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I'm on Xbox and I don't have this issue


New settings, everything above but with changes to whatís stated below.
Hip: 6.05
ADS: 3.05
ADS SA: 1.0

Config looks good buddy. Have not tried it yet though.
May I ask why did you change SAB on ADS to 1 and what is the benefits for you using 0 SAB instead of OFF in this game? I have not tested this myself in MW so I'm just curious what your experience is 😀
SA cuts through AA bubble. Just felt better aiming-wise.

Imma give it a try 😀

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: COD MW S2 - Regiments
« on: 12:48 AM - 02/15/20 »
This is a bug, everyone in my regime had the same issue, its only visible for you. If your friends view you it sais controller


New settings, everything above but with changes to whatís stated below.
Hip: 6.05
ADS: 3.05
ADS SA: 1.0

Config looks good buddy. Have not tried it yet though.
May I ask why did you change SAB on ADS to 1 and what is the benefits for you using 0 SAB instead of OFF in this game? I have not tested this myself in MW so I'm just curious what your experience is 😀

I have never had an issue with this. I always have 3-4 dpi profiles on the mouse and I set different rgb colors for each one in the mouse software.
I like to set it in the rainbows color order to easily know which I'm currently using

Red 1800
Yellow 3200
Green 8000
Blue 12000
Take a photo of the mouse software screen in case you forget wich color is the specific dpi, so you don't have to plug it into the PC every time

Thanks for sharing! I have one question though... Why do you use 500hz instead of 1000hz?

I just think 500hz feels better, at least with the Model O. I also think there is a little more AA using 500hz vs 1000hz.
Also since I use OFF sync with this low DPI I have more range to adjust the sensitivities.
If I ran 1000hz on OFF sync my Xim sens has to be twice the 500hz sens and the max sens on Xim is 500. My HIP sens 280 so if I ran 1000hz my sens need to be at 560 wich is not possible. Hope this answers your question

Game Support / Re: Moden warfare C4 Delay
« on: 10:49 PM - 02/08/20 »
What do you mean? The time delay from you throw the C4 till you can detonate it?

Hello guys! Thanks for all the good feedback i got on my previous config.
With this new config i decided to change the sync and remove the curve for a more 1:1 feeling which makes it a lot easier to manage. Once your muscle memory is built up using this you will be able to flick as a god and laser beam other players.
In the future my goal is to run off sync without any smoothing.

You may want to change the sens if its too fast or slow for you, but i will not reccomend to raise the ADS sens any more.

In-game Settings
ADS low zoom set to 1.33x
ADS high zoom 1.0-1.33x
Standard Stick and AA

Important Info
Using 1.33x ADS in game will make your Xim flash when you hit the speedcap at 1.0x ADS since the ST is trained on 1.0x ADS. So you can ignore the Xim flashing to a certain level as you actually have 33% higher speedcap at 1.33x

Xim Apex
Latest Beta Firmware
Latest MW ST

Glorious Model O
500hz polling (IMPORTANT)
The model O sensor adds smoothing over 1800dpi, some say it dont affect console at 60fps. I have not tested this but ive been using 1800 dpi for 6 months now and it feels amazing (at least with the Model O).

If you need to calculate your old to new dpi use this:

Sens: 280
Sync: OFF
Smoothing 2
Y/X: 1.0
No boost, No Steady Aim

Sens: 120
Sync: OFF
Smoothing 3
Y/X: 1.0
No boost, No Steady Aim

Activation and deactivation delay set to 200-400 depending on what class I'm using but i reccomend somewhere around 250ms as a "one fits all", at least for AR/SMG or guns with somewhat similar ADS times.
Smooth Aim Transition is ticked OFF

Full Config
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [InZane's MW v2] START COPY >>>

Remember to set your keybinds to whatever you want as mine may not fit you. If you change make sure you also check the secondary buttons as i use some of those.

Here's a short clip of a 1v5 clutch that shows how you can flick and be very accurate with less AA

I think i got it all, If you got any questions feel free to ask.
Subject to change.

This weekend I will share my new config. This config is so good!

Here's a short clip using it.

One of my best ever 1v5 s&d clutch

How do PUBG plays with Xim on Xbox these days? I have not played it in almost 2 years. There was a lot of aim acceleration at that time. Is it better now?

As far as the deactivation delay to test it ads all the way (full transition) flick left or right then do the same as your ads you should flick to the same place if your act n deact delay is correct for that weapon if this doesnít make sense lmk Iíll try to explain it better. Also it may be different when you play 1.33 ads in game the config is designed for 1.00

I'm using 500hz and 12k dpi still feels weird. Maybe I'm just too used with 1800 dpi. If you switch to 1800 you may feel it's weird like I do on 12k 😄
And yes, I run 1.33x ads as u know and that may be why I feel ~200ms act/deact is the sweetspot.

I don't fully understand what you mean about the deactivation, my English is poor af😂

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Foot pedal
« on: 02:48 PM - 02/01/20 »
I've heard a lot of different opinions about pedals. And I think you get what you pay for. But at least find one with on board memory

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Mouse pad cloth or hard
« on: 02:45 PM - 02/01/20 »
I know that He4dHunt3r is using the ultra thin Glorious pad with 12k dpi, off sync with no jitter at 0 smoothing. Off sync without any smoothing must be the closest to PC feel you can achieve using Xim. I'm definitely gonna try that though.

Looks like a good config dude! I don't have T2 yet but I'm considering to buy one soon.
How do you get 12k dpi feel smooth using the Glorious O? I've been using 1800 for a long time and 12k feels clunky for me.

Also why 56 or 112 for activation? Isn't that way to low? I'm using 200-250 somewhere and think that's a sweetspot for like SMG/AR ads kind speeds
The deactivation delay do change from different weapons? If the a sniper uses 350ms to ads it will also use 350ms to get back to hip? I may be wrong, this is just what I thought.


this has worked out really well for me

I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback 😀

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