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Shared Configs / Re: Apex Legends at 16000 dpi
« on: 01:05 PM - 02/19/20 »
I thought  lower dpi means more aim assist??

Game Support / Re: Warface? New st ?
« on: 03:11 PM - 02/18/20 »
clicking on inventory and than pressing dpad up puts u in the shooting range if thats wat u were looking for?

Thank you, it's strange that it's not in a menu but this could work.

Thanks mist for looking into this :) please do the advanced options   with the buttom  4 0s on both sides and the top two on both sides 50s  I think it would make a big difference  as ur turning off delay and acceleration

Game Support / Re: Warface? New st ?
« on: 10:08 AM - 02/18/20 »
Yes the st feels like it floats  on them idk it feels weird  now  since the new update

Game Support / Re: Warface? New st ?
« on: 09:07 AM - 02/18/20 »
Omg warface had a big update no aim assist anymore they change everything... now it might need an update for sure lol

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Season 2 ST
« on: 09:35 PM - 02/17/20 »
Bring the ST for Legacy, then we can put this request to rest, then they will see why it wasn't the best.

And XIM Team will have one of the biggest I told you so...

Dang bro what happened to ur scripts on titan

Game Support / Re: Warface? New st ?
« on: 07:43 PM - 02/17/20 »
I took a look at the game today and it seems like it's more limited in it's match options. I can't get a lobby started with less than four people, is that right? Is there a training or introduction to the game that I'm missing? This is how the game was originally supported.

Umm what rank are u ? I know u have to get so high to play with everyone now but no I'm on xbox and there's alot of players  if ur on xbox if u want I can get u in a private match just need 4 players  witch they can leave after the start up I dont know  how you do the testing if u need some one with u but there is a safe room that has targets you  can shoot at but  they dont have aim assist at all you go into  you're    Inventory and I think u press  dpad up or down cant remember  atm not on. Eating  but it will say it top right

Game Support / Re: Warface? New st ?
« on: 03:18 PM - 02/17/20 »
Can we by any chance get a update??  For this game for advanced controls  ?  Hasn't been updated in a long time fill like advanced controls on with a new train st would be 100% better

Inner deadzone  12
Outer deadzone  15
Yaw speeds hip & ads 50
Pitch speeds  hip & ads 50
The last 4 on  0 both sides

Is this the new updated one ?

What would this sens be in like com ?

Is this updated?


New settings, everything above but with changes to what’s stated below.
Hip: 6.05
ADS: 3.05
ADS SA: 1.0

What if I want a little more aim assist on ads ??

Ahhh yah hard pad mases up the bottoms I already see  Scratch lines from my hard pad but I travel alot so idk if I should get a cloth pad tbh

Bro just playing on this mouse I'm [email protected]@ raping ppl lmfaoo on my other game I play but haven't tired pubg yet

How do I edit  this mouse lol

It's just a dock the mouse sets on.

Just payed 149$ at best buy for the razer viper Ultimate

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