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Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite PC Config since no building
« on: 06:30 AM - 04/04/22 »
I think Iíd prefer that too, building is way above my pay grade.

Do the bindings change in this mode?

I donít think so. Havenít tried it with XIM havenít found a config thatís current. I just play mouse and keyboard and itís so nice not dealing with 12 different keys lol.

Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite PC Config since no building
« on: 06:00 AM - 04/01/22 »
Building is still a thing for ranked play or tournaments isnít it?

For a game with building as the core gameplay mechanic, this seems like a short-term move.

They are making it a permanent mode also when building comes back. A lot of people in the non competitive scene like it. I like it.

Shared Configs / Fortnite PC Config since no building
« on: 11:12 AM - 03/31/22 »
Since building has been removed who has a good config for Fortnite on PC since there is no building.

I've tried quite a few configs and this is what I settled on that made it feel closest to raw aim. I always had issues controlling longer range scopes on XIM, not anymore. Let me know how this config feels to you!

Mouse: Glorious Model D Wireless
DPI: 10,000
Polling: 1000hz

Hip: 35 - Note: This is a higher value than you would think you need but it needs to be high because of the Sync setting
Synchronize: OFF
Smoothing: 7
Hip translator
Everything else default, no special curves.

ADS: 35 (again, looks higher than it actually feels in-game)
Synchronize: OFF
Smoothing: 5
ADS Translator

For the ping, heal, and grenades wheels, use 350ms delay if you aren't already.

In-game settings: ALC On
Deadzone: 8%
Outer Threshold: 1%
Response Curve: 10
Per Optic Settings: 1.0   1.0   1.2   1.2   1.4   1.4   1.4
Yaw/Pitch: 500
ADS Yaw/Pitch: 500

Small showcase of the settings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi-1TUehyQg&

Sent you a pm. Whatís your polling on the XIM? 500hz and 1000 on mouse? Also which translator are you using, are you using the new PC one or Xbox.

Can you do video about the controller unplugged method

I mean this literally! use your xim as normal and just unplug it from xim ! The only time you need to plug in controller is when you have powered off your PC and are turning it back on , you then only need to re plug the controller in once you turn your PC on then repeat the process test to make sure it works normally when plugged in then unplug it

Pretty sure this doesn't work with ds4 v2, I've tried it idk doesn't work
doesn't work with ds4 only Xbox controller

FiveOVader here!

I got to say Iím using his settings and they are very good for arm aimers, if your a wrist player with high sensitivity you will have to switch your play style or use another config. The aim assist is undisputed up close in 1 v 1 for pc. This is definitely a PC config and a lot of time was put into it. When we playing again btw bro? 👀 

Shared Configs / Apex Legends PS4 config
« on: 01:56 PM - 08/30/21 »
Has anybody found a good config yet for apex legends on PS4 with XIM apex. I tried the two in here and they just feel wonky and muddy. Anything other than close
Range sucks.

I miss Disables apex configs when he played. I should of saved his 4K dpi config. Iíve tried everything canít seem to have good beams anymore. I have over 22K kills and 4.0 KD on PS5. Iíve tried the ALC optics, all the different console configs and canít find one that has good movement and precision. I donít know aim assist super strong as I am good with my gun skill but all these are muddy and suck with a 2x and up optic.

These configs beam close up but anything further than a red dot it sucks and recoil is all over.

Shared Configs / Re: Apex legends. Youíre welcome
« on: 09:47 AM - 08/28/21 »

So what do you use now, a xbox or ps ST for Season 10 ?
I use Maria's config 4.2ps st on my xbox with 7/2 and alc trick, it's really good but not the way i felt when i was using the Titanfall 2 xbox st...

Try putting the dead zone on small instead of nine how he has it. Use new Xbox St with 3 smoothing on hip and ads. Put Xim at 1000hz. That should work well with his 7/2 config

Do you think the XIM on 1000HZ you would lose all your aim assist on PS5 no? I will try the Xbox ST with her setup. The ps5 settings for Maria beam for AA but feel so slow and sluggish. I am on 250HZ I think 1000 HZ would lose all your AA but I donít know. 16K DPI on mouse.

I know my question might sound dumb but will these settings work if Iím using MnK? I donít play with a controller

I second this. Will they work for mouse and keyboard on PS4?

Shared Configs / XIM Apex to Native M and K
« on: 12:00 PM - 08/19/21 »
Ok so I want to try out mouse and keyboard native on apex how do I convert my sensitivity on the XIM apex to the settings of apex anybody know? I run off sync 16000k dpi at 250 hz

Anybody know how to calculate these settings so they feel the same want to try native but donít want to learn all new muscle memory again

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Apex to Native M&K
« on: 10:47 AM - 08/19/21 »
Ok so I want to try out mouse and keyboard native on apex how do I convert my sensitivity on the XIM apex to the settings of apex anybody know? I run off sync 16000k dpi at 250 hz

I have tried alot of settings on here and these are the best I have used. It seems like not using the ALC gives me better movement and  AA. Just won two games with this on PC. Would lowering the controller look sensitivity be good? This seems to work fine with st 4.3.

Can confirm this, I'm on PC too with the latest ST and it works well. Especially with r99 at close range, it is like aimbot.8)

Thanks, Maria for this setting.;D

You using the Xbox trainer or the PlayStation for pc?

PLEASE delete this config its to good I play one day whit this like 10h non stop my kd is 4.83 Insane work from Maria... Maria thenk you soo much now I cann tell d1sable was a genius but u bro just smash this one... i am on pc and hip fire is insane g7 prowler r99  r301

I am also playing on pc. Are you using an Xbox controller and the Xbox or ps4 trainer one for pc?

Do you mind messaging me your config? Iím guessing you are liking the new season?.

Shared Configs / Re: Apex legends. Youíre welcome
« on: 06:40 AM - 07/22/21 »
110 FOV. Yes itís a fast aim for flicks, tap strafe, quick zip line movements, and much more. Faster the better since this game is all about movement
How do you tapstrafe with xim?

My thoughts exactly.

Shared Configs / Re: Apex legends. Youíre welcome
« on: 06:26 AM - 07/19/21 »
Absolutely true with what antithesis said. What you could be feeling is the low resolution giving the sensation of an aim assist cut. I reccomend sticking with the default in game settings and ST, and use the tools in you XIM app to help with aim assist cutting. Its been forever since I've been on APEX since I've been on the new unannounced device, but if "steady aim" and "boost" are still there I reccomend playing with those to get the sensation you're after. You might get even better results.

Ohhhh an unannounced device sounds fun! Lol

Shared Configs / Re: Apex legends. Youíre welcome
« on: 08:14 PM - 07/18/21 »
47k kills and 4k wins. Multiple 20 bombs and 4k dmg characters
Copy and rebind your keys

>>> XIM APEX [4.2 16K 7/7 No dead zone ] START COPY >>>

Alc is deadzone 0
Threshold 1%
Curve 10
Yaw and pitch 500
Rest 0

You have an in game screen shot of those stats? You play pc, Xbox or ps? Which version are you using?

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