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I don't specialize in those things, not even close.
But for now I will give what I'm playing with, Which is enough for me.
And I believe this will be enough for those who want to play right away.
You can play with those settings a little bit until you find something better
Sorry about my english

Lets start with the mouse:

I have the Logitech G502 and I'll show how it is set in my mouse. (I don't specialize in it at all. It's really accidental how i set it)


In XIM manager:

1. I set the HZ also to 250
2. Hip Aim leave it as default (15)
3. ADS you need to set it between 5-10 (It is up to you)
4. On the ADS set the Synchronize to "Common"

The key mapping, i set it like that (you can change it to your liking)
the other image it's a secondary mapping for the special ability to identify people, animals and infected enemies (that ability required to hold the key)

For situation that you need more speed you can make auxiliary with more sensitivity.
one problem for now that i found, is with the slow waking when engaging the clickers. you are required to slightly move the stick (so you'll require to use the controller on that one)

In Game settings: Options > Controls

1. Set the Aiming sensitivity X & Y to 10
2. Set the Look sensitivity X & Y to 10
3. Aim assist set to 0 if you want it the same as PC.
4. Everything else if I remember correctly, Leave them as default.

Yes, this is a requirement. You'll see in all our instructional materials you always start with the controller off, plugged into the hub, hub into XIM APEX, and then plug into a console that's already on. This is the only way it will work.

Ok in that case the problems I experienced are probably because of that.
Thank you very much for verifying that matter to me!

Looking at this thread, it looks like things were working before. And you have no issues when you run your exact same setup on your PlayStation, correct? Only an issue on your Xbox?

That's how I thought at first but then I realized that the problem was on both PS4 and PC too.

but now i understand where the problem lies.
When I'm unplugging the XBOX or PS4 controller after it authenticated with XIM APEX, and then I plug them back, they can't authenticate with XIM again! Unless I'm unplugging XIM itself and reconnect it to the consoles or to the PC again (and it's the same for the Hub)

In short the controller (when connected directly to XIM) and the hub, they can be authenticated with XIM APEX only once Per "XIM startup"

That's fine that you need to press the Guide button to get the initialization lights to occur. After you do that, everything should be functional. Are you experiencing that?

yes but it's not showing the 4 green lights and working properly (If we talk about the same situation)

Ok, you said you could plug your controller directly into your XIM APEX (no hub) and it worked (saw 4 green intialization lights) after you pressed the Guide button, correct?


What I said is that if I connect the XIM while the Hub is connected to it and the controller is already connected to the HUB, then I'll have to click on the Controller's XBOX bottun to turn it on.
But if I connect the controller directly to the XIM or I connect the XIM when the controller is already connected to it, it turn on alone.
but, if the controller is directly connected to XIM APEX and I unplug the controller and reconnect it again, then I will have to turn it on manually

I'll explain it simple:

Connecting XIM & Hub & Controller together = Controller needs menualy startup (but mouse and keyboard turned on by themself)
Connecting XIM and after that Connecting Hub and controller = Controller turn on by itself (No problem with the mouse and keyboard As well)
Connecting XIM & Hub & Controller together or after Xim already connected, and then unpluging Hub and plugging it again = No Power to nothing (You can turn on the controller  manually (only the controller) but without the 4 green lights and it will work properly)
Connecting XIM & controller together or after Xim already connected (both with no hub in the middle) = Controller turn on by itself
Connecting XIM & controller together or after Xim already connected and then unpluging controller and plugging it again = Controller needs menualy startup (XIM does not shows the 4 green lights but it appears in the XIM manager and working properly)

Sorry to hear you are having issues. The hub that comes with your XIM is a standard generic USB2 hub -- there is nothing special about it. If you plug your hub into your PC and plug your mouse into each port and test if it works that's all that needs to be done to test it. That would help a lot to understand if the issue is coming from the hub.

I connected the Hub to the PC directly and tried the 3 ports with my logitech g502 and it worked just fine!
Then I unplugged and plugged in again to see maybe the problem would recur with the PC but everything was fine which means the problem is when connecting it to XIM APEX only

That's interesting, could you share the firmware version number found in Manager's menu-about? And to confirm, the extended cables are removed from your setup when troubleshooting?

At the moment it seems like there may be an issue with the hub or the connection between APEX's port and this specific hub.

Have we tested another hub? Your latest results contrast the direct connection results with APEX and controller only. I recall that when APEX is started with only the controller attached it turns on automatically and authenticates with 4 green lights. If you have another hub it would be helpful to know if your setup is capable of starting without pressing the controller button using this startup order below, be sure to have the peripherals attached before startup.

console > APEX > alternate hub > controller

1. That's the firmware:  https://i.imgur.com/20MWsEE.jpg
2. I didn't used any extended cables while troubleshooting.

3. No we didn't tested another hub. If you have one recommend that I can use instead of the original Hub tell me and I will purchase it. on condition that it is available in my country for purchase because an out-of-country order will take too long to arrive because of the coronavirus. (if it will arrive at all).

If you ask me, you should create a tool for the PC to test the propriety of XIM & his HUB

The four green lights are the controller authenticating with APEX. We know that it can do this correctly when connected after startup. What we were checking for is if APEX can authenticate with only the controller attached to the hub before startup but you've connected the controller after startup.

edit: It looks like my edit didn't go through before. Once we know if APEX can authenticate with only the hub and controller (without battery) connected at startup this can confirm what's at fault.

If i understood you right, you meant that i need to connect the Hub to the XIM. and then the controller to the Hub. and only then to plug the XIM to the console. (after the XBOX reached home menu) If I made a mistake, please be more specific about what I did wrong. Because the "Startup" you mentioned can be interpreted in relation to "console startup" or "XIM Startup".

That's what i did:

1. I start the console
2. after it reached home menu, i plugged in the xim apex (While the Hub was connected to it. and the Controller (without battery) was connected to the Hub)
3. The controller vibrated but didn't turn on! And the xim didn't show the 4 green lights sequence.

 - But then I pressed on the XBOX button on the controller, and the controller turned on and XIM showed the 4 green lights sequence.

I think I understand. What is shown in the video is what is explained in your last post.

Can you share what happens when APEX is connected to the console with only the controller (no battery) attached to the hub. Please remove the controller battery before the test. Does the controller turn on and authenticate with APEX?

The device order would look like:

console > APEX > hub > controller without battery

Here's what I did:
1. I turned on the console.
2. when it reached home menu, i plugged in the XIM without the hub
3. after the red, green, blue and red sequence i plugged in the Hub
4. and after that i plugged only the controller, to the hub (without batteries)

I don't know what is that "authenticate" you keep mentioning but that what happened:

The controller turned on by itself and i saw the 4 green lights sequence on the XIM Apex.

1 and 2 are symptoms of not enough power reaching your setup.

3 sounds like normal behavior. The controller can't be hotswapped, if it's disconnected then APEX must be restarted.

I'm sorry but it's just hard for me to understand to what you're referring. i need quote

Please see that:


Please enable subtitles

This is the summary of the result after all the tests on xbox one and ps4 consoles!

1. When you connect the XIM APEX while the hub connected to it, everything works properly. But if the XBOX controller was connected to the Hub while connecting the XIM APEX (and of course all that, while the Hub is connected to the XIM, as I said) the xbox controller won't wake up (you'll need to wake it up manually while there's no battery inside)

2. When I connect the XIM APEX And only afterwards, you connect the Hub, you can connect the mouse and keyboard and controller without problems. And they works even while they connected to the Hub, before connecting it to XIM.

3. When the XIM APEX is connected to the Console and you disconnect the HUB from it, and then you plug it in again, nothing works afterwards. Until you unplug the XIM APEX and reconnect it again.

I need someone to test those things with his XIM APEX to confirm if it is a problem with all XIM APEX or only with mine

I was referring to your mention of your setup working with your PS3 here:

I finished the PS3 battlefiled bad compay and I had no problems like that (i used the same mouse and keyboard).

Just read your results. Great, thanks for taking the time to do that test. Power still seems likely but it may also be the controller itself. I would explore power first and the controller second if I were in your position, this is the cheaper of the two routes to troubleshoot. However, I'm on my fourth lightly used X1 controller because their USB ports wear away so I don't have a lot of confidence in the controller.

As I said the controller itself works fine on its own with it being connected straight to the XBOX or the computer with the same cable that I use on XIM. and the XIM's Hub works fine on other consoles and controllers. all the problem is with xbox one when XIM's Hub meddling between the controller and the xbox. And power problem it's probably not, because even with XIM's Hub between them, it still manage to give enough power to run all the 3 devices if you connecting them in the right order like i said on the tests. so the controller is fine and the hub is fine and the power is fine, meaning that the XIM can't run things right because of self-problem in it. it's most likely means a firmware compatibility issue. and i have the latest firmware.

Those problems occurred to me now also in my PS4 pro with dualshock 4. and on the the PC also with any contorller. so it's means something is making problems when reconneting the Hub after XIM Apex is already connected to the console. but it isn't look like a power problem. It's more like a bug or a problem in the Hub or the XIM.
When i connecting the xim xpex and then the hub to it, for the first time everything works properly. The problem starts when you unplug the Hub and reconnect while the XIM is still connected to the console. whether the devices are connected to it or not at the time. From here on, nothing will work until you unplug the XIM Apex itself and reconnect it again to the console. If you can please try it for yourself and see if the problem in this way happens to you too. if it is happening to you, then it's probably a firmware problem. If not then it's probably a problem with my Hub or XIM

Oh, when testing, the console should be on and at the home menu. Testing can't be done with the console off.

Thanks for that info. Yes, there is something specific to your Xbox setup that is causing this as it's not happening with the PS3.

Is this an Elite 2 controller? If you're not using an Elite 2 then firmware isn't a factor. If it is then there's a chance your APEX needs specific firmware.

The controller direct connect test sounds like it passed but this is only useful if the battery was removed while testing, otherwise it can enter wireless mode. If the controller turns itself on correctly then we can check direct connection with APEX next because we know that the controller doesn't authenticate when the hub is attached. This can tell us if the hub or another attached device is conflicting. To do this, please remove the hub and then disconnect and reconnect APEX to the console with the controller directly connected to APEX while watching APEX's startup light sequence. Do you see 4 green lights during this sequence? For reference the startup light sequence should look similar to this:

red, green, blue
green, green, green, green

If you do not see 4 green lights at startup and you have spare cables please test other cables with the controller.

1. I tested both ways. first when the console on home menu i did all those tests. and then with the xbox turned off i tested only the first test. To examine all options.
2. I said in the last post that is not happing with my PS4 Pro and I didn't mention my PS3 (with my ps3 i didn't tested all of those test)
3. No i'm not using Elite 2 controller. i'm using official controller of xbox one S that I received with my XBOX ONE S.
4. all tests was without batteries
5. about what you said "If the controller turns itself on correctly then we can check direct connection with APEX next because we know that the controller doesn't authenticate when the hub is attached" I didn't understood what you meant by that, but in tests 2 and 3 in my last post, i said that In a certain situation it turns itself on properly and in other situations, it isn't. It depends on what was connected first as I wrote. but that is only when the controller connected via the hub. but if connected directly to the xbox everything OK like i said on test 1.
6. and yes i'm seeing the 4 green lights sequence after the red, green, blue and red sequence.

It sounds like this could be an issue with low power and one other cause. Power loss increases as cable length increases. Removing the controller battery, using low power peripherals, removing the extensions, or adding additional power can all help with this.

With the controller not turning on when APEX is connected directly to the console we should check if the controller can turn on without XIM and without a battery attached. If the controller is connected directly to the console without a battery does it turn on automatically?

If it does not then let's try a console hard reset, this fixes a console wired controller recognition bug. Press and hold the power button on the front of the console for 15 seconds. Once off unplug the power cable to the console for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable and power on the console. Attach all peripherals to XIM then connect XIM to the console.

Note that removing the power cable while off has been reported as necessary by some users.

I checked things up and that what happend:

when pluging the controller directly to the xbox it will wake up auto only if you'll connect the controller after XBOX reached the home menu (or maybe even a little earlier when the XBOX logo appears - I didn't tried it). but if it's already connected when xbox is turned off, it won't wake up auto when it reaching home menu (and it's probably the same If you do a restart - I didn't tried it)

When Xim apex is pluged in (while the hub is connected to it) and then you'r pluging the controller, it will wake up. but if you'll connect the controller to the hub (after the hub is already connected to Xim) and then you'll connect xim apex to the xbox, The controller will not wake up! (but the mouse and keyboard will)

But when xim apex is connected to the xbox. and the controller connected to the hub, and then you'll connect the hub to the xim, neither the keyboard nor the mouse will wake up whether they were connected before or plugged in afterwards. and the controller is obviously not waking up either (manually it will wake up, but the mouse and keyboard won't wake up even if you unplug and plug them in again)
And it won't help to reconnect the controller again. the mouse , keyboard & controller just doesn't get any electricity at all from the hub In this situation (It gives electricity only to the controller and only when you manually waking it up like i said). and they won't wake until I unplug them and reconnect the Hub without them. and only then when i'll connect them they will wake up again.

I checked those things several times so everything I told you is reliable
all those problem does not happen with my PS4 pro which means that all those issues are problems in relation to XBOX ONE.
And in the past, the XIM XPEX would automatically wake up the controller when XBOX reaching home menu even when the XIM APEX was connected to the XBOX while it was turned off the same as on the PS4. and that is how it should be and not like how it's now or as how you suggested, that XIM should be connected only after XBOX has reached the Home menu..

Those are the results of the tests:

For a reminder, I have XBOX ONE S and I'm using XIM APEX

I have two male - female USB cables, for the purpose of adding length.
One for the XIM to connect to the xbox. And one for the controller to connect to XIM.
The cable that connects the controller has apparently been dying in the recent days and is now officially dead. So that's probably the reason for the problems I've experienced recently.
And when the XIM conected to the male - female cable, it seems that it's providing a bit less power to the XIM. so sometimes when I manually turn on the controller (when there is no battery inside that it won't connect to the XBOX through the bluetooth) the keyboard turns off. but not all the time. that is a problem I've had before but it's not significant, because you can unplug and plug the keyboard again, it will connect immediately with no problems (from experience).

When XIM is directly connected to the XBOX, those problems do not apear.

But in any case even when the XIM is directly connected to the XBOX, the controller does not turn on by itself when conecting xim after XBOX reaching the home menu. And even after restarting xbox, it didn't turn on by itself for some reason (unlike how it has reacted to me in the past).

Maybe this has to do with the firmware update for the controller, which I recently updated.
On PC my xbox controller starting right away when i'm plugging it

I checked different micro USB cable which is 100% working properly, because I'm using it frequently with other controllers on PC. and those results are the same with it too.

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