

XIM APEX Discussions / Question about wait list.
« on: 06:44 PM - 01/02/18 »
If i was on the wait list for the XIM 4, will I be notified when the XIM Apex is in stock?  Thanks!

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