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Game Support / Re: Modern warfare St is 🗑
« on: 02:19 AM - 05/27/20 »
The st doesnít play well with non default deadzone  settings, Xbox default is 7 and ps4 is 5 I think

Game Support / Re: Modern warfare St is 🗑
« on: 12:34 AM - 05/27/20 »
I also didn't find a difference between new and old training data. The deadzone values and other points in the look mechanic seem to be the same.
What deadline settings should we be using ps4 and Xbox has different defaults

Game Support / Re: Modern warfare St is 🗑
« on: 12:36 AM - 05/22/20 »
We need a update badly

Game Support / Re: MW aim mechanic change
« on: 04:07 AM - 05/15/20 »
I knew something was up when my kills per match started suffering when the update dropped that allowed deadZone adjustments

Game Support / Re: New ST for call of duty modern warfare.
« on: 01:23 AM - 05/08/20 »
Iím hoping for a new st ASAP

Game Support / Re: MW Update Deadzone Slider
« on: 12:10 AM - 04/30/20 »
Donít touch it it messes with the translator

Game Support / Re: MW ST
« on: 06:32 PM - 04/11/20 »
Letís get mist and odin to look at the game

Game Support / Re: Disable Crossplay on Warzone!
« on: 05:52 PM - 04/04/20 »
This doesnít work

Game Support / Re: New MW ST out! Share your configs!
« on: 03:18 AM - 03/31/20 »
my best advice in terms of configs was at the bottom (stop changing)
but in terms of warzone you need a reliable team that works together and communicates capping the flags to no the next circle (or last circle) playing the circle edge (always on the short side) two loadout drops to ensure you have ghost and over kill also amped for quick weapon change.
If you do cap flags don't run straight to the end zone as you will be over whelmed with players coming in just take note of where it is and proceed through high ground if possible and play circle edge.
my loadout is mp7+ax50 or mp7 +m4 socom rounds
I use the socom round setup mostly as all three of us do and when that happens its melt time to most players when hit with socom I use sniper scope another uses 3x and the third is red dot.
I hope this helps.

Those are some amazing stats. Do you stream often?
nah I don't stream.
Stats look good but sync off is a huge no go, the nav paired with a mouse takes huge advantage of aim assist also

Game Support / Re: 120hz settings on monitor
« on: 03:33 AM - 03/17/20 »
You canít get screen tearing on consoles since all games on console have a form of v sync permanently enabled

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty Warzone
« on: 05:00 PM - 03/14/20 »
We will get to this game on Monday.

Doing this is quite meaningless. There is no change to the games look mechanic, for both clients Paid and Free versions. People that say the look mechanic changed are the same people hording toilet paper. The only thing that is different that you guys are in no control over is sky diving, and this can be fixed with a aux page. You can't fix stupid.

Look mechanic may have not changed but mouse movements are deff not as precise as normal mp and you can all see the  stuttering in the map(clicking tab)when choosing a point to mark on the map

Game Support / Re: 120hz settings on monitor
« on: 04:51 PM - 03/14/20 »
The Xbox will try and run 120hz although all console games are locked to 60 max

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty Warzone
« on: 09:31 AM - 03/12/20 »
The normal config isnít terrible but itís deff off it feels super floaty compared to multiplayer

Beta / Re: Firmware 20200203
« on: 03:16 AM - 03/07/20 »
Donít see this firmware listed anywhere

People underestimate muscle memory - it's flexible, not fixed.

ADS should be roughly 65 to 75% of HIP for greater accuracy. For HIP, you only need enough sensitivity to pull a 180. On ADS, I'd aim for about 120 degrees - low enough for precision, high enough to track and lead.

So if Iím using a 40-50 hip whatís a good ads 30?

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