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Xbox / Re: XBox One X support?
« on: 02:10 AM - 11/07/17 »
Yeah, everything has been great. I expected to wait a few days for a patch release but xim4 worked fine first up with no issues.

However, I do have other issues off topic which I've managed to bypass. I had power issues running Logitech G910 keyboard with a Logitech G900 mouse on Xim4. To rectify this, I have to plug in the keyboard only first, turn off the LED lights, then plug in the mouse and it works otherwise if I plug both in at once, I'd get flashing lights and no response. I'm assuming this is a problem because the keyboard and mouse is taking up to much power from xim4. Just fyi

Xbox / Xbox one X Scorpio
« on: 10:39 PM - 11/06/17 »
FYI, xim4 works with Xbox onenx Scorpio edition

Xbox / Re: XBox One X support?
« on: 10:17 PM - 11/06/17 »
Yes it works with new Xbox one X

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