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Wow dude, 1800~ wins here and I am using the same settings as you!! Nice!
Except my ads is 1.00.

Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite help
« on: 09:02 AM - 10/20/19 »
Linear and Exponential are part of the advanced settings.
For now we recommend using the legacy settings, until a new update for Fortnite will be released, then they will recommend us new settings to use!

Also btw you should have posted this under Support or something :)

General Discussion / Re: Best headset for soundwhoring?
« on: 08:55 AM - 10/13/19 »
Ops and I forgot.

No matter how good or expensive your audio setup is, if your friends in the voice chat keeps talking, screaming, ranting, all these performance will be negated by it hehehe so, take it into account ;)
lol nice man, next time I am looking to buy some new headphones I will remember everything you said.
Thanks for the suggestions as well

General Discussion / Re: Best headset for soundwhoring?
« on: 07:33 AM - 10/12/19 »
Thank you very much for the explanation! Let's say I am a "mix" of the 2 kind of players you listed...
I like to hear every kind of sound nicely, I don't want to focus on footsteps only, but at the same time I'm not a casual :D
So I learnt a few new things today, nice :)

General Discussion / Re: Best headset for soundwhoring?
« on: 04:22 PM - 10/11/19 »
I can elaborate something if you bear with the text.
What do you mean? I just had a few questions...

General Discussion / Re: Best headset for soundwhoring?
« on: 11:47 AM - 10/11/19 »
From the start, forget any headset made for a company that makes keyboards or has RGB and if you want the best sound whoring forget Surround.
Hello, nice suggestion. I just read this post and I would like to learn more about all this, I don't know anything about sounds.
I did some quick google researches to learn more about what you guys said, but still I have a few questions: so basically sound whoring means using sound in the game to your advantage, right?
What are audiophile headphones? Just professional headphones or something?
What's the point of using a DAC?
Last question... why did you say "forgot about surround"? I thought surround was the best option.
Sorry for all the questions I just wish to learn something new xD

Hello dude, I am in the same situation as yours.
I used to play D2 since the release and was doing pretty good.
I made a post asking for some good settings for this game... but honestly the answer is: this game is "heavy and slow" as you said. It has some weird acceleration and strong aim assist, plus it's 30 fps. There are no good settings that can really change how this game works, it's not the ST fault...
I suggest the RML setup with curves, and then just play the game. It's a matter of getting used to it, and you'll be fine.
I am currently playing with the RML setup and doing fine, aim is pretty good.

Thanks for all the replies guys, I tried RML's config, and it's way better now.
Still does not feel perfect but it's a great improvement :)

I find the best sync to be on is ' slow ' at 3200 dpi, 1000 response rate... It is a 30fps game.
Nice, I tried slow sync, it's actually a lot more smooth.
I am a fan of 12k dpi tho...
Will give 3200 a try. Also no curves? Apparently one of the main problems of Destiny is that it has some weird acceleration.
Maybe we can make up for that with curves.

Game Support / Need help optimizing my Destiny 2 config
« on: 06:39 AM - 09/28/19 »
As the title says, I don't know why the XIM just feels weird with this game.
I can't describe it, but it almost feels like the aim is kinda weird and sometimes shaky...
I am not using anything special, default sync, no curves...
Am I missing something?

Hello Sir, thanks for these curves.
Could you explain the difference between them? I applied your config and there are 6 curves, don't know which one to choose.
Sorry if I missed something.
They’re mostly for breaking in/out of the aim assist bubble.
Watch the official videos on YouTube re xim b4 you start adjusting things, it really helps.
Rmls curves can be game changing but it’s not just a copy/paste kinda fix. Well actually it can be, but the videos are really worth watching

Yeah I know what's the point of curves and what they are for...
What I asked is: in the config RML provides there are 6 curves.
What's the difference between them?

Hello Sir, thanks for these curves.
Could you explain the difference between them? I applied your config and there are 6 curves, don't know which one to choose.
Sorry if I missed something.

I agree with everything you said, I think this should end up in the recommended settings for Fortnite, and the new ST should be made based on this. For now I am still using the legacy settings with the current ST. Tried out the new settings, it's definitely playable but it doesn't feel awesome.

Oh and btw... about Epic Games giving you too much choice...
Players are not forced to use these advanced settings if they don't understand what they are for.
They are just giving us more choice, and I think this is really good.

what I mean is I play on a 55" gaming tv,  I mostly play bf5 untill the new cod drops.  on my tv I can see people head glitching across the map, on my monitor I cant see anyone unless there right up on me.

I actually have the same problem on BF5... can't see anyone even if they are right in front of me proning.
It's not only me, even my friend can't see sh!t lol... I think it's a BF5 thing.
Are you sure it was fine before?
Then maybe it could be a matter of colors or something...

Feedback / New Fortnite update
« on: 06:56 AM - 09/25/19 »
So, as many of you already know, Fortnite released a new update today with new Aim Assist and many new advanced controller settings: sensitivity multipliers, curves, boost and AA strength slider...

I believe you guys should check this out and maybe make a new ST if needed? Also you should definitely update the game recommended settings.

Keep up the good work!

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