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Beta / Titan two + Xim Apex flashing lights
« on: 04:38 PM - 12/21/21 »
Hello guys so there a problem with the titan two and the xim apex am on the newest version's  and on the titan two when adding a gbc script in the SD card slot after awhile of playing  i get  xim lights flashing and my xim freeze  for a few secs and then starts working again. Something is interrupting up somewhere only happens when u  download  the gbc file tho to the SD card of the titan two I gotta re format the SD card in the titan two then replace the gbc file to the titan two memory alot 4 and play tell it starts freezing my xim apex up again . Takes awhile but it does happen.

Game Support / Re: Rust needs retrain
« on: 03:05 PM - 11/25/21 »
Yeah they did i can look up and down now lmfao

The problem with computer vision (aside from having to train it) is the inherent lag required to process data in real-time. J2K released CV in Gtuner IV because he wasn't really concerned about a viable console aimbot resulting from it.

This is bc he didn't make it good or train it good 🤫🤫

I'll just wait for the update bc it seems to be a  error no biggie

Welcome to the community. It's being worked on right now. It's been a difficult game since it doesn't have a good environment to train our translators. We are hoping it'll be done this week.

Hey the rust st something wrong with it... when I move left and right I get this response  ~~~~~~ 

What if I want even slower turn speeds once u hit 100 cant go slower what if I wanna try different sync  then off ?


Yes  I am 800 dpi g502 wireless light speed

I tried MJFame on my G502 and didn't get any stuttering or jitter at all. Are you sure you put the smoothing on 20? I didn't even think it was possible to have pixel skipping on 20 smoothing lol
Yes its on 20  and I'm getting it on apex legends only when I try to make small ads  tho

Idk about u but this has the pixel stuttering on apex lol makes small adjustments aim hard anyway to fix that or no?

If you're still getting jitter even with 20 smoothing, then you may need a slightly higher DPI.

Yes  I am 800 dpi g502 wireless light speed

Idk about u but this has the pixel stuttering on apex lol makes small adjustments aim hard anyway to fix that or no?

Shared Configs / Re: Vigor Configs
« on: 10:18 PM - 03/26/21 »
Vigor gun play is just awful tbh

Hardware Compatbility / New wooting two firmware update
« on: 04:52 PM - 03/26/21 »
Mind looking into the new wooting two firmware updates adds xbox analog and stuff and I tired with xim apex keyboard doesn't respond  and looks like they changed alot of stuff you can read up on here vvv


Has this been looked at yet or anything?

Game Support / Re: Rust config
« on: 05:48 PM - 03/16/21 »
Pleas make a rust config, also in the meantime are there any configs that will give me a fairly smooth experience.

Im still waiting on the code to play on xbox :(

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Polling rate question
« on: 08:45 AM - 02/24/21 »
Most mice won't hold their reported max polling rate.

Personally, I set the mouse to 100Hz and XIM APEX to 500Hz Response Rate. That way, max mouse polling variance doesn't matter as APEX will report at a solid 500Hz to the console and filter out the overhead.

Doesn't that mass up ur movement i seen that somewhere and they said different pulling rates would make ur aim unstable for the xim ? And what is ur titan two pulling rates set to ? With those ?

No it won't work tell he adds support for it.

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