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So finnaly things moved forward, here is an update .
Ive got myself VIP package. Estimated shipping may2021
If anyone wants to ask a specific question about product i can do it for u and ask these questions directly.


In the end what everyone is basically saying is the current ads acceleration is inaccurate and unpredictable. 4.5 ads with the new micro adjustments was the BEST the game has ever felt. Mist , you said I could go back to that ST? How can I do that because as a high diamond player in R6S , this current ads really makes it harder to play at my skill level . Even if I get use to the sense muscle memory flicks donít work do the unpredictable acceleration. Please let me know if I can go back to 4.5 ads
Sorry but i had to make a sarcastic comment. U said current ads makes harder to play at your skill level. Mate mostly u playing against controler players. And they not complainig that much. Not talking about silver/gold players  . Leave ADS as it is now ALONE its perfect .

Like i said before ADS is pot on, but HIP classic getting very similar to UPDATED. Which means im started getting red flashing light constantly.  I really missed those days where classic never gave me these kind of problems.  I could swipe as fast as i wanted and never had a problem. But thats probably up to ubisoft if they kept changing game mechanics in these couple of years.  Atleast 1:1 feels much better vertical sens kind of matches horizontal sens.  I only played few games so far. Will do more testing monday tuesday.thsnks for your work mist

They know about the problem, fix should be with new update

Mist4fun knows about it, fix should be in new update

After i updated the feeling was so close to Pc cause mostly im playing on pc now and i was really impressed.  Definitely Ads feels so much better if not perfect. With hip...well lets just say that few times i end up looking in to floors dont know how that happened. Lol. Tried to do 180 turn and my aim was facing floors.  With all recommend settings i still feel that 1:1  vertical sensitivity is too high. I ether have to do vertical 80 in game settings or 0.8 in xim app. (Vertical sensitivity) hip page.

Second day of my gameplay lets say back to normal floaty aim , feels delay from my mouse and screen movements. But i had this problem all the time and we both tried to sort it out but no luck here. Remember u said i have timing issues.

But back to these new changes definitely better but hip needs a bit work. Ads is perfect.

We are aware of this. I'll let mist4fun know and report back on Monday on what options there are based on this feedback. This game has a bad aiming system so we have to tune it based on feedback. Sounds like no one prefers how it feels now?
Well  i play a lot on pc and when my ps4 friends ask to play with them i realy hated because aim was terrible. And today i loged in updated and was really happy how siege plays with new update. Im happy first time in the last 4 months lol .

Sorry for the long post but i didn't want to leave anything out. TLDR and my personal settings at the bottom.

Seeing as R6 has made somewhat of a resurgence since the Six Invitational, decline in DDoS and free weekends/$10 sales, I thought it could be useful to share some wisdom with the newcomers, or in fact anyone who still needs help fine tuning their settings. I'll try and make this guide as comprehensive as possible but as always feel free to send me any questions/requests.

The first step is picking the right ST based on your playstyle, as both have their pros and cons. For the vast majority of players the clear choice here is the classic rotation ST as it offers generally smoother movements and far superior micromovements. The only advantage the updated ST has is a slightly faster turn speed cap, for you wrist aimers and high sens players ( < 30cm/360 for 1x scope ) the updated ST might be for you. That being said I strongly recommend a sensitivity 40-70cm/360 for 1x scope, due to the nature of the game and its fast TTK it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will find yourself with enough time to 180 someone shooting you in the back, especially in ranked play.

With regards to polling rate the general consensus, and what I recommend almost invariably is 500Hz on the app and 1000Hz on your mouse. This ensures the smoothest movements while maintaining a responsive feel.

For DPI you want to use whatever gives you the smoothest in game mouse movements. Anything in the range of 3200dpi up to 10,000dpi is ideal, although i wouldnt advise going above 12K. When choosing a dpi take into consideration what sensitivity value you'll be using in your xim manager app. If you're using an in app sens of over 50 perhaps increasing your dpi to compensate could result in less stutter. (ie 25sens at 4k dpi would be better than 100sens at 1000dpi). This is because of a process the xim uses called interpolation.
If you need help changing your dpi use this calculator here >>>   http://www.csgosetup.com/dpi-calculator/

Ballistics curves on R6 are just a bad idea in general, your goal is to get the best 1:1 mouse translation and curves will only make it harder to aim and build muscle memory.

There are two schools of thought on synchronization. Some people swear by sync off and use it in every game they play, usually with some extreme dpi of like 16,000. This works great to counter the negative effects of aim assist, especially in games like COD. Unfortunately in Siege this results in a great deal of jitter, especially at higher sensitivities. If you prefer the feel of sync off youre best to use a dpi around 8,000 to 12,000. Personally I think that default sync feels better, but this one is really user choice. Id advise against using common sync if you're on the classic ST but it can work well on the updated ST.

Smoothing values above 2 tend to impact aiming responsiveness noticeably, so i would look to reduce stutter in other ways. Although a smoothing value of 1 can make your hip config feel much better, id stay away from ADS smoothing entirely on the classic config. Those of you using the updated ST might want to experiment with values of less than 3 on ADS, but as a whole stay away from smoothing.

An x/y value of 1.20 to 1.30 can be used to help with recoil control although id generally recommend a value of 1.00 for best 1:1 mouse translation and muscle memory. If you use an x/y multiplier be sure to use the same for hip and ads for muscle memory.

Both steady aim and boost will negatively effect aiming significantly. Do not use any other value than 0. Some people will suggest using boos to control first shot recoil, unfortunately the costs outweigh the benefits 10 to 1. under no circumstances should you use either of these settings.

General notes:

I wouldn't use anything else than the advised in game settings on the xim website as the ST was created around those settings and you're only lowering the max turn speed, instead adjust your sensitivities in the xim manager app.

Use Q and E to lean over mouse buttons. There is a reason almost all of the pros use these binds, leaning with your mouse only makes it harder to aim.

Its a good idea to assign a walk key such as shift, leftCtrl or LeftAlt. this can help with quiet walking and getting into pixle peaks/holding tight angles. i use values of 70% for hip and 40% for ads.

If you dont use your mouse wheel you can secondary bind LB and RB to MWup and MWdown to mke scrolling through cameras a lot easier.

Simulate analogue behavior i have off on both as it poses no benefit to gameplay


Generally the best settings are as follows:

Classic ST

500Hz on app 1000HZ on mouse

Dpi 3200 to 10,000

Sync off or default

no smoothing, steady aim, boost or curves

ADS cm/360 (1x scope) 40cm to 60cm

My settings:

Classic ST



>>> XIM APEX [R6 classic  4500] START COPY >>>
OPY <<<
Classic ST has faster turn gap not updated. High sensitivity or wrist players should use classic not updated.

For those that think something has changed could you share which console and Controller Rotation you are using?

Any updates on this mist4fun, Obsiv?

For those that think something has changed could you share which console and Controller Rotation you are using?
Ps4 Classic
To me it feels like turn speed reduced,  and aiming isn't right.
I haven't tried  updated rotation now, the last time i used it was too slow for me. Thats why i kept classic .

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: USB Switcher
« on: 10:04 PM - 01/26/20 »
The advantage of the IOGear is the optional 5V USB power port. If you experience any power issues with Xim-connected devices, simply run the IOGear to a USB wall charger and your problem is solved. It's not an uncommon issue as the console USB port isn't designed to power an LED mouse & keyboard.

The USB hub on the Xim Apex also has a power port, but you need to buy a compatible 5V 3A power supply. Most of us have spare micro USB cables and phone chargers lying around, so it's "two birds, one stone" deal with an IOGear USB switch.
What power supply needs to buy with this? I see 5v but all have round connectors  and on this switch is different

The controller must remain directly connected to XIM Apex at all times, which is why it's not being detected by XB1.

Only put the mouse & keyboard on the USB switch. Leave the controller on the XIM USB hub and plug the USB switch into one of the XIM USB hub ports.

Also note that Windows 10 has an issue whereby swapping from XIM to PC may crash the USB host and disable the keyboard, requiring a PC reboot. It's a Win 10 problem, not a XIM one and doesn't affect o
lder versions of Windows, nor macOS.
What dc in power supply to use , for your mnk swtich?

Sure thing. I'll forward your request to him.
Thanks Obsiv, i wouldn't ask if I couldn't feel changes in the last few updates we had.
Before I could swipe my mice as fast as i wanted and turn speed never affected me. But now it does. With aiming the same i need to drag my mice all over the mousepad. It just doesnt feel right. I think its worth just to look if u can see any different , and just let us know if its game or us who are paranoid :D thanks

Ive read so many now post that siege doesnt feel right. Im the same huge fan of R6 and can tell u its unplayable for me now. Have feeling turn speed reduced and something with aiming isnt right. If u do get time just to check in a future we as r6 comunity would appreciate that. Thanks

Game Support / Re: R6 & Apex
« on: 03:14 PM - 01/25/20 »
U not alone, mist needs to look at it. Something changed in game

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