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Linear apparently isn't affected it's still the same with Aim ease set to 0. Also, when you previously said that they changed the look mechanics, does that mean they increased/decreased max turn speed? (please say yes)

OW Console Reddit is freaking out about the aim changes.

Lol yeah I was just checking it. Blizzard honestly does not have the smallest concern nor respect for their console player base. I'm not by any means an expert in engineering Aim settings for console, but I assume it would be easy to hire someone that can fix their broken aiming system.

I think it will have to be retrained anyways since they changed the look mechanics.

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 11:20 PM - 08/29/17 »
I'm fairly new to this forum and Xim4. How long will it usually take for the developers of Xim to release a new ST after the failing Blizzard update that was released today?

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